Articles Roundup: Teh Mid-week Edition

Tuniq Potency 550W PSU Review @
AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition review @ Elite Bastards

Microsoft Zune HD Launch Date, Pricing Revealed

From X-bit Labs: Microsoft Corp.’s Zune HD portable digital media player is among the gadgets to get this fall. The device promises to feature not only rich multimedia capabilities and advanced music services, but also support for high-definition video, audio and games. It appears, that the device is only a little more than a month away.

MicroStar International to Boost Multi-GPU Efficiency with Lucid’s Hydra

From X-bit Labs: MicroStar International, one of the world’s largest makers of mainboards, plans to boost efficiency of multi-GPU operation on its next-generation motherboard powered by Intel P55 chipset. MSI’s code-named Big Bang mainboard features Hydra chip from Lucid Logix that enables nearly linear scaling of multi-GPU arrays’ performance.

Apple patches 6 Safari security vulnerabilities

From InfoWorld: A month after it last patched Safari, Apple today plugged six security holes, four of them critical, in its Mac and Windows Web browser.

Safari 4.0.3 fixes six flaws in the Windows XP and Vista edition, but only four in the Mac OS X edition. Three of the half-dozen bugs were in WebKit, the open-source browser engine that powers Safari, as well as Google's Chrome.

Apple impresses as smartphone sales grow

From InfoWorld: The iPhone continued to shine as the sales of smartphones to end users grew by 27 percent during the second quarter compared to the same period last year, according to Gartner.

A total of about 41 million smartphones were sold. The increase in sales can be explained by the combination of more choice for consumers and lower prices, said Carolina Milanesi, research director at Gartner

Logitech Debuts New IPod Speaker Systems

From PC World: Logitech on Tuesday announced two new iPod-dock speaker systems, the Rechargeable Speaker S315i and the Portable Speaker S125i. Both systems sport a Universal iPod dock and can be powered by batteries or AC power.

Facebook launching Twitter-like 'Lite' site?

From CNET Facebook, it appears, was not about to let Google get this week's award for shadowy new projects. On Tuesday night, a number of users--including Mashable blogger Ben Parr--received notifications that they were beta testers for something called "Facebook Lite."

The notifications, as well as the site hosted on the subdomain, disappeared within minutes. It seems to have been rolled out prematurely by mistake.

Texas Judge Bans Microsoft From Selling Word in the U.S.

From DailyTech: Microsoft's Office 2003 and 2007 wove XML into Word, with the introduction of .docx, otherwise known as Office Open XML, as the format of choice. The new format brought an open standard and better storage to the application. Unfortunately, it also turned into one of the company's biggest legal headaches.

Sony Offers Free Repair for Notebooks with Defective NVIDIA GPUs

From DailyTech: NVIDIA is the second largest GPU maker in the world behind Intel. Intel leads the market because its GPUs are inside the vast majority of notebook and desktop computers with integrated graphics processors.

Valve Does Sign Lanuage for HL2: E3?

From Tom's Hardware: Joystiq is reporting that Valve Software is researching sign language for the next episode (3) of Half-Life 2 by conducting a focus group with deaf individuals. The company is looking to understand the language and how it can be used in games. Valve's first use of the new sign language technology will be implemented into the backstory of Alyx as explained in this YouTube video with Gabe Newell.


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