Lenovo adds quad-core laptop to ThinkPad line

From InfoWorld: Lenovo on Tuesday added some power to its venerable ThinkPad line, launching a laptop with a quad-core processor that could be its highest-performing notebook to date.

The ThinkPad W700, designed as a workstation alternative, also offers close to 1TB of storage and packs multimedia features to complement the speedy processor.

AMD to Nvidia: Two chips are better than one

From CNET News.com: Advanced Micro Devices announced on Monday its most powerful graphics technology to date, going after Nvidia in the rarified--and closely watched--enthusiast game segment.

This also marks the current performance pinnacle of AMD's strategy to beat Nvidia at the high end by building comparatively smaller chips and then ganging them together for better performance.

VIA Leaves Chipset Business

From DailyTech: For a long time there have been several manufacturers in the chipset business and the largest of them were Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, VIA, and SiS. VIA today announced that it will be leaving the motherboard chipset business, ceding the market to its competitors.

Fujitsu Unveils LifeBook U2010

From DailyTech: Fujitsu announced its latest ultra mobile PC (UMPC) called the LifeBook U2010. The U2010 is the follow-up to Fujitsu's LifeBook U1010, and features the 3-in-1 tablet/notebook/handheld PC form factor.

Seven Of The Ten Largest DRAM Manufacturers Saw Revenue Declines In Q2

From Tom's Hardware: The good news about the problematic DRAM market is the fact that iSuppli believes that the market bottomed out in Q2 and that top-tier memory manufacturers were able to return to profitability after several month of losses.

Flying to Defcon with no ID

From InfoWorld: Before Sherri Davidoff flew out to Defcon this year, she made sure to cover up the "Global Hacking Permit 230291" sticker on her laptop with a photo of two adorable puppies.

She figured it might help things go a little more smoothly at Logan International Airport, where she eventually managed to clear her way through the Transportation Security Administration's security screening and fly out to this week's hacker convention in Las Vegas without using any ID.

PC Industry Scared Netbooks May Hurt Laptop Sales

From PC World: Advanced Micro Devices has no immediate plans to release a processor designed for low-cost laptops, sometimes called netbooks, saying its not yet clear whether or not growing shipments of these devices will cannibalize sales of mainstream laptops.

Report: India isn't just for outsourcing anymore

From CNET News.com: India is starting to assert itself as a center of high-tech innovation, according to a study set to be released Monday morning.

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