APH Networks Reviews: VidaBox Premium Wireless HTPC Media Center Keyboard

It has been over half a year since we have last reviewed a keyboard. The last time being the APH Recommended Logitech MX5500 Revolution by Jonathan. In the past six months, things in the technology world has changed quite a bit -- for example, the introduction of the dual core Intel Atom 330, increasingly common usage of Mini ITX boards, and in general, lost cost computing products. Such products have lead to the creation of Nettop computers; a range of computers that are not only value oriented, but also features a low running cost. Products built around Atom processors are also propagating the market quickly -- from the Asus Eee Box to the Shuttle X27. Such computers are great for home theater PC setups if you're not after something like 1080p Blu-ray decoding. Speaking of HTPCs, it's interesting how computers are becoming more and more popular in the living room. Combined with such features built right into various editions of common operating systems, affordable computing hardware (Even if it's not a Nettop unit, excellent performing parts are readily available at very reasonable prices), and a large collection of peripherals to go with it in the market today, making it your weekend DIY project shouldn't be much of a luxury or challenge anymore. Okay, let's get to the point. Today, we;ll be reviewing the VidaBox Premium Wireless HTPC Media Center Keyboard. To be honest, I have never heard of VidaBox prior to this review. A quick visit to their website indicates that they have a ton of interesting home theater product, this keyboard is only one of many. Let's see how this keyboard that's made primarily for home theater computers works out. And not to mention that it has the uber hardcore good ol' trackball.

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