In U.K., iPhone ad banned over 'all Internet' claim

From CNET The U.K.'s Advertising Standards Authority has banned an ad for the iPhone that promised users access to "all parts of the internet" on their Apple device.

Zotac Intros External Controller for Graphics Cards Overclocking

From X-bit Labs: Zotac, a supplier of graphics cards that belongs to PC Partner holding, on Monday announced a special external hardware device that will simplify overclocking for both novices and performance enthusiasts.

Google drops Bluetooth, GTalkService APIs from Android 1.0

From InfoWorld: Google dropped Bluetooth and the GTalkService instant messaging APIs (application program interfaces) from the set of tools for the first version of the mobile phone OS, Android 1.0, according to the Android Developers Blog.

But the company made clear that handsets using the Android OS will work with other Bluetooth devices such as headsets, for example.

HP and Acer start Netbook price war

From InfoWorld: Hewlett-Packard and Acer have lowered prices of their netbooks as the back-to-school sales season kicks into gear in the U.S., offering bargains for users.

Acer slashed prices on its Aspire one netbooks on Friday to as low as $329 for one version, while HP revealed new prices for Mini-Notes on its Web site.

Price-cutting by the two big PC vendors could prompt other netbook makers, such as Asustek Computer and Micro-Star International to follow.

Nokia Launches N85, N79 and N96 for the US

From PC World: Nokia has expanded its N series of smart phones with two new models: the N85 and the N79. The company will also start selling an Americanized version of the upcoming N96, it announced on Tuesday.

HTC Adds S740 to Smartphone Portfolio

From PC World: HTC is launching the Windows Mobile-based S740, which drops support for touch in favor of a classic 12-key numberpad and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, it announced on Tuesday.

Even though HTC has launched a number of touch-screen phones as of late, one size doesn't fit all, according to the company.

Nvidia conference is all about the other processor

From CNET In his inaugural keynote--this is first Nvision conference--Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang reminded the audience that the graphics processing unit (GPU) has come a long way. In short, the GPU has evolved from the simple fixed-function graphics accelerator (e.g., the IBM 8514 that debuted in 1987) to the modern graphics chip, a computing engine capable of almost one teraflop of processing power. (A teraflop is equal to one trillion floating point operations per second.)

Articles Roundup August 25, 2008

Advanced Micro Devices to Sell Off Digital TV Business

From X-bit Labs: In a bid to ease its financial situation and also to concentrate on its core businesses, Advanced Micro Devices decided to sell off its digital television (DTV) business to Broadcom Corp. This will bring a lot of benefits to Broadcom and will essentially cut-off AMD’s ability to compete in the consumer electronics (CE) space.

Microsoft will still activate new XP installations

From InfoWorld: According to a Microsoft representative, you will be able to activate new XP installations for the foreseeable future. The fact that the company longer sells XP "has no bearing on one's ability to activate XP installations..."

Of course, the current rules about moving a Windows installation from one PC to another will still apply:


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