Vast Majority of Mobile Devices to Sport Multi-Core Processors in Three Years

From X-bit Labs: Although multi-core processors are common today in notebook PCs, they are only beginning to become common place in other mobile devices. Still, in about three years time the vast majority of mobile devices, such as netbooks, mobile Internet devices (MIDs) and smartphones will sport microprocessors with more than two cores.

OCZ Technology Starts to Ship Phase Change Cooler

From X-bit Labs: OCZ Technology Group, a leading supplier of advanced computer components, this week began to ship its Cryo-Z phase change cooling solution. The cooling system allows overclockers to reach sub-zero temperatures in order to help overclockers to increase clock-speeds of their central processing units to maximum possible speed.

Google upgrades Web toolkit for browser apps

From InfoWorld: Google on Tuesday evening released Google Web Toolkit (GWT) 2.0 for building browser-based applications, offering enhancements for performance profiling and incremental downloading as well as a declarative UI framework.

Version 2.0 of the open source development toolkit is built to accommodate recent improvements in browser speed and capabilities for larger, richer Web applications, Google said. The toolkit is available for download.

DOJ Lets Microsoft Resume Collecting Protocol Royalties

From PC World: Microsoft may begin collecting royalties again for licensing some protocols because clear technical documentation is now available, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) said on Tuesday.

The change comes after the DOJ issued its latest joint status report regarding its 2002 antitrust settlement with Microsoft.

Mozilla lets Thunderbird 3 fly

First Mobile Firefox enters home stretch

From CNET Mozilla is wrapping up work on its first version of Firefox for mobile phones, an important step in bringing the second most popular PC browser to an area where a rival project holds more influence.

"Our goal is to have a release candidate next week," said Jay Sullivan, Mozilla's vice president of mobile. "If things go smoothly, we'll have a (final) version out in the next few weeks," with the debut planned for this year, he added.

Seagate Preparing 640GB & 7mm Thin Laptop Hard Disk Drives for CES

From DailyTech: Seagate is the largest hard disk drive manufacturer in the world. They have started to enter the SSD market, but most of their sales are still focused on the desktop and enterprise markets.

The company is growing market share in the mobile sector, thanks in part to their 7200 RPM offerings. However, most notebooks and netbooks still come with slower 5400 RPM HDDs in order to appease price-sensitive consumers.

RIM Solidifies Ties to Chinese Consumer Market

From DailyTech: Research In Motion (RIM) has solidified efforts to gain a foothold in mainland China, recently agreeing to a deal with a Hong Kong IT company, as it attempts to crack into a market that has more than 600 million potential customers.

The company has teamed up with Digital China Holdings to distribute the phone, and also announced it will work with Lenovo to help promote BlackBerry smartphones.

LG Electronics to Acquire OLED Business from Kodak

From X-bit Labs: Kodak, one of the pioneers of OLED technology, on Monday said that it would sell substantially all the assets associated with its OLED business to a group of LG Electronics companies, a company that only relatively recently started to see value in the new type of displays. Kodak admits that the reason to sell off its OLED business was inability to make appropriate investments into R&D and manufacturing.

Nvidia Shows Off GeForce “Fermi” GF100 Graphics Cards in SLI Mode

From X-bit Labs: Amid the lack of any official and revealing information about its next-generation flagship GeForce “Fermi” GF100 graphics card for desktops, Nvidia Corp. continues to publish static pictures of the novelty in order to attract attention to its future product.


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