Intel Launches Smaller SSD for Netbooks, Mini-desktops

From PC World: Intel launched a much smaller version of its Z-P230 SSDs (solid state drive) aimed at netbooks and mini-desktops, the company said Wednesday.

The new SSD is based on a miniature card module that weighs just 8 grams, compared to 11 grams for the original Z-P230, which Intel announced in June.

Apple market cap tops Google

From CNET Apple's stock price, which has been on a steady upward tear for the last few years, closed at $179.30 on Wednesday, sending its market capitalization to $158.84 billion.

Intel readies new remote PC access function

From CNET Intel has developed technology that lets people remotely power up their computers and retrieve files across an Internet connection, according to a report on The Wall Street Journal site on Wednesday.

Intel Looks to Tiny Atom Processor for Profits in the Face of Slowing PC Sales

From DailyTech: When Intel launched its tiny Atom processor, it intended for the small, low-cost CPU to find its way into many cheaper consumer electronic devices like the new class of netbooks, mobile phones, and Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs). Intel's Atom has found its way into a number of small, lower-cost devices so far since its launch including the Asus Eee PC, MSI Wind, and Acer Aspire One.

HP Kicks Off SIGGRAPH 2008 With Lots Of New Gear

From Tom's Hardware: Topping the list of new HP products is the HP EliteBook 8730w. It sports a 17" display, which offers over 16 million colors, an Intel quad-core processor, 8 GB of RAM and new Nvidia Quardo FX cards with up to 1 GB of RAM. Joining this laptop are the HP EliteBook 8530w and HP EliteBook 8530p, both of which include a 15.4" diagonal display, Intel Core 2 Duo processors and 8 GB of memory.

$196M Should Cover Costs of Bad Graphics Chips, Nvidia Says

From PC World: Nvidia took a one-time warranty charge of US$196 million against its second-quarter revenue on Tuesday, saying that amount should cover the cost of replacing bad Nvidia graphics chips used in a range of laptop models from different manufacturers. Chairman and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang stopped short of ruling out additional charges related to this problem in the future, but said Nvidia was not obligated to replace the bad graphics chips.

Best Buy to sell iPhones in September

From CNET Best Buy stores will begin selling Apple's iPhone 3G next month, becoming the first national retail chain outside of Apple and carrier AT&T to offer the wildly popular device.

NVIDIA Enables PhysX for GeForce 8 Series, Launches New Quadro Plex Series

From DailyTech: Owners of NVIDIA branded video cards have waited for a while now for the company to announce its PhysX enabled drivers that will allow higher-end video cards to process physics on the GPU. Today NVIDIA officially announced the drivers that enable PhysX technology -- free on any GeForce eight series or higher GPU.

Dell Announces New Notebooks for Business Users

From DailyTech: It's common at this time year to see many new notebooks being introduced by different notebook manufacturers for back-to-school. Not all the new notebooks produced this time year are aimed at students, as Dell has demonstrated with its new notebooks announced today.

AMD Split Rumors Accelerating

From Tom's Hardware: It is widely expected that Asset Light will part AMD into two companies - one that is led by newly crowned CEO Dirk Meyer and a focus on the development of chip technologies and a manufacturing arm that will take over AMD’s fabs. Our sources indicated that critical decisions are being made at this time and the official announcement of Asset Light and Asset Smart will be made next month.

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