Verizon Leak: 1.3 GHz Droid Pro, Android 3.0 Tablet, and LTE All Incoming

From DailyTech: Boy Genius Report has reportedly been gifted with a treasure trove of roadmap leaks from a trusted source at Verizon. The leaks read like a mobile user's wish list.

Hynix Begins Mass Production of 20nm Class NAND Flash Memory

From X-bit Labs: Hynix Semiconductor on Monday announced that it has begun mass producing 64Gb NAND flash using 20nm-class technology at its 300mm facility called M11 in Cheo ngju site. The company developed this technology last February.

Microsoft probes new Windows kernel bug

From InfoWorld: Microsoft said it is investigating an unpatched vulnerability in Windows after an Israeli researcher revealed a bug in the operating system's kernel driver.

According to Gil Dabah, a researcher from Tel Aviv who goes by the nickname "arkon," the Windows' kernel harbors a heap overflow vulnerability. Dabah also posted a short proof-of-concept to demonstrate the bug on, a site he and two others run.

Verizon to Definitely, Maybe Get iPhone in January

From PC World: The iPhone might be coming to Verizon in January? Can it be true? The rumor that never dies has popped up again thanks to some vaguely worded language in a filing to the SEC, and yet another rumor that Apple is producing Verizon-compatible chipsets for the iPhone. It's hard to know for sure what to believe when it comes to the future of Apple's smartphone, but there's nothing like a little iPhone rumor-mongering to kick off the week so let's dive in.

Best Buy Display Confirms Droid 2 Pricing

From DailyTech: Engadget posted pictures of the Best Buy display of the upcoming Motorola Droid 2 from Verizon, confirming the rumored price tag. Interested buyers will be able to pick up the follow-up to the popular Droid for $199.99 with a qualifying two-year contract, or $599 outright.

Woman Named in HP Scandal Had 'Intimate' Past

From DailyTech: The bizarre departure of HP CEO Mark Hurd made headlines late Friday. According to HP, accusations of sexual harassment were brought against Hurd which in turn uncovered discrepancies with Hurd's expense reports. This breach of HP's “standards of business conduct” resulted in Hurd's departure from the company.

Microsoft shows off prototype mobile phone

From CNET Microsoft apparently has no intention of letting its failure with Kin keep it out of the smartphone market.

The tech giant is working on a touch-screen phone under the codename "Menlo," according to a Microsoft Research paper titled "User Experiences with Activity-Based Navigation on Mobile Devices," (PDF) about Menlo. From that paper:

Sling working to restore streaming access

From CNET Sling Media is scrambling to address service issues that have left many of the company's users unable to access their Slingbox video streamers during the past several days.

Hewlett-Packard's Chief Executive Resigns Over Scandal

From X-bit Labs: Hewlett-Packard on Friday said that the chairman, chief executive officer and president Mark Hurd has decided with the board of directors to resign his positions effective immediately. The decision was made following an investigation by outside legal counsel of the facts and circumstances surrounding a claim of sexual harassment against Mr. Hurd and HP by a former contractor to HP.

First Details About Intel MIC Accelerators Emerge

From X-bit Labs: Intel Corp. has disclosed specifications of its test vehicle for MIC (many Intel cores) accelerators aimed at servers. The first one - code-named Knights Ferry - seems to resemble infamous Larrabee graphics processing unit.


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