Intel's Moorestown platform to get 3.5G support

From InfoWorld: Intel's upcoming Moorestown chip platform will include optional support for high-speed cellular data services when it hits the market in 2009 or 2010, Intel said Monday.

Toshiba to Partially Acquire SanDisk Flash Venture Stake

From PC World: Toshiba will partially buy-out SanDisk's stake in two flash memory production joint ventures the companies are running in Japan under a provisional deal that was announced Monday.

Flash memory chips produced at two factories in Yokkaichi, Japan, are currently evenly split between Toshiba and SanDisk, which each own a 50 percent stake in the joint ventures that run the plants.

Report: Yahoo plans cost-cutting moves, layoffs

Blizzard Denies Milking Starcraft Franchise

From DailyTech: The announcement StarCraft II will be released as a trilogy generated significant discussion among the gaming community. One of the main theories put forward was that Blizzard was bending to pressure from Activision to release the game as a trilogy in order to increase revenue over time. In an exclusive interview with game news site Edge Online, Blizzard representative Bob Colayco denied this claim.

Intel's Core i7 platform requires new DDR3 RAM

39% (63 votes)
This is ridiculous, I just bought some 'old' DDR3
44% (70 votes)
17% (27 votes)
Total votes: 160

APH Networks Reviews: iStarUSA xAGE-N99-SAU

Ballmer: Windows 7 is Vista, just 'a lot better'

From InfoWorld: Windows 7 will be like Windows Vista , but more so, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said Thursday as he defended the first two years of Vista and claimed its successor will be a major release.

"[Windows 7], it's Windows Vista, a lot better," said Ballmer during a 45-minute question-and-answer session hosted by a pair of Gartner analysts at the research firm's annual Symposium ITxpo in Orlando, Fla. The interview was later posted as a webcast on the Gartner site .

With Eyes on Atom, AMD to Detail Netbook Strategy Next Month

From PC World: Advanced Micro Devices will lay out its product strategy for small, low-cost laptops, called netbooks, at an analyst meeting next month.

SanDisk Announces slotMusic Portable Audio Player

From DailyTech: In the heyday of music sales before the advent and mass adoption of digital audio players, record labels reaped massive profits off the back of music sales on CDs. Today, the same music labels are seeing profits drop to record lows as consumers embrace the digital age of music sales.

HP Reportedly Threatens Partners Against Working with Asustek Computer

From X-bit Labs: In an attempt not to let Asustek Computer to become the world’s fourth largest notebook vendor worldwide, Hewlett Packard reportedly threatened its manufacturing partners with reduction of orders if they also make systems for Asus. If the information is correct, the scandal may be outrageous.


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