Pending EU Law Could Force Apple to Allow Flash, Rivals to Sync With iTunes

From DailyTech: he European Union's European Commission, under the guidance of commissioner Neelie Kroes, has had no qualms with slamming U.S firms with massive antitrust fines. Now it's preparing a massive new initiative which just may have a major effect on some U.S. firms.

Articles Roundup: Canada Day Edition, Eh!

Crucial RealSSD C300 256GB SATA 6Gbps SSD @
Thermaltake Armor A90 ATX Gaming Case @ Tweaknews

Amazon Acquires Woot, Deals Keep Flowing

From DailyTech: Amazon acquired the snarky deal-of-the-day website Woot yesterday, The Dallas News reports, for a price tag of $110 million in cold, hard cash. And according to an e-mail sent out to all Woot employees by CEO Matt Rutledge, some free downloads were thrown in for good measure:

Microsoft Kills KIN After Just Two Months on the Market

From DailyTech: We can't say that we didn't see this one coming. When Microsoft announced the the KIN One and KIN Two smartphones in April, we were concerned that the customers targeted by Microsoft -- those ranging from tweens to college-aged adults -- just weren't gonna fall for these socially-geared phones.

Android 3.0 Gingerbread Launches Q4, Will Kill Off OEM UI Skins

From DailyTech: Android 2.2 seemed pretty cool, bringing Flash 10.1, a Davlik JIT compiler for faster apps, and the ability to run apps off a memory card. But Google's recently unveiled Android 3.0 operating system, codenamed "Gingerbread" may make Android 2.2 "Froyo" look downright pedestrian.

Crucial Launches 64GB RealSSD C300 at $149.99

From Tom's Hardware: Crucial is rolling out an SSD that it hopes will be able to capture those on the cusp of buying an SSD, but waiting for a lower price. The speedy RealSSD C300, which boasts a sequential 355MB/s read speed, will now have a 64GB baby brother for $149.99.

Samsung Introduces 32GB Memory Module with 40nm DRAMs

From X-bit Labs: Samsung Electronics this week said that it had developed the industry's first 32GB load-reduced, dual-inline memory module (LRDIMM), for server applications. The new memory module is aimed at servers designed for virtualization, cloud computing and other high-capacity applications.

Apple, AT&T sued over iPhone 4 antenna problems

From InfoWorld: Just six days after the iPhone 4's launch, a pair of Maryland residents sued Apple and AT&T, alleging that the smartphone's defective antenna design drops calls and can't hold a strong signal.

Microsoft IE Gains Browser Market Share (This Is Not a Typo)

From PC World: nternet Explorer has been in a freefall compared to its hotter rivals Firefox and Google's Chrome lately, but Microsoft's browser has finally reversed a small portion of its worldwide market share losses.

Just a year ago, IE share stood at 66.97%, but has since dropped every single month, hitting a low of 59.75% in May 2010. Firefox shot up from 22.98% to 24.32%, and Chrome from 2.84% to 7.04% during the same time period.

Amazon updates Kindle DX, drops price

From CNET With the arrival of the iPad in April, many tech pundits wrote off Amazon's similarly sized--and similarly priced--Kindle DX as a non-viable product. But almost three months after Apple launched its tablet, Amazon is making efforts to resuscitate the DX with a price cut to $379, a new graphite finish, and screen that offers higher contrast and darker fonts. It's available for preorder now and ships July 7.


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