HP readies for Cisco's datacenter assault

From InfoWorld: HP ProCurve will unveil this week its first switches built specifically for datacenter applications, as well as a server module for existing switches that enables users to begin integrating and consolidating switching and application processing.

Despite Layoffs, Moto to Support Windows Mobile

From PC World: Even though it is laying off Windows Mobile developers, Motorola intends to continue to support the mobile platform, a spokeswoman said.

On Friday, Motorola disclosed that among the 3,000 people it is laying off in its mobile devices division are 77 people working in its Plantation, Florida, facility. Those workers are involved in Windows Mobile development, said Maya Komadina, a Motorola spokeswoman.

Apple Update Fixes Issues With Some Nvidia Cards

From PC World: Apple on Monday afternoon released Nvidia Graphics Update 2009, which according to the release notes is designed to improve cursor movement (reducing jumpy or erratic movement) when using Apple's US$99 Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter with the latest MacBook Air, MacBook, or MacBook Pro.

Apple awarded key iPhone multitouch patent

From CNET News.com: Apple has been awarded a patent that appears to cover much of the iPhone's multitouch user interface.

World of Apple (via MacRumors) spotted the patent, which was awarded last Tuesday to several Apple executives, including Steve Jobs, iPhone software chief Scott Forstall, and Wayne Westerman, one of the founders of a company called Fingerworks that Apple acquired in 2005.

Lian Li Releases New Mini-Tower Chassis

From Tom's Hardware: The new PC-A05N could be the perfect choice for those that require an attractive, conveniently-sized case, as it packs effective cooling for today’s demanding, heat generating hardware. The new design features the expected Lian Li base qualities such as the brushed aluminum finish, sturdy construction, and ease of use. In fact, everything you would usually expect from Lian Li is here in this new case as well.

Microsoft to deliver first IE8 release candidate Monday

From InfoWorld: Microsoft plans to deliver the first release candidate of the next version of Internet Explorer on Monday, according to sources familiar with the company's plans.

IE8 (Internet Explorer 8) has been in its second beta release since August, and a post on Microsoft's IE8 blog on Wednesday said the company was "about to release" IE8 RC1 (Release Candidate 1) for Windows XP and Vista. Sources familiar with the company's plans said the release will be Monday.

Taiwan DRAM Makers Face Losses From Qimonda

From PC World: Two Taiwanese DRAM makers face losses related to German chip giant Qimonda's bankruptcy filing, an example of how the downfall of a one company can ripple across the globe.

AMD low-power chips headed for HP, Dell servers

From CNET News.com: Advanced Micro Devices on Monday released low-power and high-performance processors that will find their way into servers from Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Sun Microsystems, and Rackable Systems.

The new server processors are updated versions of AMD's 45-nanometer Shanghai processor.

Microsoft aiming to recover lost ground in mobile

From CNET News.com: Microsoft has made some stumbles in the mobile world, but a strategy shift made more than a year ago will soon pay dividends, the company's top Windows Mobile executive said in an interview with CNET News.

Japanese Game Development Continues Decline

From DailyTech: Japanese market share of the Western game market has been reduced to 20 percent according to an analysis of the Japanese gaming industry by the CESA. The decline is significant as Japanese game development used to maintain a dominant position in the industry especially for home and portable console game development.


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