Nvidia Has No Plans to Sell Own-Brand Graphics Cards in Europe - Company

From X-bit Labs: Nvidia Corp. said that it had no plans to sell graphics boards under its own trademark in Europe. Although Nvidia recently started to supply select own-brand graphics boards to Best Buy stores in the U.S., the company believes it makes no sense to approach European retail chains with similar products.

Microsoft Announces Windows Phone 7 Launch Partners

From PC World: Microsoft announced the Windows Phone 7 OS for handheld devices on Monday, taking a step forward in the company's efforts to strengthen its position in the still-growing smartphone market. CEO Steve Ballmer unveiled the first phones to run the OS, and named the network operators that will distribute them.

Windows Phone 7 debuts: One phone won't rule them all

From CNET News.com: If Apple CEO Steve Jobs has spent the past few years pitching the iPhone as the ultimate, universal mobile device, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's answer with his company's Windows Phone 7 OS, is the opposite.

There is, Ballmer subtly implied at today's formal unveiling of Windows Phone 7 here, no such thing as one phone for everyone--but there can be one operating system.

AMD: Fusion is Going to Be Unlike Everything We Have Seen Before

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices has not delivered a top-performing central processing unit since 2006. Although the company has managed to fight back the first place on the market of discrete graphics cards, its financial performance remains questionable. But there is the next - Fusion - era comes to AMD, which will have drastic influence onto the company's future. The firm thinks so.

Windows Phone 7 Aside, Verizon Exec says Microsoft won't Lead Mobile

From PC World: Windows Phone 7 may be finally getting its coming-out party today, but a top Verizon exec says he is underwhelmed by Microsoft's mobile strategy and products, and doesn't consider the company one one of the top players in the mobile market.

Lowell McAdam, Verizon's president and chief operating office, is number two at the company, just below Verizon CEO and Chairman Ivan Seidenberg. Many expect McAdam to take over Seidenberg's reigns when he retires.

Solid-State Drives Set to Become More Capacious - Micron

From X-bit Labs: Solid-state drives are projected to become much more capacious, but more affordable in the coming years, according to Micron, a major maker of flash memory that powers SSDs. In general, the company believes that solid-state storage will get more affordable. On the SSD front, absolutely, I think the pricing will help increase density per drive, yet more advanced.

Google Experimental Self-driving Cars Logged 140K Miles

From eWeek: Google Oct. 9 said it has built technology to make cars drive themselves, an exercise to help reduce traffic accidents, free up motorists' time and ultimately curb carbon emissions.

In what the company is calling a first in robotics research, Google for the past year has sent out Toyota Priuses with trained operators all over California highways and roads, extending to Lake Tahoe.

Nvidia's Tegra Starts to Get Popular Among Manufacturers

From X-bit Labs: Nvidia Corp.'s Tegra system-on-chip (SoC) is beginning to gain ground among manufacturers of mobile devices. To date, the second-generation Tegra SoC has ten confirmed design wins. Moreover, even less advanced first-gen Tegra has products shipping.

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