APH Networks Reports: Cooler Master Silent Pro M 1000W

Bing Falls for the First Time Since Launch

From Tom's Hardware: New numbers from StatCounter show that rather than continuing its trend of acquiring more market share at the expense of competitors Google and Yahoo!, Bing fell by 1.1 percent (bringing the decision making engine down from 9.64 percent to 8.51 percent) while Google rose two full percentage points, moving to 80.08 percent, up from the 77.83 percent it had in August. Yahoo! also declined, moving to 9.40 percent from 10.50 percent.

Nvidia Rumoured to Delay Launch of Next-Generation GeForce Fermi to 2010

From X-bit Labs: Despite of the fact that Nvidia Corp. unveiled some details about its next-generation GeForce architecture named Fermi at its GPU Technology Conference this week, introduction of actual products based on the code-named G300/GT300/NV60 graphics processing units (GPUs) are only expected to hit the market in Q1 2010, which is at least three months from now.

IBM aims at Google, Microsoft with new low-cost enterprise Webmail

From InfoWorld: IBM has launched LotusLive iNotes, an on-demand e-mail, calendaring, and contact management system meant to compete with the likes of Gmail and Microsoft Exchange, the company said Friday.

Pricing starts at $3 per user per month, undercutting Google Apps Premier Edition, which costs $50 per user per year.

PSP Go Arrives, Sony Launches 100 Games

From PC World: Sony's disc-free $250 PSP Go games handheld rolls out to retail today, and as expected, the company's nearly doubled the amount of PlayStation Store games content. Sony's digital shelves now include Polyphony Digital's fresh PSP-exclusive Gran Turismo racer, dozens of newly downloadable PSP games, and a smattering of the company's debut PSP 'Minis'--bite-sized titles priced in the $5 to $10 range.

Is the iPhone hurting AT&T's brand?

From CNET News.com: The Apple iPhone has boosted AT&T's subscriber numbers, but network problems and a bevy of complaints from frustrated customers are likely hurting the company's reputation.

Articles Roundup: October 1, 2009

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More Intel Dual-Core CULV CPUs Coming

From Tom's Hardware: Progress is inevitable, especially in the world of silicon. According to Digitimes, Intel will be replacing most of its processor line that's meant for ultra-thin and light laptops.

Later in this quarter, Intel will be moving most of the CULV chips to dual-core offerings. The top-end Core 2 Duo SU9000 will be kept, but chips below it, the Core 2 Solo SU3000 and the Pentium SU2000, will become Core 2 Duo offerings.

Globalfoundries on Track for 50% Natural Yield by Year End with 32nm Process Technology

From X-bit Labs: Globalfoundries, a joint-venture between Advanced Micro Devices and Advanced Technology Investment Company, said that it would provide additional details about its progress with 28nm and 32nm fabrication technologies at the forthcoming the Global Semiconductor Alliance Emerging Opportunities Expo and Conference (GSA Expo). Besides, the company revealed that it was on track for 50% natural yield by the end of the year with 32nm process tech.

Nvidia Gives a Glimpse on Next-Generation “Fermi” Graphics Processors

From X-bit Labs: Nvidia Corp. on Wednesday officially disclosed the first details about its next-generation graphics processor, which was previously known as G300, GT300 or NV60 code-names. Apparently, the new family of chips is called Fermi and it is architected to provide rather massive computing power in general-purpose applications. Unfortunately, the company did not say when its next-generation graphics chips hit the market.


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