Mozilla's Lorentz, Lanikai edge closer to release

From CNET Web browsing and e-mailing from Mozilla got a bit of a bump forward on Wednesday, as the company updated its beta test builds of Firefox 3.6.4 and Thunderbird 3.1, respectively code-named Lorentz and Lanikai.

Firefox 3.6.4 beta 3, for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and Thunderbird 3.1 beta 2, for Windows, Mac, and Linux, offer the latest features from Mozilla but are also less stable than the current releases.

Google spends over $250 million on start-ups in quarter

From CNET Google spent more than $250 million on a total of 10 acquisitions during the first quarter of the year, putting it on quite a pace for 2010.

UPDATE: Corsair Adds 32GB, 256GB Nova SSDs for $99, $675 Respectively

From DailyTech: In late February, Corsair launched two new SSD product lines aimed at the mainstream market. The Reactor Series features a "reboot" of JMicron's SSD controller while the Nova Series features the much-lauded Indilinx Barefoot controller.

When it launched, the Nova Series SSD were available in capacities of 64GB and 128GB with read/write speeds of 270MB/sec, 130MB/sec and 270MB/sec and 190MB/sec respectively.

Reports: HTC EVO 4G Smartphone Pre-orders Coming this Month

From DailyTech: The 4G battle is brewing in the U.S. and while there are currently two competing technologies including WiMAX and LTE being used, most only expect LTE to survive the battle. Everyone but Sprint and Clearwire are backing LTE and Clearwire has cleared the way to move to LTE if it desires.

Nvidia and Partners Begin Shipments of Fermi-Generation Tesla Boards

From X-bit Labs: Nvidia Corp. along with its partners Appro and Supermicro on Tuesday said they had initiated shipments of servers designed for high-performance computing featuring the new generation of Tesla computing boards featuring Tesla T20 processors. The new chips offer very high double-precision computing performance.

HP gives AMD boost with new business laptops

From InfoWorld: Hewlett-Packard introduced seven laptops with Advanced Micro Devices' upcoming laptop chips on Wednesday, boosting efforts for the chip designer's efforts to catch up with rival Intel.

New Chrome Beta Proves Seriously Speedy

From PC World: The new beta of Chrome for Windows is nearly a fifth faster than its more stable sibling, but still lags behind speed leader Opera, benchmark tests show.

HP Slate killed? Not so fast

From CNET Despite glaring headlines last week that the Hewlett-Packard Windows 7-based Slate was canceled, it may not be that cut and dried, according to analysts.

Intel launches chip for smartphones, tablets

From CNET Intel on Tuesday announced its long-awaited Atom chip for smartphones and tablets, a crowded market populated by a host of formidable rivals--unlike the PC market where it dominates.

Apple Gets Angry at Ellen DeGeneres Over Fake iPhone Commercial

From DailyTech: Self-proclaimed Apple product fan and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres isn't above poking a bit of fun at her gadgets of choice. On a clip Monday, Ellen DeGeneres spoofed the iPhone commercials, showing that the interface can at times be clunky with simple chores like typing becoming a headache.

Apparently Apple wasn't very amused. In a video Tuesday, Ellen said that Apple contacted her and was upset by the fake commercial.


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