Facebook hit by phishing attacks for a second day

From CNET News.com: Facebook stopped a phishing attack on Thursday, its second day in a row of dealing with a worm on the site that lures people to a fake Facebook page and prompts them to log in.

Microsoft chugs toward Windows 7 release

From CNET News.com: Microsoft isn't confirming just when Windows 7 will launch, but it is hoping that the fact that not too much has changed between the release candidate and beta versions will convince people that the product is nearly ready.

Windows 7's XP Mode Requires 2 GB RAM

From Tom's Hardware: We learned last week that Windows 7 will include a special XP Mode that will run the older operating system in a virtual environment inside the upcoming OS to ensure maximum compatibility.

In fact, Microsoft is claiming that XPM provides near perfect Windows XP compatibility within Windows 7 – so that takes care of one of the raison d'etre for the old OS.

Sony Rumoured to Unveil New PlayStation Portable in June

From X-bit Labs: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. is rumoured to demonstrate a new version of its PlayStation Portable handheld video game at E3 video games trade-show in early June. The new device will reportedly not feature universal media disc (UMD) support, but will offer some new features.

Microsoft: No Vista SP2 for you yet

From InfoWorld: Microsoft announced it has wrapped up work on Windows Vista Service Pack 2, but said it could be months before users get their hands on the upgrade to the problem-plagued operating system.

Microsoft shifted Vista SP2 to what it calls "release to manufacturing," or RTM, meaning the developers have signed off on the service pack and the company has moved it into duplication and toward distribution.

Netbook Pioneer to Stick With Windows in 2009

From PC World: Asustek Computer (Asus) plans to continue using Microsoft Windows OSs in its popular Eee PC netbooks this year despite widespread interest in alternatives such as Google's Android software.

"Windows is what most consumers are used to," said Jerry Shen, CEO of Asus, during an investors conference on Thursday in Taipei.

The first quarter of next year will provide "more of an opportunity" for rival software, he said, as well as alternative chips.

Rumor: Motorola readying first Android phone

From CNET News.com: Motorola might be getting ready to pick itself up off the canvas and rejoin the smartphone fight.

The Boy Genius Report got its hands on some information and photos of Motorola's supposed first Android phone, code-named Calgary. If the information is correct, it's a slider phone with a QWERTY keyboard that will appear on Verizon's network at some point later this year.

NVIDIA, Intel GPU Shipments Rebound in Q1 2009

From DailyTech: John Peddie Research (JPR) has released its latest GPU shipment figures for the first quarter of 2009. The numbers are for the estimated number of graphics shipments and supplier market share. JPR says that these numbers are the leading indicator of the PC market since each PC sold has a GPU of some sort inside, though GPUs are used outside of the PC market as well.

Windows 7's New Autoplay Helps Stop Malware

From Tom's Hardware: While Conficker so far hasn’t caused any sort of PC outbreak, it does draw attention to the spread of malware across Windows machines. Like all malware, however, it requires actual user consent (or at least some form of action) for it to infect a system.

OWC Introduces USB Graphics Adapter for Windows and Macintosh Systems

From X-bit Labs: Other World Computing (OWC), a maker of various hardware, peripherals and accessories, has unveiled the industry’s first USB graphics adapter that is compatible with both Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X operating systems. The device is designed to add displays to computers that do not support multi-display capabilities natively.


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