Arctic Cooling ARCTIC NB201 Review

It is hard to believe it has been over two years since we last took a look into this category of products for reviews (It really shows how diverse we are here at APH Networks, haha). Now that the wait has finally come to an end, we can dive right back into another laptop bag review. Lately, Arctic Cooling has become somewhat (in)famous for their various products that do not pertain to their usual internal component cooling products, such as audio equipment, mobile chargers, home entertainment consoles, and the such. For example, the ARCTIC GYM is similar to something that would occur if someone meshed a yoga game and DDR together (No, it's not double data rate -- I'm talking about Dance Dance Revolution, but it does sound like an interesting product for gamers who lack the ability to exercise without gaming at the same time). Other interesting products include their game console, which looks remarkably similar to the Nintendo Wii, along with the company's Game Boy Advanced lookalike. Unwilling to be left out of the program, we decided to look at yet another Arctic Cooling's non-cooling product -- the NB series of notebook bags; specifically the ARCTIC NB201 -- which is designed for 12 inch notebooks or smaller. If you have a larger laptop, the NB501 and NB701 are also available for 15" and 17" notebooks, respectively. Without further delay, let's take a look at this laptop bag, and see if their latest creation is as good as they project them to be.

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Trend Micro calls foul over Microsoft offering free AV via Windows Update

From InfoWorld: Microsoft this week began offering U.S. customers its free antivirus program via Windows' built-in update service, a move one major security firm said may be anticompetitive.

Last Monday, Microsoft started adding Security Essentials to the optional download list seen by U.S. users running Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 when they fired up the operating system's update service. The move followed an Oct. 19 kickoff of a similar program in the U.K.

Mozilla's New Firefox Beta for Android Improves Speed, Size

From PC World: Mozilla has released an faster, smaller beta version of its Firefox 4 browser for Android-based smartphones with an improved user interface, according to a Thursday blog post.

The new beta version requires only 17 MB of storage space instead of about 43 MB, but Mozilla still sees room for further improvement, though. Users of the previous beta version will need to uninstall it and then install the new one in order to reclaim the storage space.

Dell hybrid tablet Duo coming soon

From CNET Dell's hybrid Netbook-tablet is "coming soon," according to a Dell promotional video. Will this give prospective iPad buyers pause?

The Inspiron Duo, which debuted at Intel's developer conference in September, converts in a novel way between a Windows 7 Netbook and Windows 7 tablet. To convert to a Netbook, for example, the user opens the tablet, flips the screen, which then converts it to a traditional keyboard-equipped, clamshell Netbook design.

Dell Employees to Ditch Blackberries for Dell Smartphones

From DailyTech: Dell is taking dead aim at Research In Motion by making employees ditch the Blackberry maker's products in exchange for its own line of smartphones, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Initially, Dell's 25,000 employees will be offered the Windows Phone 7-powered Dell Venue Pro in exchange for their Blackberries. The company plans to support Android-based devices in the future, as well.

Apple Won't Give Mac Users Free Virus Protection, So Sophos Decides To

From DailyTech: Sophos is offering Mac users a great deal. As Apple has thus far refused to protect its users with free antivirus software, Sophos is stepping up to the plate, launching Sophos Anti-Virus Home Edition for Macs which will protect Mac users against "today’s and tomorrow’s Mac threats".

Intel to Start Revenue Shipments of Oak Trail Platform for Tablets in Q1 2011

From X-bit Labs: Intel Corp. on Thursday reaffirmed plans to start commercial shipments of its code-named Oak Trail platforms aimed at tablets and ultra-thin netbooks in the first quarter of next year. While the chip will not support PCI Express bus, it will support Microsoft Windows operating system as well as other software platforms.

Intel's Chief River Will Begin Support for USB 3.0

From Tom's Hardware: DigiTimes with its ears to the Taiwanese computer industry have once again found plans of what Intel has in store next year. According to the report, Intel will be following up on Huron River, the Sandy Bridge platform for notebooks expected for early 2011, with a platform codenamed Chief River.

Report: Apple Working on Fix for MacBook Air Screens

From PC World: Some of Apple's new 11- and 13-inch MacBook Air notebooks have been suffering from screen problems, including horizontal and vertical lines appearing across the screen, color changes, and blank and gray screen crashes. Others have reported odd kernel problems (essentially the Blue Screen of Death). So far the only Band-Aid for the screen defects is a CPU reboot.

AT&T launches health care business

From CNET AT&T is making a new foray into the health care market with a business geared toward improving patient care and trimming medical costs.


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