AMD’s Twelve-Core Microprocessors Available for Sale

From X-bit Labs: Oakville Mehlville Computers, a maker of custom servers and workstations from Missouri, has started to sell twelve-core AMD Opteron 6174 microprocessors for servers at an Ebay auction. The chips are not officially launched yet, even though the processors do not look like engineering samples and may belong to the first mass-production batch of twelve-core chips.

Intel to Boost Performance of Atom SoCs Using Silicon Hive’s Technology

From X-bit Labs: Intel Corp., the world’s largest maker of microprocessors, and Silicon Hive, a startup that develops software that boosts performance of parallel processing of data, on Tuesday announced collaboration under which the two companies plan to improve performance of Atom processors and system-on-chips (SoCs) powered by Atom cores in highly-threaded applications.

HTC to launch first Windows Phone 7 smartphone in Q4

From InfoWorld: High Tech Computer (HTC), the world's biggest maker of smartphones running Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system (OS) and Google's Android mobile OS, plans to launch its first smartphone with Microsoft's latest offering, Windows Phone 7, in the fourth quarter of this year.

Toshiba Unveils Its TG02 Smartphone

From PC World: Toshiba's update on its TG01 multimedia smartphone has made a quiet debut at this week's Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona.

Without the lights, smoke and fanfare given to other handsets by rival manufacturers, the phone is on display at Toshiba's booth.

From the outside it looks similar to the TG01, which went on sale last year and is recognizable by its large display.

Sony halts OLED TV sales in Japan

From CNET The company is canceling production and sales of the 11-inch XEL-1--which sells for $2,500--in its native country, though Sony said it plans to continue spending on production and R&D in other countries.

RIM to give away server software

From CNET BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is trying to hold on to business customers with a free version of its BlackBerry Enterprise Server software.

Google Apologizes for Buzz Privacy Blunder

From DailyTech: There's an old saying "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me". Google's new Buzz service now falls under that probationary truism, as it has become embroiled in a privacy mess.

Verizon CTO Confirms LTE Coming to 25-30 Cities in 2010

From DailyTech: Mobile World Congress 2010 is going on in Spain right now and so far, there have been significant announcements and unveilings of new products at the show. LTE and other 4G services and devices are big topics at the show this year.

Google changes Buzz privacy settings again

From CNET Having launched its new Buzz service last week, melding some mimicry of Twitter and Facebook, Google seemed to take a page straight from the latter's Beacon of customer service by creating start-up settings that were anything other than comfortable, anything other than private.

Microsoft Employee: Windows 8 Will Change the Way People Think about PCs

From X-bit Labs: An anonymous employee of Microsoft Corp. said in a blog post the next version of Windows operating system, which is presently known as Windows 8, would change the way people think about personal computers. He did not reveal any actual details or reasons why, as he called it, would be so revolutionary.


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