AMD to Release Quad-Core Processor for Notebooks in 2010

From X-bit Labs: The first quad-core central processing unit (CPU) for notebooks in AMD’s line will be code-named “Champlain” and will be the base of the code-named “Danube” platform, AMD revealed at last week’s meeting with financial analysts. There are no details about the chip, but since the processor will only emerge sometime in 2010, it has good chances to be made using 32nm process technology.

iPhone 2.2 Update Gets Jailbroken

From PC World: If you're into iPhone gimmicks and unsupported Apple applications, DevTeam released PwnageTool 2.2 to help you jailbreak the latest 2.2 iPhone software update available from Apple since Friday.

Windows Live Search to be rebranded Kumo?

From CNET There have been tremors on the Web that Microsoft was considering a new brand name for Live Search, and now the site LiveSide is reporting that Microsoft has taken control of the domain name and is directing internal traffic to it as a test site.

Dell Releases Fiscal Q3 Financial Data

From DailyTech: The downturn in the economy around the world had made it difficult for technology companies to hit their profit projections and has forced more than one company into the red. Major computer makers like Dell have struggled with profits and have been forced to make serious cutbacks to make improvements. Only a handful, like competitor HP, have thrived.

Will AMD be able to make its comeback with Phenom II?

53% (87 votes)
47% (78 votes)
Total votes: 165

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Unrated Nokia offers vision for services, applications

From InfoWorld: Seeking to bridge "the now to the next," Nokia has set its sights on Internet services, next-generation wireless technology, and mobile application development.

Apple releases iPhone 2.2 update

From CNET The 2.2 software update is available through iTunes, and it's packed with lots of goodies. Apple released its 2.1 software update in September.

Gmail Gets a Graphics Upgrade With New Themes

From DailyTech: After its search and advertising core businesses, one of Google's hottest products is its Gmail service. One of the most widely used free email services on the internet; Google is constantly at work improving the service. Typically upgrades target greater functionality, such as a recent upgrade that added voice and video chat to the Gmail portfolio.

Psystar Suffers Setback With Apple Antitrust Suit

From DailyTech: Clone maker Psystar launched with the intention of making OS X computers for several hundred dollars cheaper than Apple's own offerings. It seemed a win-win for both companies -- Psystar would be selling machines, and Apple would see increased software sales. Furthermore, Psystar's $399 machines targeted different market sectors than Apple's as they were aimed at the bargain market, while Apple's Mini line of desktops were aimed at those seeking a small form factor.


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