Foxconn Is Not Quitting the Channel Business – Company

From X-bit Labs: Foxconn, a subsidiary of the contract electronics maker Foxconn Technology Group (Hon Hai Precision Industry), does not have plans to quit the channel business amid the global economic recession, the company said. The only changes that will happen to the channel business unit will be reduced operational expenses.

“We are not quitting the channel business, we are still here,” a spokesperson for Foxconn told TweakTown web-site.

Report: Dell developing handheld Internet device

From InfoWorld: Dell is developing a handheld mobile device designed for Internet access, following in the footsteps of rival Apple, according to a news report published in the Wall Street Journal on Monday.

Citibank Tests out Payments Using Mobile Phones

From PC World: Citibank is starting a large trial of the use of mobile phones to make credit card payments at retail outlets and other points-of-sale in Bangalore, which the company is branding as "Citi Tap and Pay".

The trial will cover 3,000 to 5,000 mobile users and about 500 merchants, it said.

Supreme Court allows wider DVR use

From CNET The Supreme Court on Monday delivered a blow to the television networks when it declined to hear a case about a digital video recorder technology, opening the gate for wider use of DVR systems.

The Pirate Bay Gets Purchased, New Owners to Pay Copyright Holders

From DailyTech: Strange news broke today that Sweden's Global Gaming Factory X AB had purchased The Pirate Bay, the world's largest torrent site. Among the internet's top 100 most visited properties, The Pirate Bay reportedly fetched a bounty of 60 million Swedish Krona or roughly $7.8 million. The site will be handed over to its new captain on August 2009.

Free Windows 7 OEM Upgrades Announced, Businesses Get Strict Limits

From DailyTech: As the windup to Windows 7's pricing announcement came, many in the news industry suggested that Microsoft lower its prices to make up for bad public reception of Windows Vista. Some analysts, such as former Windows 2000 developer-turned blogger Michael Cherry of Directions on Microsoft suggested that Microsoft should give away Windows 7 for free to Vista users as an apology.

Windows 7 Won't Save Falling PC Sales

From DailyTech: Windows 7 is expected to be a big sensation for the PC industry when it is released in the latter half of October. Beta and Release Candidate versions of the operating system have been praised for stability, performance, and compatibility with existing hardware/software applications.

Apple, Other Manufacturers Agree on Mobile Phone Charger Standard

From DailyTech: The European Commission proudly announced a handful of top mobile phone manufacturers have agreed to a European Union (EU) mandate for universal cell phone chargers.

Samsung breaks Netbook mold with Nvidia chip

From CNET Nvidia on Monday confirmed that Samsung will bring out a Netbook based on the graphics chipmaker's Ion chipset, another design that breaks the Netbook mold.

"Ion really transforms these small laptops, like the upcoming Samsung and Lenovo Ideapad S12, into fully capable notebooks," Rene Haas, general manager of notebook products at Nvidia said Monday in a statement.

With no Phenom II FX in sight, does AMD need 6 core CPUs for desktops?

From X-bit Labs: AMD does not seem to be planning to release ultra-fast quad-core processors to compete against Intel Core i7. But the world's second largest maker of x86 chips does have six-core microprocessors that are capable of operating on rather high frequencies and that can be strong competitors on the high-end desktops/workstations markets.


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