Facebook launches mobile site free of data charges

From CNET News.com: Facebook's new mobile site, dubbed 0.facebook.com, is promising quick and data-charge-free access, though it's only accessible through certain mobile carriers.

AT&T iPhone Users to Finally Get 3G Tethering with 4.0 OS Update

From DailyTech: Well, it only took a year. A little over a year ago, Apple announced iPhone OS 3.0 and along with it came support for 3G internet tethering. The only problem was that while many wireless carriers around the world offered the tethering option to iPhone users, AT&T bowed out due to the strain that the popular smartphone was putting on its 3G network.

Intel Confirms 25nm NAND Flash in Mass Production, Heralds New SSD Generation

From DailyTech: Intel Corporation has confirmed that its Intel-Micron Flash Technologies (IMFT) co-venture has begun mass production of their breakthrough 25nm NAND flash memory. Intel has already started shipping the new chips in volume to its customers.

IMFT first showed off its 25nm chip samples to DailyTech and a select few in January, and an official announcement was made in February.

Nvidia Delays Launch of Multi-Display Stereo-3D Solution

From X-bit Labs: Nvidia Corp. has announced that it would delay the release of its 3D Vision Surround technology, a feature that allows to play video games on three displays with stereo-3D effect. The move will hardly affect the company financially since the designer of graphics processors has already postponed the commercial launch of 3D Vision Surround by months.

AMD’s Core-Logic Sets in Tight Supply – Report

From X-bit Labs: The market of computer chips seems to be improving even quicker than originally anticipated by the leading market players. In the recent months shortages of Intel Corp.’s latest mobile processors occurred and according to a report published on Tuesday, Advanced Micro Devices also cannot ship enough chipsets.

Seagate confirms 3TB drive to ship this year

From InfoWorld: Seagate confirmed on Monday that it does plan to ship a 3TB, 3.5-in Constellation ES hard disk drive this year, but cautioned that it will only be useable with PC and server makers who have upgraded their products to handle drives with capacities of more than 2.1TB.

The 3TB drive is the next generation of Seagate's Barracuda XT, which currently comes in capacities of up to 2TB and has a 6Gbps throughput and serial-attached SCSI (SAS) interface

Amazon Says Kindle App for Android Coming This Summer

From PC World: Amazon has simplified the e-book reading experience by launching apps on nearly every mobile device, and now it has bridged the final gap with Kindle for Android, due later this summer. Pair this news with rumors of an enhanced Kindle 3 and it is evident Amazon intends on giving Apple's iBooks -- and everybody else -- a healthy challenge and perhaps provide a beat down of epic proportions.

As expected, The Pirate Bay returns

From CNET News.com: The Pirate Bay, the highly controversial BitTorrent search engine, re-emerged Tuesday in typically defiant fashion after Hollywood film studios helped trigger a day-long blackout of the site.

Microsoft's new Hotmail takes aim at Google

From CNET News.com: Like all parents, Microsoft likes to tout the accomplishments of its offspring. Any conversation about Hotmail is likely to start with the fact that, at least globally, the free Web mail service has more active accounts than any of its rivals.

Magazines Struggle on iPad; GQ Sells Only 365 Copies

From DailyTech: When Apple demoed the iPad to its corporate contacts in the publishing world, they were thrilled. Unlike e-book readers before it, the iPad had a large LCD screen, capable of displaying a book or magazine in glorious color.


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