Arctic Cooling Arctic Sound E352 Review

Quick -- name an earphone manufacturer. While Arctic Cooling probably isn't the first company that comes to mind when it comes to personal audio, the company actually has had a pretty complete line of budget to entry level performance earphones for some time already. Until this point, Arctic Cooling is a well known manufacturer for making excellent computer cooling solutions for very reasonable prices. Products including the Arctic Cooling Freezer64 Pro CPU cooler, Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 graphics card cooler, and Arctic Cooling MX-2 thermal paste, reviewed by us between 2006 to 2007, were all very well regarded among PC enthusiasts, and coincidentally all received the 'APH Recommended' award as well. When I heard that Arctic Cooling began marketing their Arctic Sound line of earphones, I was both surprised and intrigued. For one thing, it is not common for a company specializing in computer cooling solutions to start selling personal audio products in a completely unrelated market. And not only that -- they claim to deliver earphones with high sound quality in every respect. The company's current flagship in their audio lineup is the Arctic Sound E352 in ear monitors, which Arctic Cooling advertise to be precisely engineered by Swiss and German audio experts. Combined with a wooden chassis for enhanced natural response, and continual emphasis on its excellent sound characteristics, how well does the E352 step against well established players in the realm? Would it appeal to true audiophiles and establish Arctic Cooling's reputation in the earphone market? We've got you covered with our full range of tests on the Arctic Sound E352 here at APH Networks!

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AMD and Rambus Renew Patent License Agreement

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices, the world’s second largest supplier of central processing units and leading vendor of graphics processors, and Rambus, on Wednesday said that the two companies had renewed patent licensing agreement and that AMD and its ATI unit will continue to pay Rambus for its DRAM patents.

Asustek primes Eee Pad to rival Apple's iPad

From InfoWorld: Netbook pioneer Asustek Computer will debut its first tablet computing device at Computex Taipei this June, making it one of several Taiwanese companies planning to reveal their iPad-killers at the trade show.

Netflix has quick fix for possible mail troubles

From CNET The postman, an often overlooked low-tech part of Netflix's Web movie-rental business, may walk off the job--at least on Saturdays.

The U.S. Postal Service, founded in 1775, wants to drop Saturday mail delivery as part of a plan to cut costs, according to reports in The Washington Post and elsewhere. Some observers fear that Netflix customers could revolt if the weekend becomes a dead zone for disc delivery.

What's Google planning for Chrome 5?

From CNET After a year and a half, Chrome has come a long way toward matching the features of better-established browsers. Now, with version 5 coming together, a lot of Google's work focuses on advancing the state of the browser art.

IPhone HD Likely to Air June 22; Hardware, Multitasking Detailed in Reports

From DailyTech: The fourth generation, iPhone, dubbed the iPhone HD will likely land on Tuesday June 22, based on the company's reservations at the conference center where it has announced iPhones for the past three years. The updated phone is expected to bring multitasking at last to Apple's customers. A CDMA version of the iPhone also is reportedly in the works and may be announced as well, though it is not expected to launch in the U.S. until early next year.

Google Changes Name to Topeka in Elaborate April Fools' Ruse

From DailyTech: Across the country cities are competing to become the first to receive Google's trial deployment of 1 Gbps fiber optics, which is part of Google's initiative to bring high speed internet to the entire world. Many cities are so desperate to score the bid that they've resorted to elaborate stunts, like Topeka, Kansas, whose mayor Bill Bunten signed a proclamation to rename his city to "Google, Kansas — the capital city of fiber optics" for the month of March.

Toyota recalls keyboards due to 'unintended keystroke phenomenon' - NITSA

// 2010 April Fools News Piece

ATI Reportedly Preps “Southern Islands” Family of Graphics Chips

From X-bit Labs: Due to the fact that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company will unlikely be ready with its 28nm fabrication process technology by the end of the year, both ATI, graphics business unit of Advanced Micro Devices, and Nvidia Corp. will have to reconsider their plans of launching new chips. In case of ATI this may lead to introduction of a chip that has architectural elements of both current and next-gen graphics families.

Western Digital Begins Shipments of 750GB, 1TB HDDs for Mobile Computer

From X-bit Labs: Western Digital, a leading maker of hard disk drives (HDDs), said on Tuesday that it had initiated shipments of hard drives for mobile computers with 750GB and 1TB capacities. The new HDDs utilize 375GB platters and feature larger 4KB sectors.


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