Yahoo "Sorry" For Offering Lap Dances at Developers Event

From DailyTech: A big ad partnership from Microsoft may in time help Yahoo rediscover its magic, but over the last year the company has seemed very lost. With its search engine powered by Bing and its team now focusing on APIs and the advertising partnership, Yahoo has yet to prove itself a legitimate competitor to Google.

Sun Microsystems to Slash 3,000 Jobs

From DailyTech: Server manufacturer Sun Microsystems announced it will cut 3,000 jobs in the next year as European regulators take a closer look as software maker Oracle tries to finalize its acquisition of Sun.

AT&T enlists employees to oppose Net neutrality

From CNET Advocacy groups say AT&T has gone too far in its lobbying efforts to oppose the Federal Communications Commission's new proposed Net neutrality regulations.

Symantec: Millions of PC Users Tricked by Scareware

From DailyTech: Security company Symantec disclosed that online criminals are cashing in by scaring PC users into downloading exploited anti-virus software.

First SSD Using JMicron JMF612 Flash Controller Set to Appear Next Month

From DailyTech: JMicron is a company that makes a lot of different controller chips, and their products have been used successfully for many years by companies like ASUS to add functionality to their products. However, the company has run into a rough patch due to random read and write latency problems with its SSD controllers.

AMD Vows to Improve Availability of ATI Radeon HD 5000 Graphics Cards In Weeks

From X-bit Labs: The chief executive officer of Advanced Micro Devices said that the company would be able to ship more ATI Radeon HD 5000-series graphics cards in the coming weeks. AMD admits that at present the situation with availability of the latest DirectX 11 graphics cards is improper. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company is partly guilty of insufficient shipments of ATI Radeon HD 5000-series graphics cards.

Micron Unveils Flash Memory with Six Times Longer Endurance

From X-bit Labs: Micron Technology, a leading producer of dynamic random access memory and flash, on Monday said that it had started producing of flash memory with improved potential lifespan using 34nm process technology. The company also said that its new single-level cell (SLC) and multi-level cell (MLC) flash can boast with six times longer endurance compared to existing devices.

AT&T adds hosted apps to enterprise mobile suite

From InfoWorld: AT&T on Monday made another grab for business mobile users, introducing two more hosted applications built on its Mobile Enterprise Applications Platform.

Apple Teases Us in Earnings Call

From PC World: Is Apple planning to draw a card from its deck of rumored products today? Maybe, if you believe certain bloggers. But it's really anybody's guess as to what we'll see from Cupertino.

Microsoft begins restoring Sidekick data

From CNET Microsoft has begun the process of restoring data to Sidekick owners who have been without it since a massive outage began at the beginning of the month, the software giant said Tuesday.

In a statement, Microsoft said it has posted a tool to T-Mobile's Web site that allows Sidekick owners to restore their address book.


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