Apple posts graphics update for new MacBook Pro

From CNET Apple has issued a fix for the graphics problems suffered by some owners of the company's new 17-inch MacBook Pro.

The firmware update was released Wednesday for owners of the MacBook Pro announced at Macworld and shipped in February. Some owners had reported problems with vertical lines polluting the display, and Apple says the new firmware should fix the problem.

Microsoft touches more on Windows 7

From CNET Microsoft has already gone into plenty of detail about the touch features in Windows 7. In fact, touch was the first thing that the company shared when it came to how Windows 7 would look and feel.

But for those that really want to go deep, the company on Wednesday posted an even more detailed look at the thinking that went into building touch into Windows 7.

Microsoft hit with patent suit over update tech

From CNET Microsoft is facing another patent infringement suit, this time over the technology it uses to automatically update Windows, Office, and other programs.

Nvidia hit by S&P ratings downgrade

From CNET Nvidia was hit by a Standard & Poor's ratings downgrade Wednesday, according to a Dow Jones report, adding to the graphics chipmaker's woes.

Standard & Poor's ratings services ratcheted down its outlook on Nvidia from positive to stable, according to Dow Jones. S&P cited concerns about the graphics chipmaker's sinking revenue and profitability.

Sony Slashes Pricing of PlayStation 3 Development Kit

From X-bit Labs: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) on Tuesday announced that it would slash the price on PlayStation 3 software developments kit to enable higher amount of game creators to develop titles for the latest generation Sony video game console.

Dell adds SSDs in updated EqualLogic line

From InfoWorld: Dell is set to update on Wednesday the virtualized storage line it acquired in its purchase of EqualLogic last year, now aiming at the needs of larger enterprises.

Facebook Caves to User Gripes Over Redesign

From PC World: Facebook says it will tweak its homepage in the coming weeks in direct response to user uproar over recent designs changes. The social network caved to customer feedback against the site's recent improvements and says it decided to listen to the millions asking for less change.

Blockbuster OnDemand coming to TiVo DVRs

From CNET Blockbuster will become the latest Internet video-on-demand service to appear on TiVo DVRs.

The two companies announced late Tuesday that they are working to make Blockbuster's service available on all TiVo Series2 and Series3 DVRs (including the HD and HD XL models) in the second half of 2009.

New Xbox 360 Hardware Failures Being Reported in Significant Numbers

Globalfoundries Expects to Get 32nm Bulk Process Technology in 2009

From X-bit Labs: The former manufacturing arm of Advanced Micro Devices seems to be on track with its plans to become a contract maker of semiconductors, but the firm must remember that it should do more than that: it should remain competitive against Intel Corp., the world’s largest maker of semiconductors,


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