Google Goes to War This Summer Against Amazon in E-Book Arena

From DailyTech: Google began scanning books and newspapers into its digital archive, Google Books, in 2004. While the public loved having instant access to classics, out of print titles, and more, publishers weren't so thrilled. In 2005, the Authors Guild of America and Association of American Publishers brought suit against Google for "massive copyright infringement".

AMD Optimizes Software Development Tools for Fusion Processors

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices this week announced the availability of the ATI Stream software development kit (SDK) v2.1, the latest update of its ATI Stream SDK supporting OpenCL industry standard-based programming on AMD x86 central processing units (CPUs) and ATI graphics processing units (GPUs). The new SDK is designed to deliver maximum performance on the forthcoming accelerated processing units (APUs) that feature both CPU and GPU cores.

Articles Roundup: May 4, 2010

OCZ Technology Solid 2 SSD @
AMD Phenom II X6 1090T @
Kingston SSDNow V Series @

Hard Drives Will Still Be Viable for Enterprise Markets for Years to Come

From X-bit Labs: Despite trying economic times, an unprecedented decline in hard disk drive (HDD) terabyte shipments for enterprise applications in 2009 and the emergence of relatively affordable solid-state drives (SSDs) on the market, HDD vendors forged ahead by introducing new HDD products that address both current and future enterprise storage market requirements. As a result, International Data Corporation believes that enterprise HDDs will prosper for years to come.

Report: Apple to dodge anti-trust bullet

Nintendo Profits Nosedive After 6 Years of Gains

From PC World: You can't really blame Nintendo for losing a little steam of late. After all, the company's cruised along in bulletproof plated consumer-appeal for half a decade, with Microsoft and Sony playing catch-up in their wake.

What's next for Hotmail

From CNET CEO Steve Ballmer last week previewed the new version of Messenger. Microsoft isn't quite ready to detail everything its planning for the next Hotmail, but general manager Brian Hall offered a pretty good indication of where the company is placing its bets.

Venture capital, done the Google way

From CNET After a little over a year in the venture capital business, Google now has 10 start-ups under its wing and plans further growth in 2010.

Windows 7 Passes Vista in 7 Months, Becomes World's Second Most-Used OS

From DailyTech: Windows 7 is perhaps Microsoft's best operating system out the gate. Its relative lack of traditional compatibility issues and slick features come thanks to a disciplined program of public beta testing and stricter hardware partner requirements. Amazingly few people have much bad to say about Windows 7. Even rival Apple has been forced to turn down the rhetoric andembrace Windows 7 on Boot Camp.

Corsair Adds 32GB, 256GB Nova SSDs

From DailyTech: In late February, Corsair launched two new SSD product lines aimed at the mainstream market. The Reactor Series features a "reboot" of JMicron's SSD controller while the Nova Series features the much-lauded Indilinx Barefoot controller.

When it launched, the Nova Series SSD were available in capacities of 64GB and 128GB with read/write speeds of 270MB/sec, 130MB/sec and 270MB/sec and 190MB/sec respectively.


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