Happy new year from APH Networks, yo

My new year's resolution is 3520x1200 (1920x1200 + 1600x1200) for my main computer, but also comes in 1440x900 for my laptop, 1680x1050 for my other computers, etc etc.

Anyways, "classic" joke aside, we wish everyone a very happy new year -- personally I am very thankful for 2008, and I hope that 2009 will be as good as ever for every one of us. How's something like this:

Details Emerge of AMD Job Cuts, Restructuring

From Tom's Hardware: Reuters reports that AMD yesterday said it laid off 600 people in Q4, which had a knock on effect on the amount of money the company spent on restructuring during the fourth quarter. The extra hundred layoffs saw the company’s total cost of restructuring for Q4 shoot up to $70 million, $20 million more than the estimated $50 million earlier in the quarter. AMD will also need to make further cost reductions early next year to compensate for the extra cash spent.

Creative Labs Touts “Stemcell Computing” with Zii Technology

From X-bit Labs: Creative Technology, a leading designer of audio processors as well as portable digital media players, has launched a teaser web-site that advertises “Zii” and “stemcell computing”.

Dell Reorganizes Business Sales Units

From PC World: Dell will reorganize its divisions focused on selling to business customers, with the new units focused on types of customers instead of geographic regions, the company announced Wednesday.

Report: Apple working on large-screen iPod Touch

From CNET News.com: Apple is expected to release an iPod Touch device with a 7- to 9-inch screen in the fall of 2009, according to a report on TechCrunch that cites three independent sources.

One of TechCrunch's sources claims to have actually handled one of the prototypes, and Apple is talking with manufacturers in Asia about mass production of the device, according to the report.

LG Teams with YouTube, CinemaNow

From PC World: Cancel your cable bill: LG will unveil a new line-up of Blu-ray players at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas capable of streaming YouTube and CinemaNow videos. Add these upcoming features to LG's new standard for streaming Netflix movies and you have three fewer reasons to subscribe to expensive cable packages.

Report Accuses Microsoft of Purposefully Leaking Windows 7 Beta

From DailyTech: Microsoft's Windows 7 beta 1 was not officially intended for release until January. However, the release somehow hit torrent sites this week. Many, including commenters here at DailyTech, suspected the "leak" was really a clever ruse by Microsoft to drum up tech community excitement for its upcoming release.

Now Microsoft Watch's Joe Wilcox, an observer on all things Microsoft, has thrown in his support for such theories. Mr. Wilcox writes:

Hundreds of 30GB Zune Players Fail Around the Country

From DailyTech: There have been some mysteries in the technology world over 2008. It seems that the last day of the year will end on another mysterious note for technology fans and Microsoft Zune owners.

Google Suggests Gmail Users Dump IE

From PCWorld: Google Inc. is pushing users of its Gmail e-mail service to dump Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer for its own Chrome browser or Mozilla Corp.'s Firefox.

When users of IE6 reach Gmail.com, a "Get faster Gmail" message appears in the Web-based service's menu bar. The message, in turn, links to a page on Google's Web site that touts Chrome and Firefox 3 as being "twice as fast" at running Gmail.

Quad-core MacBook Pro on the way?

From CNET News.com: Intel sneaked out a new low-cost quad-core mobile processor on Monday, prompting some observers to wonder if Apple will finally release a quad-core laptop.

The lack of fanfare surrounding the 2.53GHz Core 2 Quad Mobile Processor Q9000's introduction--it was merely added to Intel's CPU price list--is certainly interesting. It's a slow news week between Christmas and New Year's, so why not play it up?, is how the logic goes.


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