Opera releases Mini browser beta for Android

From CNET News.com: In a move to expand its franchise to a higher-end frontier of the mobile phone market, Opera Software has released a beta version of Opera Mini 5 for Android.

Sony unveils Move, its PS3 motion controller

From CNET News.com: A small device that looks like a microphone--but with something on top of it that looks like a ping pong ball with an LED inside--Move is Sony's bid to gain control over the motion controller wars that are currently led by Nintendo, with its Wii controller, and which many think will be dominated by Microsoft and its Project Natal controller system.

OCZ's New 30GB Onyx SSD to Debut for Under $100

From DailyTech: When we discuss the topic SSDs on DailyTech, one thing that normally is a given with these hot devices is a high price tag. Take for example the Reactor and Nova Series SSDs that Corsair announced earlier this month -- their MSRPs started from $185 and $200 respectively and skyrocket from there.

Report: IPhone OS 4.0 Will Bring True Multitasking This Summer

From DailyTech: If it can't sue its rival smartphone makers out of existence, it appears that Apple plans to at least catch up to them.

Microsoft looks to 'Elevate' California

From CNET News.com: Microsoft's year-old Elevate America program, which offers free technology training and certification, is coming to California.

The program was announced by Microsoft a year ago as the country was gripped by recession, with Washington state as the first government partner. Since then, other states have slowly been coming on board.

IBM hopes to make mobile devices more accessible

From CNET News.com: IBM is embarking on a research project to design mobile gadgets that are easier to use for people who have disabilities or aren't fully literate.

As part of the project, announced Wednesday, Big Blue will collaborate with India's National Institute of Design and the University of Tokyo's Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology.

Windows Live support via e-mail ends

From CNET News.com: Microsoft said on Wednesday that it is halting e-mail-based support for its suite of Windows Live services.

Instead, the company said users will have to go to online forums for help with issues. The move is effective Wednesday, Microsoft said.

In an e-mail, a Microsoft representative characterized the move as a positive.

Dell tablet said to be named 'Streak'

From CNET News.com: Though Dell didn't offer many details when it first introduced its forthcoming touch-screen tablet in January, we're learning more about it, bit by bit.

Engadget has posted two slides purported to be from internal Dell documents that show color options, a new name for the tablet, and content sources.

Apple Tried to Bully Sun With Lawsuit Threats in 2003

From DailyTech: Faced with the growing threat of the Android army of smartphones to its best-selling iPhone, Apple unleashed a litany of litigation to try to stop sales of the phones. Google is too powerful to attack head on, so instead Apple is trying to pick off the hardware makers, starting with HTC, makers of the Hero, MyTouch, and Nexus One. There are a lot of questions over whether Apple's barking up the wrong tree, however, given how broad and vague its patents seem.

New Blu-Ray Licensing Organization Initiates Operations

From X-bit Labs: Four companies – Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Thomson Licensing, Toshiba Corp. and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment this week announced that they have commenced a worldwide joint licensing program beginning on March 1, 2010 for Blu-ray (BD) and DVD patents essential for Blu-ray products, including BD products that incorporate DVD functionality.


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