Microsoft Concerned Amazon, Google Hosting Not "Open" Enough

From CNET Microsoft is taking a sudden interest in "openness" that is having some scratch their heads. Following its foray into the open document world, Microsoft is now calling for an open cloud computing standard.

Report: Intel Refreshing Notebook Chips Today

From Tom's Hardware: Intel is set to launch a handful of new chips later today, according to CNet. The new chips will be targeted squarely at ultra portable notebooks -- no, not netbooks, but rather in the class of the MacBook Air, Voodoo Envy and the Dell Adamo.

How many network servers do you have at home?

Zero -- I don't need it
16% (28 votes)
One for everything
43% (74 votes)
Two; my network is pretty complex and requires two
25% (44 votes)
Three. FTW.
8% (14 votes)
I have or have more than four. I'm striving to be a home datacenter!
8% (14 votes)
Total votes: 174

Windows 7 Gets Touchy With New Logo Program

From Tom's Hardware: The next Windows logo sticker to join the collection will be an important one, however, as it will certify a very important hardware requirement -- the ability to feel touch.

Windows 7 will bring with it full touch support of that not yet seen before in any Microsoft OS before it. Although Microsoft’s development of touch technologies impressed us all with its Surface, touch screen devices with Windows 7 has the chance to be far more ubiquitous.

Nvidia Readies New Version of Dual-Chip Flagship Product

From X-bit Labs: Nvidia Corp. is reportedly designing a new version of its dual-chip GeForce GTX 295 graphics card that features only one print circuit board (PCB). While redesigning a flagship offering with short life-cycle is a questionable tactics, the new PCB may be used not only for the current high-end offering but for future dual-chip products as well.

Globalfoundries Aim at Leading Edge Customers – Chief Exec

From X-bit Labs: Globalfoundries, a manufacturing joint venture between Advanced Micro Devices and Advocated Technology Investment Company, claims that initially it would only target leading-edge customers with maximum requirements. Problem for the Globalfoundries is that it hardly has technologies to fight for advanced customers at this time.

HP Sees Early Signs of Stronger Demand for Consumer PCs

From PC World: Hewlett-Packard rolled out its Pavilion dv2 laptop in Singapore on Thursday, with company executives noting signs that some consumers are ready to resume spending on computers.

Best Buy: Quarter better than expected

From CNET Best Buy's fourth quarter was better than anticipated even though profits were down from a year ago amid an economic downturn. The company also noted that the quarter ended stronger than it began, indicating that consumer spending stabilized. And the Circuit City liquidation certainly didn't hurt Best Buy's cause.

Microsoft Looks to Maximize Revenue by Nixing Private Azure Hosting

From DailyTech: When Microsoft announced the release of its first cloud computing OS, Windows Azure, many Microsoft testers were predictably thrilled. The OS, while formative, seemed well equipped to bring the perks of Windows into a cloud computing world. Among the things some developers were hoping for was the ability to purchase licenses for Azure to run private clouds, creating revenue for new and existing businesses or saving money on local computing costs.

Windows Vista SP2 Hits RTM

From DailyTech: On the tails of the release of the Windows Vista SP2 Release Candidate to the masses, only a couple weeks later Microsoft has delivered the RTM Escrow build to its Connect beta testers. Microsoft had already released this build several days ago, reportedly, to its internal testers.


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