Globalfoundries: No AMD 45nm Microprocessors with HKMG Incoming

From X-bit Labs: Even though over the past few weeks numerous observers have discussed possibilities of Advanced Micro Devices to release its next-gen six-core and twelve-core microprocessors featuring high-k metal gate dielectrics (HKMG) on the 45nm silicon-on-insulator (SOI) process technology in the first quarter of 2010, there are no such chips coming, according to Globalfoundries, the contract maker that builds chips for AMD.

Windows patch cripples XP with blue screen, users claim

From InfoWorld: Tuesday's security updates from Microsoft have crippled Windows XP PCs with the notorious Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), users have reported on the company's support forum.

Complaints began early yesterday, and gained momentum throughout the day.

PC BioShock 2 Lack of GamePad Support Intentional

From PC World: The Windows version of BioShock 2 doesn't support gamepads, and while that's been public knowledge for months, it's apparently causing a stir on the game's official message boards.

After a handful of gamers complained last week about the lack of gamepad support in the PC version and a handful more politely chastised them for doing so, the thread pretty much exploded into a "please bring back gamepad support" appeal, including a petition.

Pixar exec to join Twitter as CFO

From CNET Can a new chief financial officer paint some real revenue for Twitter? The company announced on Wednesday that it has filled that role with an executive from the Disney-owned Pixar Animation Studios. Ali Rowghani, currently CFO and senior vice president of strategic planning at the animation powerhouse, will join Twitter next month.

MySpace CEO is out after less than a year

From CNET MySpace Chief Executive Owen Van Natta is stepping down less than one year after assuming the job, parent company News Corp. announced late on Wednesday.

Van Natta's resignation is effective immediately. He will be replaced by Mike Jones, chief operating officer, and Jason Hirschhorn, chief product officer, who are being promoted to serve as co-presidents, News Corp. said in a statement.

Google Outlines Experiment for Fiber-to-the-home Broadband Network

From DailyTech: Google started out as a search engine that was the new kid on the block fighting against the big firms like Yahoo for a piece of the market. As time went by, Google became the most popular search engine online in many countries including the U.S. and it runs the most successful advertising program online giving it an enormous amount of cash to spend on other projects.

Report: Windows 8 Dubbed "Windows.Next" Internally, to be Revolutionary

From DailyTech: With Windows 7, Microsoft appears to finally have hit the sweet spot in terms of public reception. Now that it has put the painful Vista years behind it and found a formula that works, you would think it would stick to the newly proven formula that's earning it boatloads of cash. And yet Microsoft is hungry for more and willing to take more risks.

AMD Discloses Peculiarities of 32nm Llano Microprocessors

From X-bit Labs: At the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) Advanced Micro Devices has disclosed peculiarities regarding its x86 microprocessors produced using 32nm silicon-on-insulator process technology with high-K metal gate (HKMG) technology. Apparently, AMD’s first Fusion chip code-named Llano will be able to dynamically scale clock-speeds of its x86 cores in order to boost performance or trim power consumption.

Intel to Release Sandy Bridge Processors, New Infrastructure in Q1 2011

From X-bit Labs: Intel Corp. plans to release its next-generation microprocessors based on the code-named Sandy Bridge micro-architecture in Q1 2011, sources familiar with Intel Corp.’s plans told X-bit labs. The initial processors based on the new micro-architecture will not aim at the high-end market, but will still not be compatible with current mainstream infrastructure and will require new sockets and chipsets.

Micron acquires flash memory maker Numonyx for $1.27B

From InfoWorld: Micron Technology has agreed to acquire flash memory maker Numonyx, adding NOR flash chips -- a memory type commonly found in mobile phones and MP3 players -- to its product lineup and expanding its manufacturing capacity

The all-stock offer to acquire Numonyx is worth $1.27 billion, Micron said. Numonyx is jointly owned by Intel, STMicroelectronics, and Francisco Partners, a private equity firm.


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