HP ups 3Par bid to $30 per share, tops Dell's latest

From InfoWorld: The bidding war for storage vendor 3Par continued to escalate Friday, with Hewlett-Packard submitting a new offer of $30 per share, or $2 billion. The offer topped a $27 per share bid made by Dell earlier in the day.

HP's board has approved the offer, but 3Par's has not yet done so, according to an HP statement. 3Par's board has accepted Dell's $27 per share bid, but the vendor would have to pay Dell a $72 million termination fee if it accepts a superior offer.

AMD to Examine Bobcat Microprocessors in Servers

From X-bit Labs: In line with the trends for ultra low-power servers, Advanced Micro Devices said that it would test its processors based on the Bobcat micro-architecture in server environments. Considering the fact that AMD already has very low power chips for servers, feasibility of using Bobcat micro-architecture is not clear.

Intel's Earnings Set to Decline Due to Weakening PC Sales

From X-bit Labs: Intel Corp. early on Friday announced that third-quarter revenue will be below the company’s previous outlook. The company now expects third-quarter revenue to be $11.0 billion, plus or minus $200 million, compared to the previous expectation of between $11.2 and $12.0 billion. Revenue is being affected by weaker than expected demand for consumer PCs in mature markets.

Are 3D TVs the future?

Yes -- if it doesn't make me dizzy, and ditch the glasses.
52% (76 votes)
No -- we're fine the way it is now. Just bring on the OLEDs!
48% (71 votes)
Total votes: 147

Jetway NC98-525-LF Review (Page 1 of 12)

In the early days of the Intel Atom, despite being a low cost platform, many users found themselves wanting more than what the GMA950 integrated graphics are able to provide. Thankfully for us, NVIDIA stepped into the scene with the ION -- which opened up many new doors for many netbook, nettop and integrated system users alike. The NVIDIA ION platform not only allowed for better graphics performance, but also took some pressure off the CPU to make your overall system run smoother. Of course, with the introduction of the new Pineview core Intel Atom processors, users were again yearning for something better than the graphics performance of the Intel GMA 3150 -- and once again NVIDIA has stepped up to the plate with the NVIDIA ION 2. Whoops, did I just say NVIDIA ION 2? As far as I know, NVIDIA marketing would like the media to use only "Next-Generation ION" or "Next-Generation NVIDIA ION Graphics", and explicitly told us to refrain from mentioning NVIDIA ION 2 or the codename of the chip (Which is GT218, by the way) in our review for some marketing mumbo jumbo purposes. This is all fine and dandy and all, except what would we call the NVIDIA ION 3 when it is released? "Next-Next-Generation ION"? How about the ION 4? (Sorry guys, Powerade already stole that name.) While I would love to call the NVIDIA *** * "Next-Generation ION" as much as I can, at the end of the day it still seems downright silly to me. Since companies these days are so intrigued by particles and related terms such as 'Atom' and 'Ion', I'd like to take the liberty and make up my own name here instead. Guys, say hello to the NVIDIA Proton. Now that we have clarified that part, let's get onto the meat of our review. Today, we will be taking a look at another product from Jetway, a company renowned for their mITX products that has become ever so popular among system builders and enthusiasts. The Jetway NC98-525-LF mini-ITX motherboard features the newest Atom D525 dual core processor and NVIDIA Proton graphics to take it to a promising new level of performance. Let us take a look at just how much better the Jetway NC98-525-LF in conjunction with NVIDIA Proton graphics compares against its predecessors.

View: Jetway NC98-525-LF mITX Motherboard review

Updated blue screen of death rootkit now targeting 64-bit Windows

From InfoWorld: A new version of the malware that crippled Windows PCs last February sidesteps safeguards designed to block rootkits from hijacking machines running 64-bit editions of Windows, researchers said Thursday.

"A new era has officially dawned; the era of x64 rootkits," said Prevx researcher Marco Giuliani in a post to the company's blog yesterday.

Gmail Users Make One Million Calls in 24 Hours

From PC World: Google's latest Gmail phone calling feature hit the ground running with over one million phone calls placed from Gmail in first 24 hours the feature was available, Google said Thursday via Twitter.The big question is how many will make Gmail calls in the following 24 hours after people have gotten over the novelty of placing calls via their e-mail inbox.

Dell ups 3Par offer yet again, to $27 per share

From CNET News.com: Stop us if you've heard this before: Dell says 3Par has agreed to a buyout proposal.

On Friday morning, Dell announced that storage company 3Par has accepted Dell's third acquisition offer, this one at $27 per share, which puts the total value of the cash offer at about $1.8 billion.

This bid matches the latest counteroffer from Hewlett-Packard, which came Thursday afternoon. It also marks a 50 percent increase from Dell's initial offer.

H.264 Internet Video Will be Royalty-Free Forever

From DailyTech: The MPEG LA organization, owners of the h.26x video codecs have announced that licensing of the h.264 video codec will remain permanently royalty free for those who provide free internet video to end users. Previously the moratorium on licensing fees was set to expire in 2015, at which point the plan was to begin charging sites like YouTube fees.

Latest ATI Catalyst Drivers Reveal Code-Names of Future ATI Radeon Chips

From X-bit Labs: The latest ATI Catalyst drivers released on Wednesday apparently contain a list of future graphics processing units' code-names. Unfortunately, the list brings more questions than reveals any particular answers.


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