Google will lay off 100 recruiters, shift to fewer sites

From InfoWorld: Google is planning to lay off 100 recruiters, and is closing down engineering offices in Texas, Norway, and Sweden as the company copes with the global economic downturn.

Google Kills Services: Notebook, Dodgeball, Others Gone

From PC World: Google is shutting down various unpopular projects it has been working on and is also sacking about 100 employees, in what it seems to be a bad week at the search giant's offices around the world.

So what is actually happening? Well, the bad economic times are catching up with the search giant, so Google is downsizing by closing some unpopular or unproductive projects and is shifting to fewer engineering site.

Motorola plans another round of layoffs

From CNET Motorola announced Wednesday that it plans to cut another 4,000 jobs, or about 6 percent of its workforce, and warned that weaker-than-expected handset sales would lead to a fourth-quarter loss.

Yahoo Picks CEO Successor to Yang, Hopes for Change

Sony Ericsson Launches Mobile Entertainment Service

From DailyTech: Mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson has launched a new mobile entertainment service aimed at phone owners in the Asia Pacific region, allowing users to download movies, TV episodes, video games and music directly from retailers.

Future Intel Atom chip is a yawner - by design

From CNET That Eee PC Netbook too slow? Well, it probably won't get much faster in 2009, according to reports, proving that Intel is not keen on revving up Atom to compete with itself.

Both Digitimes and Engadget are reporting that the Atom N280--an update of the 1.6GHz N270--will appear by the third quarter of this year and run at 1.66GHz.

Apple Allows Third Party Browsers on iPhone, Sorta

Sony Expected to Report $1.1B USD Loss

From DailyTech: In 2008, many companies that traditionally had high profits saw things change as the global economy went soft. Moving into 2009, the global economy hasn't changed and electronics firms that are traditionally profitable are now announcing that they could see a loss.

Microsoft refreshes Azure cloud tools

From InfoWorld: Microsoft unveiled on Wednesday refreshed versions of its Windows Azure software development kit and Azure tools for Visual Studio, which support the planned Windows Azure cloud services platform.

Google lays off 100 recruiters

From CNET Google, having reduced its hiring rate, is also reducing its hiring staff.

The company said on its corporate blog that it's cutting about 100 jobs.


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