Cisco finally closes $3.3 billion Tandberg bid

From CNET Cisco Systems has finally managed to acquire video-conferencing vendor Tandberg.

Report: Apple Considering AMD Chips

From DailyTech: When Apple made the switch to Intel processors back in 2006, many in the Apple community were worried about what the future would be like for the the Mac platform. Apple owners didn't need to worry, however, as the move to Intel processors bought faster performance across the board and opened up Mac desktops and notebooks to faster refreshes -- not to mention that Mac computer sales have boomed since the adoption of Intel chips.

Microsoft Office 2010 Hits RTM

From DailyTech: Two pieces of software have worked together to make Microsoft what it is today -- Windows and Office. These are the bread and butter of the Microsoft empire and the two different programs make up the lion's share of revenue for Microsoft in software.

New iPad 3G orders to ship by May 7

From CNET Good news for folks who missed the preorder deadline for the 3G version of the iPad: Apple has finally given the device a hard ship-date: Friday, May 7.

That's three days before the company is set to announce international pricing for the iPad and begin taking online preorders for the device, which it has delayed selling abroad because of high demand in the U.S.

Have you whipped up your own Atom desktop build yet?

41% (56 votes)
59% (82 votes)
Total votes: 138

Thermaltake Frio Review

I will be absolutely honest here. As a silent PC enthusiast, we don't normally take Thermaltake seriously all the time. While it is undeniable that Thermaltake is probably one of the largest players specializing in computer thermal management components and beyond, the focus of their products are typically more value oriented rather than focusing on ultimate silence or overclocking performance. In the past, we definitely liked the Thermaltake Aguila computer case, and power supplies such has the Thermaltake Toughpower Cable Management 650W also delivered superior performance at low audible noise levels. But let's not forget the Thermatale RX-K8 heatsink way back then, which, to be honest, isn't quite a brilliant product, haha. That said, the Thermaltake Silent 1156 one of our Technical Editors Anthony Kwan recently reviewed delivered generally good performance at a very affordable price tag. When Thermaltake asked if I wanted to take a look at their latest creation, the Thermaltake Frio cooler, it really got me interested. Featuring a total of five wide diameter 8 mm U-shaped heatpipes, swappable fans, and what appears to be a solid design, I won't even try to deny the fact that I am extremely excited to give it a shot and see how it performs in the real world. Is the Thermaltake Frio a high performance cooler that will appeal to overclockers and silent PC enthusiasts alike, or is it oversaturated 'just another heatsink' market? Does a cooler having a name that means 'cool' in Spanish translate accordingly to every other language? We have one tested here at APH Networks for you today!

Continue reading: Thermaltake Frio Heatsink review

Intel Announces New “Tunnel Creek” Atom System-on-Chip

From X-bit Labs: Intel Corp. this week announced code-named Tunnel Creek system-on-chip (SoC) based on Atom processor cores, which will support third-party input/output controllers, something that potentially allows to install the SoC into various types of devices. The new Atom platform is supposed to compensate the lack of third-party Atom-based system-on-chips that were supposed to come out as a result of Intel-TSMC pact, which is now on hiatus.

Six Million DirectX 11 Graphics Chips Shipped by ATI – CEO of AMD

From X-bit Labs: ATI, graphics business unit of Advanced Micro Devices, has shipped six million DirectX 11-capable graphics processing units (GPUs) so far, chief executive officer of Advanced Micro Devices said during the quarterly conference call with financial analysts. This gives ATI a clear lead over arch-rival Nvidia Corp. in terms of DirectX 11 installed base.

AMD's six-core Phenom II X6 chips appear in online retail stores

From InfoWorld: Advanced Micro Devices' upcoming six-core Phenom II X6 processors for desktops are already showing up in online retail stores prior to the chips' official launch later this month.

Online retailer Provantage is taking orders for AMD's six-core Phenom II X6 1090T processor, which runs at 3.2GHz and includes 9MB of L3 cache. The chip, listed as a "Phenon" processor, is priced at $318.50. AMD's logo accompanies the page.

Sony's PSP 'Room' Service Canceled

From PC World: 'Room' for the PlayStation Portable, a Sony-developed service that would allow PSP owners to create avatars while communicating and sharing media in real time, has been canceled, with no reason given for the halting of development.


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