New Xbox 360 Hardware Failures Being Reported in Significant Numbers

Globalfoundries Expects to Get 32nm Bulk Process Technology in 2009

From X-bit Labs: The former manufacturing arm of Advanced Micro Devices seems to be on track with its plans to become a contract maker of semiconductors, but the firm must remember that it should do more than that: it should remain competitive against Intel Corp., the world’s largest maker of semiconductors,

SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 released

From InfoWorld: Novell unveiled SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 on Tuesday, with features and capabilities that reflect the company's controversial multiyear agreement with Microsoft.

In 2006, Microsoft and Novell agreed to work on improving compatibility between their products, and pledged not to pursue patent claims against each other's customers. The move has been widely decried by open-source software advocates.

NVIDIA Provides PhysX for Playstation 3 and Wii

From PC World: PhysX is coming to a console near you. Last week, NVIDIA signed an agreement with Sony to provide Playstation 3 developers the use of PhysX technology software. With the goal of realistic graphics and highly interactive environments, level designers and animators will be allowed to author and preview physics effects in real time.

Netflix integrating movie ratings with Facebook

From CNET Netflix is the latest media company to integrate with social-networking Web site Facebook, whose huge community of young, tech-savvy users could help drive growth of the online DVD rental service's subscriber base.

Starting on Tuesday, Netflix users can use Facebook Connect--software that links individual Facebook pages to third-party Web sites--to share their ratings of Netflix rentals with their Facebook friends, the companies said in a statement.

Sony Ericsson Warns of Massive Quarterly Loss

From DailyTech: The mobile phone market is seeing some of the poorest sales in recent history with demand for products dropping in many segments of the mobile phone industry. The only segment of the mobile phone industry that is predicted to show strong growth this year is the high-end smartphone market.

Apple's 17-inch iMac at $899 is Already Here

From Tom's Hardware: For a company so careful with announcements and launches, Apple sure did mess this one up. The company always tries to play its hand as close to the chest as possible, which is why we hardly dare to believe this little link on Apple’s Education website.

Google Removes Certain Street View Images

From DailyTech: Although Google’s Street View service began with a great deal of publicity, complaints regarding certain offensive images have forced the organization to remove some photos.

Dozens of images have already been taken out of the UK Street View collection. It is thought the pictures removed contained revealing images of homes, a man entering a London sex shop, people being arrested and a man being sick.

IE 8's Poor Reception Not a Good Sign For Microsoft

From PC World: The honeymoon appears to be over for Internet Explorer 8 -- and it wasn't much of a honeymoon to begin with, either. Just days after the browser's big debut, its market share has fallen a full 28 percent from its peak. Alternative browsers, meanwhile, have held steady ground, losing no significant number of users to Microsoft's new offering.

Sun shares make a downhill run

From CNET Shares of Sun Microsystems took a hit in Monday morning trading, falling at least 7 percent while the broader markets advance.

Sun fell as low as $7.53 a share, following reports Friday in The Wall Street Journal that IBM is currently engaged in combing through Sun's contracts, as part of the evaluation process on whether to move forward with an acquisition.


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