Nintendo Tries to Trademark On like Donkey Kong"

From DailyTech: Nintendo has some of the most epic gaming characters in the history of gaming. The company has been celebrating the 25th birthday of Mario this year and that's not the only popular character the gaming company has in its stable.

Fox Joins NBC, ABC, and CBS in Google TV Denial

From DailyTech: The big four of the broadcast television world -- ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox -- have now united in their opposition of Google TV. Google TV, currently available on select new Sony televisions, allows users to navigate the internet. But the big TV networks have banned Google from viewing free episodes of TV shows on their website.

AMD to Use Half-Node Process Technologies for Low-Power APUs

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices has disclosed its process technology roadmap and revealed that it would use so-called half-node process technologies for its low-power accelerated processing units (APUs). While the company admitted that going forward it is obliged to move a substantial part of its graphics chip and APU production to Globalfoundries, it did not reveal any exact plans.

AMD: Problems with 32nm SOI Process Technology Are Behind

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices has had major issues with the 32nm silicon-on-insulator process technology. As a result of those problems, the yields of the company's code-named Llano accelerated processing units (APUs) were so low that the company had to delay them by many months. Besides, those problems affected release schedule of next-gen Bulldozer micro-processors. But the issues seem to be largely behind AMD.

Microsoft forgets to patch Mac Office 2004, 2008

From InfoWorld: Microsoft on Tuesday revealed four vulnerabilities in the Mac version of its Office suite, but then failed to produce patches for the 2004 and 2008 editions.

Office for Mac 2011, which launched Oct. 26, was the only version updated as part of Microsoft's monthly Patch Tuesday.

Microsoft did not explain the omission of Office for Mac 2004 and Office for Mac 2008 patches, or say when it would ship updates for those editions.

Android Smartphone Sales Top 20 Million in Q3

From PC World: Smartphone sales for the third quarter almost doubled compared to last year, driven by explosive growth in sales of Android phones, although Symbian remained the best-selling operating system. Sales of Apple's iPhone also grew strongly, according to figures from Gartner.

With 81 million units sold worldwide in the third quarter, smartphones accounted for around one-fifth of all phones sold to end users, market researcher Gartner said Wednesday.

Android gets a multi-browser advantage

From CNET The browser wars have extended to mobile devices, and that's good news for consumers.

Last week, Mozilla released a second Firefox beta for Android. Yesterday, Opera released its first Opera Mobile beta for Android. Neither is ready for prime time, much less used on more than a tiny fraction of phones, but already I see them as a step forward.

Why? Because now there's an important new front in the browser wars.

Google gives employees 10 percent raise, cash

From CNET In an apparent move to stave off defections to competitors, Google announced it is giving all its employees a $1,000 cash bonus and a raise of 10 percent, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Early Windows Phone 7 Sales Reports Trickle In

From DailyTech: EWeek is reporting that reports of first-day Windows Phone 7 sales have run the gamut of lackluster to impressive, depending on whom you ask.

The Seattle Times deemed the new mobile OS from Microsoft a "ringing success." An AT&T spokeswoman told the news outlet: "We did have lines in some of our markets across the nation. There definitely was anticipation for the phone." She did not provide any sales figures, though.

Android Market Experiences Problems in Lead-Up to 2.3

From DailyTech: In the lead-up to the release of Android 2.3, a number of users of Google's mobile OS are experiencing a major issue that prevents them from installing or uninstalling applications from the Android market on their handsets, EWeek reports.

More than 200 people have posted to a thread on Google's Android support forum, citing the problem on a range of Android-powered devices. Nexus One user "joakimcb" explains the problem:


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