Microsoft Adds Bing AI Chat Widgets

From CNET: Microsoft is marking 100 days since launching artificial intelligence-powered search on Bing with a few updates to the system. One of those is adding a chatbot widget for phone screens across both iOS and Android.

"This week, we're launching a new Bing Chat widget," Microsoft said in a blog post Tuesday. "Soon, you'll be able to click the Bing icon to land directly in the new Bing Chat experience, or click the microphone icon to verbally ask a question."

Microsoft in February unveiled Bing search powered by the large language tech behind ChatGPT, saying its search engine is now an "AI-powered co-pilot for the web." Search results began incorporating info from OpenAI as well as Bing adding a chat window to help you with things like making shopping lists, summarizing PDFs, generating LinkedIn posts and giving advice to your queries.

The Bing AI chatbot was opened to everyone with a Microsoft account in early May, though it was limited to the Edge browser on computers, phones and tablets and the Bing app.

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