Articles Roundup: July 26, 2010

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Mozilla to transform Firefox interface with new tab design

From InfoWorld: Future versions of Firefox are set to adopt a new tab design that will transform the browser's interface, a senior Mozilla developer has announced.

Called 'Tab Candy', the new idea is to place tabs inside the browser window, grouping them according to particular associations. The effect is rather like viewing thumbnails, which allows users to keep track of much larger thematic groups using a convenient visual cue.

EU Hits IBM With Two Formal Antitrust Investigations

From PC World: The European Commission announced on Monday that it will begin formal investigations into allegations that IBM has abused its dominant market position in mainframe computers.

The Commission, Europe's main antitrust authority, said that it would look into two separate cases of alleged infringement of the E.U.'s antitrust rules. Both cases are related to IBM's conduct in the mainframe computer market.

UAE Claims BlackBerry Poses Security Risk

From DailyTech: The Research In Motion BlackBerry line of smartphones reportedly now poses a security risk due to misuse, and now could pose a national security risk, government regulators in the United Arab Emirates said over the weekend.

In a pubic statement released by the UAE government, the BlackBerry reportedly operated "beyond the jurisdiction of national legislation."

Windows 7: Over 175 Million Licenses Served

From Tom's Hardware: Along with the reveal of big revenues, Microsoft also announced that Windows 7 is selling quite well. Yes, the great sales of Windows 7 helps drive the revenue, so it should be no surprise that Microsoft have moved 175 million copies of the OS.

Parts Suppliers Can't Keep Up With iPad Demand

From DailyTech: LG Display's Chief Executive Kwon Young-soo announced Thursday that the company could not meet all of the order's for Apple's iPad display due to the increasing demand for these devices.

Apple attacks Droid X antenna

From CNET This is turning into one of those charming cage matches in which wrestlers desperately try to maim each other with chains and chairs and blows to very private regions.

In a new video, posted to both its own Web site and to YouTube, Apple attempts to show that the dazzling new Motorola Droid X, which many seem to rather appreciate, also has something of an issue when it comes to being held in the Death Grip.

HP: WebOS phones only, no Win Phone 7

From CNET Hewlett-Packard confirmed Friday that it will not build phones with Microsoft's latest mobile software.

HP Senior Executive Todd Bradley told CNBC that the company will use WebOS, the mobile operating system acquired when it purchased Palm, on smartphones. HP will not be selling any Windows Phone 7-based devices, Bradley said.

The New Pact with ARM Will Open Up New Markets for Microsoft

The iPhone 4 antenna issue is

Blown out of proportion.
11% (22 votes)
Let's put it this way: I WAS going to buy one...
34% (70 votes)
Definitely Apple's mistake and needs to be fixed.
56% (116 votes)
Total votes: 208


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