Remote-controlled SIMs Could Expand the Mobile Market

From PC World: A task force led by the GSM Association will take a look at how SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards embedded in non-phone devices can be remotely programmed and activated, in an effort to expand the use of mobile broadband , the organization said on Thursday.

AT&T ups the ante in speech recognition

From CNET If you've ever been frustrated using a voice activated customer agent or have scratched your head while reading an unintelligible voice-to-text message, AT&T says help is on the way.

Competitive unease hovers over Web 2.0

Slides Reveal That Windows 8 May go Fully Virtualized

From DailyTech: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's comment that Windows 8 was his company's most risky endeavor sparked much curiosity. Little is currently known about the upcoming operating system. So why is Windows 8 such a high risk proposition for Microsoft?

LG Optimus One Sells 1 Million Units

From DailyTech: Yesterday, LG announced that worldwide sales of its Android-based Optimus One line of smartphones have surpassed 1 million units within 40 days of its launch.

Microsoft's CEO Dismisses Idea to Split Up the Company

From X-bit Labs: Even though an analyst back in October said that it would make sense to split up Microsoft Corp. into several companies targeting different markets to "unlock the hidden value", the world's largest software developer does not have such plans.

Intel: Sandy Bridge Processor Is the Pentium of Our Days

From X-bit Labs: Every new generation of central processing units (CPUs) brings improved performance as well as enhanced set of features. Some generations bring breakthrough changes to computing and some just pass some incremental benefits. According to Intel Corp.'s chief executive officer, the next-generation Core i "Sandy Bridge" chips will bring improvements analogous to what the Pentium was compared to 80486 back in 1993.

As Netflix bears down, Hulu Plus cuts price

From CNET The video portal backed by Disney, Fox, and NBC Universal said today that it has trimmed the monthly price of its subscription to $7.99, an obvious sign that the service is struggling to acquire customers.

Sprint to Launch HTC EVO Shift 4G

From DailyTech: Engadget has obtained some information from a reliable tipster that suggests Sprint will try to capitalize on the huge success of the HTC EVO 4G by introducing a new version in the near future.

Nook Color Airs For $250, Early Reviews are Mixed


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