Apple Responds to Legalization of Jailbreaking

From DailyTech: Apple really cares about you. That's why it fought so long and hard to prevent you from jailbreaking your iPhone and running unauthorized apps, or unlocking your SIM card and jumping to another network. In fact, it only tried to brick your unlocked phone because it is so concerned about whether you're having a quality experience.

Nvidia Announces New-Generation Quadro Professional Graphics Solutions

From X-bit Labs: Nvidia Corp. has announced a new breed of Quadro professional graphics solutions that are based on the code-named GF100 graphics processing unit (GPU) powered by the Fermi architecture. The new family supports new functionality and well as massively improved performance compared to previous-generation solutions.

Intel May Partially Bar Overclocking in Case of Sandy Bridge Processors

From X-bit Labs: Intel Corp. reportedly plans to simplify the design of mainstream platforms for code-named Sandy Bridge central processing units (CPUs) in a bid to lower production costs and encourage enthusiasts to get higher-end Sandy Bridge E microprocessors. Apparently, the next-gen mainstream platform from Intel will have limited overclocking capabilities; on the other hand, enthusiast-oriented setups will continue to be overclocker-friendly.

The Zerg Have Landed: StarCraft II is Here

From PC World: Last night, as the clock ticked midnight, after over a decade nervously waiting, PC gamers began snapping up copies of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Lenovo steps up server bid with new entry-level systems

From InfoWorld: Lenovo announced some new entry-level servers on Tuesday, continuing its effort to become a bigger player in the server market.

The company announced the two-socket ThinkServer RD230 and RD240 rack server, and the ThinkServer TD230 tower server, all of which are powered by six-core Intel processors.

Google fixes Chrome holes, seeks security reform

From CNET Just before the Black Hat security conference begins, Google has patched seven secuity holes in its stable version of Chrome and begun an effort to speed up the software industry's response to such vulnerabilities.

Firefox CPU resources issue better but not gone

From CNET The popular Web browser has had a longstanding CPU (Central Processing Unit) utilization issue that--in some cases--overtaxed the CPU, caused noticeable heat issues in small laptops.

Sprint's Epic 4G Specs Confirmed

From DailyTech: When DailyTech reported on leaked specs for a full-Qwerty alternative of the Samsung Galaxy S for Sprint last month, we called the Android-based smartphone the "Galaxy S Pro". Since then, the phone has been officially dubbed the Samsung "Epic 4G", and all the specs that we reported have now been confirmed by a Samsung and Sprint press sheet via sdx-developers.

Here's a quick recap:

HTC to Use Super LCD in Place of AMOLED

From DailyTech: A shortage of devices on the smartphone market like the high-end iPhone 4 smartphone is often caused by a lack of key components. Builders of LCD screens for smartphones like Samsung and LG Display can’t keep up with demand from Apple and other companies like HTC.

HTC is having problems getting enough of its AMOLED displays for use in its smartphones like the HTC Desire and the Nexus One.

JEDEC Publishes Low-Power DDR3 Memory Standard

From X-bit Labs: JEDEC solid state technology association has announced the publication of JEDEC DDR3L, which will enable a significant reduction in power consumption for a broad range of products that utilize memory; including laptops, desktops, servers, networking systems and a wide array of consumer electronics products.


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