Apple Watch Reportedly Set to Gain iPhone Style Widgets

From PC Mag: Apple Watch is reportedly set to gain iOS-like widgets when its watchOS 10 arrives later this year, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports.

According to Gurman, the widgets will be a central part of the watchOS 10 interface, and they will debut at WWDC in June, where Apple is set to also unveil iOS 17, macOS 14, the 15-inch MacBook Air, and its long-awaited headset.

As Gurman notes, the new widgets system will combine the old watchOS Glances system and the style of widgets that were introduced in iOS 14 on the iPhone.

The new interface design will bear resemblance to the Siri watch face, Gurman says, but it will diverge from it in letting users overlay widgets on any Apple Watch face. The new widgets will also allow users to stack multiple widgets on top.

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