Microsoft Releases Its First-ever IPhone Application

From PC World: Microsoft's first-ever iPhone application is a slick photo viewer with a browsing capability that handles a large number of photos on a mobile device screen.

The Seadragon mobile application is free through Apple's application store. It a product of Microsoft's Live Labs division, which focuses on developing Web-based technology and applications.

Ad-Aware gets an antivirus cousin

From CNET The encore, Lavasoft Anti-Virus Helix, is Lavasoft's first full-fledged antivirus application, following the tracks of the company's popular adware and spyware-sniffer, as well as a lesser-known file shredder, firewall, and registry cleaner.

Firefox: Most Risky App to Businesses in New Study

From DailyTech: Firefox has its plate full when it comes to security. It has grown a substantial enough market share to place it in a strong second after Microsoft. This gives it a high profile and leaves it a desirable target to be exploited by hackers and malware writers. Worse yet, it has less money to fund security efforts that Microsoft, and according to some experts, less focus as well.

Are you tired of Vista's default theme yet?

I still use it, sweet stuff
50% (87 votes)
Yeah I skinned Vista so it looks better
27% (47 votes)
Vista sucks yo who still uses it?
23% (39 votes)
Total votes: 173

Google: Chrome is ready for prime time

From InfoWorld: Google dropped the beta label from its three-month-old browser today, saying that Chrome is ready for prime time. Some users disagree.

In entries to several company blogs, Google managers trumpeted the name change. "We have removed the beta label as our goals for stability and performance have been met," said Sundar Pichai, vice president of product management, in a post Thursday.

Sharp to Close Two LCD Lines in Production Reorganization

From PC World: Sharp plans to close two LCD (liquid crystal display) production lines in Japan as part of a reorganization that's intended to strengthen its position in the competitive flat-panel market.

Report: Yahoo layoffs hit Flickr

From CNET The Guardian is reporting that George Oates, along with two others on the Flickr team have been let go as a part of this week's Yahoo layoffs. Oates was one of the first employees at Flickr before its acquisition by Yahoo in 2005, and more notably its former chief designer.

IPhone Adds At-Home Activation, Copy and Paste... Sorta

From DailyTech: Are you a couch potato looking to score America's best selling phone? Apple and AT&T now have you covered.

With the release of the 3G iPhone, a noticeable change was the at-home activation being mostly dropped (though still available in some circumstances). Now Apple has quietly announced the full return of the feature, allowing users to order and activate all from the comfort of their favorite sitting spot in their home.

Intel, Ericsson team up on mobile security for laptops

From InfoWorld: Intel and Ericsson are offering to protect lost or stolen laptops by sending an SMS (Short Message Service) to the laptop will render it useless to thieves.

The two companies said Thursday that they are making Ericsson's mobile broadband modules -- which add built-in support for HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) to laptops -- interoperable with Intel's Anti-Theft PC Protection Technology, which is a part of the Intel Centrino 2 with vPro package.

Spore Tops Piracy Charts, but Don't Blame DRM


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