Former VP Says Microsoft is "Failing" Despite Windows 7 Profits

From DailyTech: Windows 7 may be immensely popular, but not everyone is impressed with Microsoft's performance. Just days after Microsoft took 10 percent of the market with Windows 7 in only 4 months -- a feat that took Windows Vista 16 months to accomplish -- a former Microsoft vice president, Dick Brass, delivered a scathing review on the company's lack of "creative spark" which he published in The New York Times.

He writes:

Microsoft readies Office 2010 upgrade program

From CNET It is not uncommon for Microsoft to launch a "technology guarantee" program ahead of a new version of Office or Windows, offering buyers of a product late in one cycle an upgrade to the new version once it comes out. So it's not a shocker that Microsoft has one planned for Office 2010.

More Details on Galaxy's Dual-GPU GTS 250

From Tom's Hardware: A few weeks ago, we reported that Galaxy is working on a dual-core graphics card that uses two 55nm G92 GPUs (each sporting 128 processing cores) on a single PCB. Each GPU is backed by a dedicated 1 GB of DDR3 memory and a 256-bit memory interface. Without SLI fingers for expansion, the Quad-SLI capable GPUs are locked into its current form.

Game Designer Reveals Brand-Name for Sony’s Motion Controller

From X-bit Labs: THQ, a leading developer of video games, has possibly revealed the official name of Sony’s motion-sensitive controller for PlayStation 3 that will be available in Fall 2010. Apparently, the controller will carry rather simplistic name: Arc.

Lenovo developing more Android phones

From InfoWorld: Lenovo's work on mobile phones with Google's Android OS is focused on its high-end Lephone handset, but the company also wants to reach other price points, a company executive said Thursday.

Intel Preparing Six-Core Chips for Desktops, Servers

From PC World: Intel is preparing six-core chips for high-end desktops and servers for release in the first half of this year, the company said Wednesday.

The six-core chips will be based on the company's latest Westmere architecture and deliver faster performance and more power savings compared to earlier quad-core chips, Intel said on a conference call. The chips will contain 1.17 billion transistors and include 12MB of cache, a company spokesman said.

Lenovo hits stride in third quarter

From CNET Lenovo delivered a solid fiscal third-quarter profit on strong PC sales in China and the U.S.

The PC maker reported an operating profit of $99 million, a sum that doubled the second-quarter tally. Fiscal third-quarter revenue was up 33 percent from a year ago to $4.8 billion.

Sony sales, earnings bounce back

From CNET Thanks to intensive cost cuts, and buoyed by sales of Vaio PCs and PlayStation 3 game consoles, Sony's quarterly results are back in the black.

After four straight quarterly losses, the company rebounded in the third quarter of its fiscal 2009. Net income jumped 660 percent to 79.2 billion yen ($871 million), compared with 10.4 billion yen in 2008's third quarter, Sony reported Thursday.

ATI Launches $50 DirectX 11 Cards With Passive Cooling

From DailyTech: ATI is launching the Radeon HD 5450 for those people. The card uses ATI's newest 40nm chip from TSMC, codenamed Cedar. The GPU is a mere 59mm2, enabling the Radeon 5450 to become the first DirectX 11 video card to sell for under $50. It will use DDR3 or DDR2, depending on the Add-In Board partner who sells the card. 512MB versions will sell for around $50, while 1GB versions will sell for around $60.

Adobe Talks Flash 10.1, Apple, HTML5

From DailyTech: One of the most commonly used content types on the internet is Flash. Flash allows for cross browser/platform compatibility on video and other forms of content like games. Flash isn’t without its issues though with many users complaining about some of its weaknesses and looking forward to an alternative.


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