Western Digital Enters the SSD Race

From Tom's Hardware: Up until this point, major HDD manufacturers, save for Samsung, seemed reluctant to start making SSDs. Instead, you saw drives coming out left and right from companies that had never made storage devices in any significant capacity--USB drives don't count.

AMD Releases R700 Instruction Set

Google Looks for New Employees Amid Layoffs

From DailyTech: Last week, Google announced it would be shedding about 200 workers from its marketing and sales pool. The reason cited for cutting the jobs was that the positions overlapped with other jobs within the company and created a burden on decision making.

Microsoft closing the book on Encarta

From CNET News.com: Microsoft has quietly confirmed that it is getting out of the encyclopedia business, ending its long-standing Encarta product.

As noted by Ars Technica, the software maker says it will discontinue all its online Encarta products by October, with the exception of Encarta Japan, which will run through the end of the year. It will also stop selling Microsoft Student and Encarta Premium, paid software products that included the online encyclopedia.

Microsoft drops plan to charge for WinMo updates

From CNET News.com: Microsoft has backed off plans to charge Windows Mobile developers $99 for submitting even minor updates to their applications.

Nvidia Threats It Could Ban Larrabee from Entering the Market

From X-bit Labs: Nvidia Corp. claims that it could terminate its cross-licensing agreement with Intel Corp., which would prevent the latter from launching its first discrete graphics processor in ten years. Besides, claims Nvidia, Intel utilizes Nvidia’s intellectual property in every integrated graphics core it ships.

Google Expands Free Music Downloads in China

From InfoWorld: Google has expanded the free music downloads it offers in China to include songs by artists from each of the big four U.S. record labels, an addition that could help it win users from dominant Chinese search engine Baidu.

Google launched its free music download search last year -- only in China -- to compete with a similar service that analysts say rival Baidu relies on for a significant portion of its traffic.

Intel's Nehalem chip comes to servers

From PC World: Intel's Nehalem-architecture chips will now try to make their mark in servers, after debuting in desktops last November.

Microsoft Concerned Amazon, Google Hosting Not "Open" Enough

From CNET News.com: Microsoft is taking a sudden interest in "openness" that is having some scratch their heads. Following its foray into the open document world, Microsoft is now calling for an open cloud computing standard.

Report: Intel Refreshing Notebook Chips Today

From Tom's Hardware: Intel is set to launch a handful of new chips later today, according to CNet. The new chips will be targeted squarely at ultra portable notebooks -- no, not netbooks, but rather in the class of the MacBook Air, Voodoo Envy and the Dell Adamo.


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