Qimonda in talks with Elpida on joint manufacturing

From EETimes: A Qimonda spokesperson acknowledged media reports that the company is in talks with technology partner Elpida over possible joint manufacturing activities.

Elpida recently has announced to launch a DRAM manufacturing joint venture with China's Suzhou Venture Group...

Less Than Half PayPal's Revenue to Come From eBay by Year's End

From DailyTech: PayPal President Scott Thompson announced at RBC Capital Markets conference Wednesday that by the end of the year, less than half PayPal's revenue will come from eBay buyers and sellers. Rather, the majority will now come from PayPal's Merchant Services.

The new...

OCZ Proposes to Install 8GB, 16GB Memory into Desktop PC

From X-bit Labs: Just in case someone thought that 4GB of memory per desktop system is enough, there are memory modules that will provide 8GB or even 16GB of memory per system for those with no limits in mind.

OCZ Technology, a leading maker of memory modules, on Wednesday announced its new memory modules that will allow installation of 8GB or 16GB of memory into desktops based on Intel P45 chipset. Personal computers (PCS) equipped with 8GB or 16GB of memory will require 64-bit operating system and are not common these days, but when applications tend to be more demanding and 8GB of memory on a high-end system may not be seen as fantastic in several quarters from now, particularly in the workstation space.

“64-bit operating systems are becoming more mainstream and finally enable user memory to shed the 4GB limitation of 32-bit OS. Moreover, the latest multi-core systems are capable of simultaneous execution of highly complex workloads, each commanding its own virtual memory space. In that scenario, the only way of avoiding data collision without writing back to the hard disk is the migration towards super-high memory densities,” said Dr. Michael Schuette, vice president of technology development at OCZ Technology.

OCZ’s new 4GB PC2-6400 (DDR2 800MHz) memory modules will be available in 8GB and 16GB kits.

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Samsung, Microsoft in talks to speed up SSDs on Vista

From InfoWorld: Samsung isn't just pushing the envelope in storage capacity of SSDs (solid-state drives), it is also working with software makers to boost SSD performance on operating systems.

The company on Wednesday said it was in talks with Microsoft to improve the performance...

HP Considering Touchscreens for Next Mini-Note

From PC World: Hewlett-Packard is considering a range of new technologies for the next version of its popular 2133 Mini-Note netbook, including touchscreens.

"When we send out the Mini-Note to education it always comes back with a lot of finger prints on the screen," said Phil...

Mozilla experiments with a universal content reader, Snowl

From CNET News.com: Mozilla has released a 0.1 version of Snowl (official blog post), an experimental add-in for Firefox that reads news and nanoblog feeds. It's an attempt to marry together the incoming separate content streams that many of us have feeding on to our desktops full...

AMD Officially Announces 790GX Chipset

From DailyTech: AMD officially announced its new AMD 790GX platform today. The 790GX is aimed at the performance computer users and packs in a host of features. One of the main features of the 790GX is advanced overclocking capability when paired with Phenom Black Edition processors...

Pioneer: 500GB Blu-Ray Disc Becomes Feasible.

From X-bit Labs: Just a little than a month after Pioneer Corp. unveiled its technology that could power Blu-ray disc (BD) media with 400GB capacity, the company said that its technologies also allow creating 500GB Blu-ray disc. The company this time did not remain tight-lipped over...

Asustek plans more Eee PC netbooks

From InfoWorld: Asustek Computer (Asus) plans to launch as many as three new Eee PC netbook models in the next few months as shipments of the popular devices take off.

The Taiwanese computer maker estimates it will sell between 1.5 million and 1.8 million Eee PCs in the third...
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