HP offers money for old tech equipment

From CNET News.com: Hewlett-Packard has decided to offer people in the United States money in exchange for their old tech equipment, the company announced Tuesday.

The PC maker has had a recycling program for years that lets consumers determine the value of their old tech equipment, then receive a credit for that value toward a new HP or Compaq brand product.

Seagate Unveils Single-Platter 500GB Hard Drive, Slightly Implies 2TB HDDs

From X-bit Labs: Seagate Technology, the world’s largest maker of hard disk drives (HDDs), on Monday formally unveiled its first single-platter 500GB HDD. The new drive itself may be a very cost-effective high-capacity storage option for those who need it, but 500GB platters may enable 2TB (about 2000GB) hard drives in the near future, an unprecedented capacity.

HP adds aluminum-clad Mini 2140 to netbook lineup

From InfoWorld: Hewlett-Packard completed its shift away from Via Technologies' C7 processor with the release of an updated version of its popular Mini 2130 netbook that offers a larger screen and uses an Atom processor.

Mouse-maker Logitech to Cut 525 Salaried Employees

From PC World: Logitech will cut 15 percent of its salaried employees as it expects weaker consumer demand for computer peripherals, it said Tuesday, just a month after shipping its billionth mouse.

The company has 9,000 employees, including manufacturing workers in China, with 3,500 of those on salary, according to a spokeswoman. The layoffs mean 525 workers will be laid off by the end of March.

New HP ultraportable first to use AMD Neo chip

From CNET News.com: Another Netbook? No, not exactly. Hewlett-Packard's new Pavilion dv2 is an ultraportable, thank you. And the new Athlon Neo silicon inside from Advanced Micro Devices will try to prove that point.

Microsoft Declares 28 Million Xbox 360s Sold Worldwide

From DailyTech: Microsoft announced that 28 million Xbox 360s were sold worldwide by the end of 2008. Xbox 360 Product Management Director Aaron Greenberg proudly declared 2008 "was our biggest year ever in Xbox history".

Articles Roundup January 5, 2009

New Graphics Chip May Change Approach to High-End Graphics Cards Design

From X-bit Labs: Nvidia Corp.’s new flagship graphics processing unit (GPU), which is due to be out sometimes in Q2 2009, is projected to feature substantially, but not dramatically higher computing performance compared to predecessors. In fact, the new code-named Nvidia GT212 chip may be suited very well for high-end dual-chip graphics cards, which may mean that Nvidia is shifting to multi-GPU configurations from “megachips”.

Jumbo 17" MacBook Coming, Mac Mini to Ditch Intel Graphics

MSI Launches Super Thin X-Slim 320 13.4" Notebook

From DailyTech: With the start of CES 2009 just days away, we can expect a flurry of new product announcements to flood the internet. As DailyTech reported earlier today, notebooks and netbooks are expected to take most of the limelight this year in Las Vegas.


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