Google discloses AdSense revenue share

From CNET Google has finally revealed how it shares advertising revenue with AdSense customers who run Google ads on their own sites.

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Promises Simpler Privacy Settings

From CRN: Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged Monday that the social networking site goofed a bit when it came to users' privacy but promised that in the near future the site planned to implement simpler privacy settings.

In an Op-Ed piece to The Washington Post , Zuckerberg acknowledged Facebook's previous blunders but downplayed Facebook's intentions and responsibility regarding users' privacy.

Microsoft eases access to Outlook data

From InfoWorld: Microsoft revealed on Monday two open source projects intended to improve interoperability with Microsoft Outlook files and even enable easier migrations from Outlook.

Projects include tools to make it easier for developers to read and write data out of Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders (.pst) files. These files store email, contacts, attachments, and other data.

Adobe's PDF Reader app comes to Android phones

From CNET Amid the flurry of Android news as part of Google's annual I/O Conference last week, a news item that slipped through the cracks was that Adobe released a native PDF reading app for Android phones.

Two Years Later, Apple Still Won't Fix Safari Hole

From PC World: Two years after fixing a security bug in the Windows version of its Safari browser, Apple apparently has decided that Mac users can go without a fix.

Apple was initially unimpressed by Nitesh Dhanjani's work developing what's known as a "carpet bomb" attack, the security researcher said in an interview Monday. "I told Apple about it two years ago, and they responded back, saying it was more of an annoyance than anything else."

Google offered Viacom $592 million for content

From CNET Not long after Google acquired YouTube, the search engine offered nearly $600 million in guaranteed revenue if Viacom--the parent company of MTV Networks, Comedy Central, and Paramount Pictures--licensed its TV shows and films to YouTube, records show.

APH TV: Thermaltake Armor A90 Computer Case

UPDATE: The review has been completed. Please see the reviews section of this website.

Is a netbook a legitimate replacement for laptops?

9% (15 votes)
91% (160 votes)
Total votes: 175

Jetway NC96FL-510-LF Review (Page 1 of 12)

The wonderful thing about creating an mITX build is that, whether you want a low cost, low power system, or a relatively more performance oriented Intel Core i3/i5/i7 based machine, all these can converge into one compact package regardless of your needs. A couple weeks ago, we brought you the Thermaltake Element Q review, where our Technology News Director Kenneth Kwok built an LGA 1156 based system packed with Intel's Core i3 processor and 4GB of RAM under the hood for a relatively powerful small form factor computer. But not everyone is willing -- or has the need -- to spend over five hundred dollars on an mITX based system. For those who are looking for something that provides adequate processing power at a low cost with a small footprint, our review today might just be your answer. The Jetway NC96FL-510-LF is an mITX motherboard with an Intel Atom D510 dual-core processor, integrated video and sound, and retails for just a little over a hundred dollars at press time. To get a full system running, all the hardware you will need is a chassis with 12V DC power supply, some DDR2 RAM, SATA hard drive, and that's about it. It is about as low cost as it could reasonably get, and certainly a very power efficient solution. But how well is the board designed and executed, and how does it perform in our battery of benchmarks here at APH Networks? Read on to find out!

Continue reading: Jetway NC96FL-510-LF mITX Motherboard review

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