Microsoft Quietly Starts to Ship Updated Xbox 360 Arcade

From X-bit Labs: Microsoft Corp. has quietly started shipments of its Xbox 360 Arcade video game system with 512MB of local storage. The expanded amount of flash memory will hardly allow owners of the most affordable version of Xbox 360 to store lot of content on the system itself and resembles just a technical optimization rather than an intention to improve user experience.

Microsoft backtracks, extends XP availability to 2011

From InfoWorld: On Tuesday, Michael Silver of Gartner took Microsoft to the woodshed over the company's decision to let computer makers sell PCs with Windows XP for only six months after Windows 7 debuts.

Silver blasted the idea as a "real mess," and said that it would make it more difficult for companies to manage their PCs and more expensive to upgrade them to Windows 7 down the road.

Centrino Is Gone, But Intel Chip Confusion Remains

From PC World: Remember when choosing a new, faster PC only required knowing the processor name and clock speed? Wish that simplicity would return to PC buying? Don't hold your breath. Buying an Intel PC is going to change, but for the better may be a different story.

Intel's Bill Calder yesterday revealed that the company's branding will be "simplified" into entry-level, mid-level, and high-level, referring to Intel Core i3, i5, and i5.

Web standards group scrutinizing Apple patent

From CNET The World Wide Web Consortium is opening the possibility of pushing back against an Apple patent on software updates that Apple had refused to license royalty-free for use in a proposed Web standard.

Palm May Have Shipped 100,000 Pre Smartphones

From DailyTech: Palm had one of the most interesting product announcements at CES in January with the unveiling of its webOS-based Pre smartphone. It has been only a few short weeks since the Pre debuted on the Sprint network as an exclusive handset for at least six months.

NVIDIA Announces Five New Notebook GPUs Built on 40nm Process

From DailyTech: NVIDIA has announced five new GPUs for the lucrative notebook PC market. The GTS 260M, GTS 250M, GT 240M, GT 230M and G210M are built on TSMC's 40nm process, leading to lower power consumption and heat produced. Lower production costs are also possible once the manufacturing line has matured and yields improve.

Wednesday Night Around-the-Web Roundup

Let's make it short and sweet for you tonight -- one dozen articles to read from our affiliates if you can't sleep!

Microsoft's Bing has a second good week

From CNET It's still awfully early in the game, but Microsoft's Bing had a second good week, according to market share numbers released Wednesday by ComScore.

The search engine is up about 3 percentage points from where Microsoft was at pre-Bing in terms of both number of searchers and total query share. That represents another nearly 1 percentage point of share gain in both categories compared to its first week.

IBM investing $100 million in mobile research

From CNET IBM thinks it can improve the state of mobile communications, and it's investing millions of dollars toward that effort.

Big Blue announced on Tuesday that it will spend $100 million over the next five years on a major research project to advance mobile technology for both consumers and businesses. With an increasing dependence on cell phones and portable devices worldwide, IBM's goal is to make mobile communications more efficient and easier to use.

LG, Samsung Set to Storm Onto OLED Market with 14", 15", 31" Displays

From DailyTech: OLED technology has been hailed for a couple years now as the future of digital display. OLED and its various derivatives have managed to live up to some of this hype in the mobile electronics market, but in the TV and display market they remain a rare and seldom seen species. In fact, to date only one manufacturer -- Sony -- has launched an OLED TV. And Sony's 11-inch XEL1 was a wallet-breaker priced at $2,500.


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