Microsoft continues pushing pesky Windows ads, now in Settings

From PC World: Microsoft is now testing ads as part of the Windows 11 Settings menu, as Microsoft’s push for you to take full advantage of its services continues.

Microsoft is reportedly encouraging users to adopt Microsoft accounts as part of the “Accounts” portion of the Microsoft Settings menu. However, the ads not here yet; Microsoft is testing them as part of the early Insider Canary builds, testers say, which means that Microsoft isn’t guaranteed to release them in final code for Windows 11 users at large.

Twitter user “Albacore,” who tests and then publicizes interesting features of new Windows builds, reported the change.

It’s important to note that, first, the “ad” appeared when the user was logged in with a local account, and that it apparently only appeared in the Settings > Accounts section of the Windows 11 Settings menu. While Microsoft allows users to create general local accounts for use in Windows, more and more Windows services require you to sign in—to automatically sync Windows files, use the Windows Store, and so on. But a local account also frees you from services that you may not want to use, such as OneDrive, and can make it harder for Microsoft to track your usage.

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