Samsung Shipped Infected Digital Picture Frames

From PC World: Samsung says that CDs that shipped with many models of its digital photo frames may have included a malicious Trojan horse program that gives cyber criminals access to the PC.

The malicious software, known as W32.Sality.AE lies in the XP version of Samsung's Frame Manager 1.08 software, which ships with many other models of Samsung frames.

Report: RIM accuses Motorola of blocking job offers

From CNET BlackBerry maker Research in Motion sued Motorola over claims the mobile phone maker is improperly blocking it from offering jobs to laid-off Motorola workers, Bloomberg said.

RIM, in a complaint filed in state court in Chicago, asked for an order invalidating an agreement the companies reached this year not to solicit each other's employees, the news agency said.

Apple News Sites Awash With iPhone nano Rumors

From DailyTech: Apple has a reputation for keeping the American public clinging on its every word, a reputation carefully crafted through a reputation for industry-shaking announcements ever since the release of its fortune changing iPod. The company regularly revamps its iPod line and has launched major products like the iPhone and the MacBook Air at big press events like MacWorld, held each January.

APH Networks Wishes Everyone a Merry Christmas!

From all the staff at APH Networks, we wish everyone a very merry Christmas. Whether you are celebrating the day in remembrance of Jesus' birth, a time to gather with friends or family, hunting down the latest Boxing Day sales, catching up some sleep that you've missed out for the past few months, or maybe all of the above, we hope that you will make it an enjoyable time for both yourself and everyone around you.

Microsoft confirms it's been working on SQL bug since April

From InfoWorld: Microsoft Wednesday confirmed that it has been working on a critical vulnerability in SQL Server for more than eight months, but declined to say whether it has had a patch ready since September, as an Austrian security researcher has alleged.

On Monday, the company warned customers of a bug that could be used to compromise servers running older versions of the database software, which is widely used to power Web sites and applications.

Microsoft May Release Windows 7 Beta at Show

From PC World: Attendees at next month's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) could get the first public look at Windows 7, the next version of Microsoft's client OS.

At its Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles in October, Microsoft said it would release the beta early in 2009. Though nothing has been confirmed, signs are pointing to sometime in January and possibly the CES show in Las Vegas as a likely release date. CES is scheduled for Jan. 8-11.

WoW Subscriber Base Hits 11.5 Million

ATI Prepares to Update Mainstream GPU Family As It Tapes Out New Chip

From X-bit Labs: ATI, graphics products group of Advanced Micro Devices, may be preparing a rather substantial update for its mainstream lineup of graphics processing units (GPUs) in late Q1 2009 or early Q2 2009, according to media reports. The new code-named RV740 chip is projected to be made using 40nm process technology at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

EVGA Quietly Starts to Ship Graphics Cards with 55nm GeForce GTX 200 Chips

From X-bit Labs: EVGA, a popular supplier of Nvidia GeForce-based graphics cards, has quietly started shipments of graphics boards powered by GeForce GTX 260 chip made using 55nm process technology. The new chip is cheaper to manufacture and also consumes less power.

Microsoft kicks fake security software off 400,000 PCs

From InfoWorld: In the second month of a campaign against fake security software, Microsoft has booted the rogue application "Antivirus 2009" from almost 400,000 PCs, the company recently claimed.


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