H.264 Internet Video Will be Royalty-Free Forever

From DailyTech: The MPEG LA organization, owners of the h.26x video codecs have announced that licensing of the h.264 video codec will remain permanently royalty free for those who provide free internet video to end users. Previously the moratorium on licensing fees was set to expire in 2015, at which point the plan was to begin charging sites like YouTube fees.

Latest ATI Catalyst Drivers Reveal Code-Names of Future ATI Radeon Chips

From X-bit Labs: The latest ATI Catalyst drivers released on Wednesday apparently contain a list of future graphics processing units' code-names. Unfortunately, the list brings more questions than reveals any particular answers.

AMD's Next-Gen Server Platforms to Feature TurboCore Technology

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices plans to add dynamic overclocking technology to its server processors code-named Interlagos that are based on the Bulldozer micro-architecture next year. This will be the first time when an AMD server chip will get ability to dynamically boost itself. However, the server TurboCore technology will naturally have some specifics and will most likely receive a new name.

Articles Roundup: August 26, 2010

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Windows DLL exploits boom

From InfoWorld: Some of the world's most popular Windows programs are vulnerable to a major bug in how they load critical code libraries, according to sites tracking attack code.

Among the Windows applications that can be exploited using a systemic bug that many have dubbed "DLL load hijacking," are the Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera browsers; Microsoft's Word 2007; Adobe's Photoshop; Skype; and the uTorrent BitTorrent client.

Internet Explorer 9 Beta's Dramatic New Look Revealed

From DailyTech: With its browser market share at a decade-low, Microsoft has a tall task awaiting it with the release of Internet Explorer 9. The good news is that Microsoft appears to be rising to the occasion. It's currently four developer previews in, and our early testing indicates that it's in a dead heat speedwise with Mozilla's Firefox 4 betas (thanks to its new Javascript engine "Chakra").

Amazon Ships New Kindles Two Days Early

From DailyTech: Amazon.com announced that the new-generation Kindles are both the fastest-selling and best-selling devices on the website, selling more in the first four weeks of availability than any other previous Kindle launch.

Google Overtakes Microsoft in Japan Brand Ranking

From PC World: Google has overtaken Microsoft to secure the top spot in a major Japanese survey of corporate brand perception.

The company has been growing in Japan and easily attracts more traffic each month than competing Microsoft Web sites, but Microsoft's long history in Japan and deep ties with Japanese IT vendors had given it an advantage until this year.

AMD Lets Bobcat Out: Details Low-Power Micro-Architecture

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices has disclosed details about its Bobcat micro-architecture that will power the company's next-generation central processing units (CPUs) for netbooks and other innovative form-factors that require very low power chips. The Bobcat seems to be by far more progressive than Intel Atom, but it will consume more power and will still lack some modern features.

OCZ Technology Set to Can Inexpensive Memory Module Lines

From X-bit Labs: Back in the days the manufacturers of premium memory modules said that the best way to make a PC run faster is to add more memory. Nowadays the situation is changing and many companies claim that the easiest way to speed-up a PC is to install a solid-state drive (SSD).


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