Sales of Xbox 360 Game Console Surge Following Price Drop – Company

From X-bit Labs: icrosoft Corp. has released a statement claiming that after it slashed pricing of its Xbox 360 game system, sales of all the versions of the console increased dramatically. The immediate sales surge could have been expected, however, this does not automatically proof mid-term success.

Sony Shows Prototype Next-gen Speakers

From PC World: Sony has developed next-generation prototype speakers that hang from a ceiling or come with an entire home audio system built-into the base, utilizing the same technology in its distinctive Sountina .

Source: Microsoft, RIM to announce search deal

From CNET Microsoft and Research In Motion are expected to announce on Thursday a partnership that will make it easier for BlackBerry users to reach Microsoft's search engine, according to a source familiar with the companies' plans.

As part of the deal, BlackBerry users will have the option to use Microsoft Live Search as their search engine of choice within the device's browser. Also, Microsoft's Live Search will be an option from within RIM's mobile portal.

AMD Roadmap Sheds Light on Cheap UVC Processors

From DailyTech: AMD is hard at work introducing new processors to try to capture market share from Intel. Earlier this week, slides showing some new AMD processors coming this year surfaced. Among the new processors on the slide was a line AMD is calling Ultra-Value Client (UVC).

AMD Releases Triple Threat and Price Cuts

From Tom's Hardware: Although not able to compete with Intel in the high-end market, AMD has shown it still has some bite left by slashing prices once again in their processor line up and by releasing three new triple-core Phenom processors. The newly announced AMD Phenom X3 8450e and Phenom X3 8250e are both energy efficient energy efficient processors with a TDP of just 65 W each, which translates into reduced heat and a savings on the power bill.

Chinese Inventors to Reveal Quad-Core “Nearly x86” Microprocessor Next Year

From X-bit Labs: There were numerous companies trying to compete against Intel Corp. on the field of x86 microprocessors, but all of them have vanished into thin air. But Chinese Academy of Sciences hopes that it will be able to offer an alternative to products by AMD and Intel in the coming years.

RIM launches first BlackBerry flip-phone

From InfoWorld: Research In Motion (RIM) diversified its BlackBerry line Wednesday by introducing a "flip" or clamshell model, a popular form for mobile phones.

The BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 will be available later this year through operator T-Mobile, although RIM didn't say at what price.

Nvidia Hit With Securities Lawsuit Over Bad Graphics Chips

From PC World: A lawsuit filed in a California court on Tuesday alleged Nvidia violated U.S. securities laws and concealed the existence of a serious defect in its graphics-chip line for at least eight months "in a series of false and misleading statements made to the investing public."

Nokia offers Microsoft e-mail on smartphones

From CNET Nokia took aim at smartphone rival Research in Motion Tuesday with plans to expand the number of devices that will automatically be capable of accessing Microsoft corporate e-mail.

Apple Introduces Updated iPod nano, touch

From DailyTech: Apple and Steve Jobs have wrapped up the event held today for press; as expected new iPods were the topic of the day. Apple revealed several updated iPods and made a few other significant announcements.


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