Report: Microsoft, Yahoo talking again

From InfoWorld: Microsoft and Yahoo have begun talking again and this time the focus is on search and advertising deals and not acquisition, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

The talks come as little surprise because Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has said repeatedly as of late that he thinks a deal with Yahoo makes sense. His stance, however, is a 180-degree turn from November when he declared "acquisition discussions are finished."

Intel Tweaks Atom Netbook Designs for China

From PC World: Intel is expanding its cooperation with small Chinese PC makers as it offers partners netbook designs tweaked for niche customers in China.

The designs are part of a program targeting small PC manufacturers that aims to tap new markets for Intel's Atom microprocessor in netbooks, or ultra-portable notebooks, an Intel spokesman said Tuesday.

Red Hat Connects Its Distributor SYNNEX With ISVs

From PC World: Red Hat is helping nine of its open-source ISV (independent software vendor) partners get broader distribution for their products in North America through a partnership with one of its major distributors, SYNNEX.

Amazon 'adult' book fail: Internal error or Internet troll?

From CNET Amazon got blasted by gay rights groups this weekend after gay and lesbian book titles were delisted from its site. Was it an internal glitch, as Amazon claims, or is an Internet troll with a vendetta responsible?

Amazon spokeswoman Patty Smith told CNET News on Monday that the "glitch" was being fixed, but declined to elaborate.

Microsoft Extends Warranty for Xbox 360 "E74" Failures

From DailyTech: Microsoft has extended its warranty to cover the “E74” error which saw an increase in occurrences being reported since November of last year. Joystiq broke the story after conducting a survey of its readers. The survey results showed a significant increase in customers suffering from the “E74” error since the launch of the “New Xbox Experience” which launched in November 2008.

Game Developer Designs Rendering Engine for PlayStation 4, Xbox 3

From X-bit Labs: Crytek, a leading developer of video games and 3D rendering engines, said that its current work, the CryEngine 3, is aimed at the next-generation video game systems which will replace the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The company believes that by the time the engine as well as games on its base hit the market, the new consoles will already be available.

Windows Mobile users complain about upgrade policy

From InfoWorld: While the answers a Windows Mobile executive provided to questions posted to a Facebook discussion provided very little information, the questions posed by 55 fans hint at what users want in the mobile platform.

iPhone Skype may be tip of the iceberg for carriers

From InfoWorld: Though mobile operators say they want more open phone platforms and are moving toward packet-based 4G networks, they are stuck between a future of being "dumb pipes" like DSL or cable operators and a present in which the bulk of their revenue still comes from the sale of voice minutes.

Apple to Bulk Up iPhone Storage, says Report

From PC World: Apple has ordered large amounts of Flash memory to be used in a new iPhone expected in June, according to reports. What makes this report interesting is that Apple is allegedly ordering twice as much Flash as it did last year, according to reports from DigiTimes. A large request for Flash from Apple backs the rumor of a larger capacity iPhone model, slated for early this summer.

Microsoft slapped with $388 million patent verdict

From CNET Microsoft was hit Wednesday with a $388 million verdict in a long-running patent infringement case.

In the suit, Uniloc alleged that Microsoft used its patented technology as part of the software giant's product activation methods. A federal jury in Rhode Island found that Windows XP, Office XP, and Windows Server 2003 infringed on a Uniloc patent.

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