Sony Delays PS3 Motion Controller

From DailyTech: When the Nintendo Wii burst onto the market, it made headlines not for being the most powerful or graphically gifted console, but for its innovative controls. The Wii turned gaming from a sedentary activity into one that got gamers up from the couch and moving around.

Amazon ups author royalty for Kindle, matching Apple

From CNET In what may be a preemptive strike against the strong possibility that Apple will reveal a slate-style device on January 27, Amazon has said it will up the royalty for authors and publishers who use the Kindle Digital Text Platform (DTP) to 70 percent of the list price of their e-books. That's a big jump from its current 35 percent royalty rate and not coincidentally, the same number Apple doles out to developers who sell their apps in Apple's App Store.

Microsoft to release patch for IE hole on Thursday

From CNET Microsoft said on Wednesday that it will release on Thursday a patch to fix the latest hole in Internet Explorer that was used in the China-based attack on Google and for which an exploit has been released on the Internet since last week.

The company plans to release the patch as close to 10 a.m. PST on Thursday as possible and host a public Webcast at 1 p.m. PST, according to the security advisory.

Microsoft Rumoured to Release Its Own Mobile Phone in February

From X-bit Labs: A financial analyst said in a note to customers that based on various sources, Microsoft Corp. may launch its own-brand mobile phone already next month. The rumoured phone is supposed to be similar with Zune HD portable media digital player and is not projected to become a very popular in Microsoft’s range.

AMD Accuses Nvidia of Disabling Multi-Core CPU Support in PhysX API

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices said that Nvidia Corp. had specifically altered its PhysX application programming interface (API) so that it could not take advantage of multi-core central processing units (CPUs) while making physics effects computations. According to AMD, the reason for such modifications was to increase importance of graphics processing units (GPUs) that are used to process physics effects in select games that are powered by PhysX.

Chip makers see stronger DRAM memory prices this year

From InfoWorld: Taiwan's biggest DRAM maker, Nanya Technology, reported its first net profit in nearly three years on Wednesday, as DRAM prices rose and demand remained strong in the fourth quarter of last year.

But the company's fortunes came at a cost to anyone buying a new PC. The price of mainstream DRAM chips posted a strong rebound last year after hitting multi-year lows, rising 266 percent, according to investment bank Credit Suisse.

Bing to Become the iPhone's Default Search Engine?

From PC World: Apple reportedly is in talks with Microsoft to make Bing the default search engine on the iPhone's Safari Web browser, according to Business Week. The idea may sound surprising, but it shows how deep the ongoing battle between Google and Apple (which started after the Google Voice iPhone application was barred entry into the iTunes App Store) has become.

Samsung settles with Rambus for $900 million

From CNET Samsung Electronics and Rambus said Tuesday that they have reached an agreement settling all claims between them and the licensing of Rambus' patent portfolio for all Samsung semiconductor products.

Evidence found of Chinese attack on Google

From CNET An American computer security researcher has found what he says he believes is strong evidence of the digital fingerprints of Chinese authors in the software programs used in attacks against Google.

LCD TV Sales Expected to be Robust in First Half of 2010

From DailyTech: Reuters reports that the LCD TV slump has started to rebound thanks to increase demand for LCD TVs in China and a shortage of glass that kept screen prices high. There are also a number of important sporting events in the first half of 2010 that are expected to drive increased sales of LCD TVs around the globe including the Winter Olympics, the Super Bowl, and the World Cup.


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