AMD Launches Highest-Performance Desktop Processor

From X-bit Labs: Advanced Micro Devices, the worlds’ second largest designer of x86 central processing units (CPUs), on Thursday officially revealed its much-discussed AMD Phenom II X4 965 microprocessor. Although the new chip is the highest-performance CPU in AMD’s arsenal, it does not bring dramatic performance improvement over predecessor and hence cannot compete head-to-head with Intel’s top offerings.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard could arrive in two weeks

From InfoWorld: Apple's upcoming operating system, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, could arrive earlier than the expected September launch date. Multiple sources are reporting that Snow Leopard has now been designated "Gold Master" status, which means the OS is ready to ship to users.

Microsoft: Next Mac Office Due Late 2010 With Outlook

From PC World: Microsoft announced Thursday that the next edition of Microsoft Office for Mac will be released in late 2010. The new edition of the venerable office suite will include Outlook for Mac, a new application that will replace the Entourage.

Sony plans to adopt common format for e-books

From CNET For many people, the problem with electronic books is that they come loaded with just those kinds of restrictions. Digital books bought today from, for example, can be read only on Amazon's Kindle device or its iPhone software.

Microsoft confirms Zune HD details

From CNET Microsoft on Thursday confirmed several of the worst kept secrets in the industry, acknowledging the pricing, availability date, and capacities for its upcoming Zune HD.

Corsair Offers World's Fastest 128GB USB Flash Drive

From DailyTech: Corsair is a big name in the enthusiast gaming and computer circle. The company makes some of the most popular RAM for computers along with a full assortment of flash drives and SSDs. Corsair has announced its latest flash drive today called the 128GB Voyager GT.

Articles Roundup: Teh Mid-week Edition

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Microsoft Zune HD Launch Date, Pricing Revealed

From X-bit Labs: Microsoft Corp.’s Zune HD portable digital media player is among the gadgets to get this fall. The device promises to feature not only rich multimedia capabilities and advanced music services, but also support for high-definition video, audio and games. It appears, that the device is only a little more than a month away.

MicroStar International to Boost Multi-GPU Efficiency with Lucid’s Hydra

From X-bit Labs: MicroStar International, one of the world’s largest makers of mainboards, plans to boost efficiency of multi-GPU operation on its next-generation motherboard powered by Intel P55 chipset. MSI’s code-named Big Bang mainboard features Hydra chip from Lucid Logix that enables nearly linear scaling of multi-GPU arrays’ performance.

Apple patches 6 Safari security vulnerabilities

From InfoWorld: A month after it last patched Safari, Apple today plugged six security holes, four of them critical, in its Mac and Windows Web browser.

Safari 4.0.3 fixes six flaws in the Windows XP and Vista edition, but only four in the Mac OS X edition. Three of the half-dozen bugs were in WebKit, the open-source browser engine that powers Safari, as well as Google's Chrome.


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