HP aims at flexible, unified storage

From PC World: Hewlett-Packard hopes to do the same thing with storage that it did with servers, leveraging years of system-building experience and economies of scale, by blurring the distinction between servers and storage.

The company envisions platforms based on industry-standard hardware with software that can change the characteristics of each component as an enterprise's needs change, executives said at a press briefing on Friday.

Apple Raises the App Store Bar Higher with New Tweaks

From PC World: Apple has already defined the gold standard for app stores, but that doesn't mean it is sitting idly by. Apple has raised the bar for app stores even higher with new changes that make it easier for developers to market their apps, and for customers to learn about the

Amazon EC2 gets a spot market

From CNET News.com: Amazon on Monday rolled out spot pricing for cloud computing so customers can buy capacity at any price on the open market.

The concept is an interesting one since Amazon Web Services is making computing capacity available on the market just like any other commodity (see Amazon statement, Werner Vogels, and Amazon Web Services blog).

TeliaSonera touts first LTE '4G' launch

From CNET News.com: The world's first commercial LTE mobile broadband services went live in Oslo and Stockholm on Monday, through the Scandinavian operator TeliaSonera.

EC is Optimistic on Sun/Oracle Deal Approval

From DailyTech: Sun Microsystems and Oracle entered into an agreement where former would be purchased by latter. The deal is not yet complete and while it was approved by the U.S. in August, the purchase was met with objections when it hit the European Commission for approval.

Upcoming Google GPhone Details Leaked

From DailyTech: When Google announced that it was getting into the phone business, many expected that it was going to release the long rumored "GPhone", a high-tech smart phone akin to the iPhone. The company surprised everyone when it instead released a smart phone operating system, Android.

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Bug keeps some Office users from their files

From CNET News.com: Some users of an older version of Microsoft Office may find that their protected documents are now not only protected, but completely inaccessible.

Microsoft warned on Friday that a glitch is causing users of Office 2003 to be unable to access files protected using Microsoft's Rights Management Service.

The software maker acknowledged the bug on its Office Sustained Engineering blog and said it is working to fix the issue.


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