Sunday Night Affiliates News

It's weekend. I came back from my church camp. So I have about 30 affiliate news article to post?!

When it comes to emails...

I read and reply them as soon as possible
53% (71 votes)
I read them as soon as possible, but reply some other time
37% (50 votes)
I read them and reply them slowly
10% (13 votes)
Total votes: 134

Toshiba, ASUS Unveil New Laptops

From DailyTech: For a long time notebooks only came in one color -- ugly beige. Things got a bit better when notebooks started to hit the market with more attractive designs in gray or black cases. Today there are all sorts of notebook colors to choose from on the market.

U.S., Canadian Windows 7 Pre-order Now Available

From DailyTech: Microsoft's much anticipated Windows Vista successor grabbed headlines yesterday when it was revealed that Windows 7 would retail for slightly less than analysts expected. The Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate Upgrade packages will retail for $119.99, $199.99 and $219.99 USD, respectively, on October 22, 2009.

Palm Reports $105M Loss for Fiscal Q4

From DailyTech: Palm launched its new smartphone this month called the Pre. The device was the first webOS handset from Palm and the company has high hopes that the Pre will help it get back into the smartphone market after its previous handsets were losing their appeal to consumers.

Apple confirms it banned iPhone porn app

From CNET Thursday saw the first softcore porn app arrive for the iPhone, only to disappear hours later. Many, including myself, thought Apple had approved and then banned the app, but a note on the developer's Web site indicated that he asked for the app to be removed.

That left a lot of people backpedaling after yelling at Apple for pulling the app. As it turns out Apple did pull the app--the company confirmed the move in a statement provided to CNET on Friday.

Apple allows first porn app: "Sold Out" on first day, due to server overloading?

Update: Apple has officially banned the product. (See APH article here)

Here's some "WTF LOL" for you this morning.

A bit of background: Prior to this, Apple has been fairly conservative in approving official applications for Apple iPhone and iPod touch owners. Not anymore -- they are no longer doing the parenting work for you.

No Windows 7 Upgrades for Europe

From Tom's Hardware: When Windows 7 hits on October 22, it’ll come in flavors that are familiar to us from before with full and upgrade versions. Countries that a part of the European Union, however, won’t be getting the upgrade version due to the recent events between Microsoft and the European Commission.

Rambus Demos 7.20GHz XDR Memory Sub-System

From X-bit Labs: Rambus, a leading developer of memory and interface technologies, this week demonstrated an XDR-based memory sub-system that ran at 7.20GHz. Rambus claims that despite of very high clock-speed, the XDR-powered system consumes 40% less power compared to GDDR5 memory sub-system.

Google's Android gets native development capabilities

From InfoWorld: Google moved to boost its Android mobile device software platform this week by offering developers a kit that enables them to call native code from Android applications.

Android 1.5 Native Development Kit (NDK), Release 1 allows developers to implement parts of applications using native languages including C and C++. Android applications run in the Dalvik virtual machine, which is Google's own software for running Java and serves as Android's primary runtime.


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