Firefox CPU resources issue better but not gone

From CNET The popular Web browser has had a longstanding CPU (Central Processing Unit) utilization issue that--in some cases--overtaxed the CPU, caused noticeable heat issues in small laptops.

Sprint's Epic 4G Specs Confirmed

From DailyTech: When DailyTech reported on leaked specs for a full-Qwerty alternative of the Samsung Galaxy S for Sprint last month, we called the Android-based smartphone the "Galaxy S Pro". Since then, the phone has been officially dubbed the Samsung "Epic 4G", and all the specs that we reported have now been confirmed by a Samsung and Sprint press sheet via sdx-developers.

Here's a quick recap:

HTC to Use Super LCD in Place of AMOLED

From DailyTech: A shortage of devices on the smartphone market like the high-end iPhone 4 smartphone is often caused by a lack of key components. Builders of LCD screens for smartphones like Samsung and LG Display can’t keep up with demand from Apple and other companies like HTC.

HTC is having problems getting enough of its AMOLED displays for use in its smartphones like the HTC Desire and the Nexus One.

JEDEC Publishes Low-Power DDR3 Memory Standard

From X-bit Labs: JEDEC solid state technology association has announced the publication of JEDEC DDR3L, which will enable a significant reduction in power consumption for a broad range of products that utilize memory; including laptops, desktops, servers, networking systems and a wide array of consumer electronics products.

ITC Finds Nvidia Guilty of Patent Infringement, Orders to Obtain Technology License

From X-bit Labs: The International Trade Commission (ITC) issued its notice of final determination in the action brought by Rambus against Nvidia Corp. and other respondents. In its notice, the ITC has affirmed the findings of the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), with certain modifications. The final determination, including such modifications, has yet to be released.

Articles Roundup: July 26, 2010

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Mozilla to transform Firefox interface with new tab design

From InfoWorld: Future versions of Firefox are set to adopt a new tab design that will transform the browser's interface, a senior Mozilla developer has announced.

Called 'Tab Candy', the new idea is to place tabs inside the browser window, grouping them according to particular associations. The effect is rather like viewing thumbnails, which allows users to keep track of much larger thematic groups using a convenient visual cue.

EU Hits IBM With Two Formal Antitrust Investigations

From PC World: The European Commission announced on Monday that it will begin formal investigations into allegations that IBM has abused its dominant market position in mainframe computers.

The Commission, Europe's main antitrust authority, said that it would look into two separate cases of alleged infringement of the E.U.'s antitrust rules. Both cases are related to IBM's conduct in the mainframe computer market.

UAE Claims BlackBerry Poses Security Risk

From DailyTech: The Research In Motion BlackBerry line of smartphones reportedly now poses a security risk due to misuse, and now could pose a national security risk, government regulators in the United Arab Emirates said over the weekend.

In a pubic statement released by the UAE government, the BlackBerry reportedly operated "beyond the jurisdiction of national legislation."

Windows 7: Over 175 Million Licenses Served

From Tom's Hardware: Along with the reveal of big revenues, Microsoft also announced that Windows 7 is selling quite well. Yes, the great sales of Windows 7 helps drive the revenue, so it should be no surprise that Microsoft have moved 175 million copies of the OS.


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