Google adds ads to Google News searches

From CNET Google has extended its AdWords program to Google News searches, delivering text ads on the right side of the search results page, just as Google has long done with normal Web search results.

Josh Cohen, a business product manager at Google, announced the move Wednesday in a company blog:

Google Gmail outage compensation: $2.05 per user

From CNET If your business used Gmail and the service went out for two and a half hours, do you think you lost $2.05 per user in productivity?

That's the monetary equivalent of what Google offered to compensate Google Apps Premier Edition customers after Gmail was unavailable for about two and a half hours on Tuesday. And it was being generous: All it had to offer was the equivalent of 41 cents per user.

Windows 7 testers want their voices heard

From CNET Although the enthusiasts that are testing Windows 7 have been generally positive on the product itself, some feel Microsoft has been less than eager to receive constructive criticism.

Asrock Enters the Market of Ultra High-End Mainboards

From X-bit Labs: Asrock, a well-known supplier of cost-efficient mainboards, has quietly unveiled its first Intel X58-based platform designed to support Intel Corp.’s latest Core i7 processors. The new mainboard is not only made for rather expensive central processing units, it supports four slots for graphics cards, allowing to create 3-way or 4-way ATI or Nvidia GPU configurations, which are only used in case of very expensive systems.

Micron Shuts Down DRAM Facility in the USA

From X-bit Labs: Due to deteriorating economic conditions and decreased demand for old-generation DRAM products Micron Technology has announced that it would phase out 200mm wafer manufacturing operations at the company’s Boise Idaho facility. This action will reduce employment at Micron’s Idaho sites by approximately 500 employees in the near term and as many as 2000 positions by the end of the company’s fiscal year.

Adobe to patch Flash vulnerabilities for three platforms

From InfoWorld: Adobe Systems has updated its Flash multimedia software to eliminate five flaws affecting Windows, OS X, and Linux systems.

The update fixes a critical flaw which could cause a PC to be hacked merely by viewing a malicious SWF (Shockwave Flash) file, according to Adobe's advisory.

PlayStation 3 Price Drop Finally in the Offing?

From PC World: Remember that $100 PlayStation 3 price drop you've been hearing about for a year or more? The one that keeps not happening? Well it's about to, according to Mike Hickey with investment firm Janco Partners, with Sony set to announce something "in the next couple days."

Microsoft shares hit 11-year low

From CNET Microsoft's failure to announce more cost cuts sent its shares to an 11-year low on Tuesday.

The company's shares closed at $17.17 on Tuesday after dropping to the 11-year low of $16.36 earlier in the day.

New Study Claims Texting Improves Language Skills in Children

From DailyTech: Dr. Beverley Plester, the lead author of the report and senior lecturer at Coventry University, states, "The alarm in the media is based on selected anecdotes but actually when we look for examples of text speak in essays we don't seem to find very many."

Intel Also Wants to Set "Netbook" Free

From Tom's Hardware: The Courthouse News hosts a copy of the legal filing from Intel (PDF) with a complaint against Psion for its apparent trademarked term of “netbook.” Intel states that the term “netbook” is now adopted by consumers to refer to notebook computers that are “small, inexpensive, and contain less processing power, making them optimal for connecting to the internet (or ‘net’).”


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