Articles Roundup December 23, 2008

Via to Drive High-Definition Video into Small Form-Factor Systems

From X-bit Labs: Via Technologies, a developer of microprocessors, graphics chips and core-logic sets, has announced a new platform that should enable feature-rich multimedia systems with very low power consumption. The new “Trinity” platform will utilize mini-ITX 2.0 form-factor, Via Nano processor, S3 Graphics’ graphics processing unit as well as a Via core-logic.

Sun Executive Reveals More Open-source Plans for JavaFX

From PC World: A Sun Microsystems executive has provided a glimpse into the company's future plans for open sourcing JavaFX, its recently released technology for building RIAs (rich Internet applications) for the desktop, mobile devices and other platforms.

XP's Death: Slightly Exaggerated -- Again

From PC World: Windows XP has risen from the dead more times than Bela Lugosi. And it just happened again.

Microsoft has quietly informed system makers that, if they place their orders before January 31, 2009, they can get XP delivered through the end of May. It's what they call a "flexible inventory program," according to ChannelWeb. I call it Microsoft desperately trying to cover its assets with both hands.

Palm Gets Bailout Money, Banks On New OS

From CRN: Palm announced Monday it would receive $100 million from Elevation Partners in an attempt -- again -- to jump-start the ailing device maker. The investment caused the beleaguered vendor's stock to jump 22.5 percent yesterday, or 55 cents. That brought the share price to $3.05 -- better than its 52-week low of $1.14, yet significantly below its 52-week high of $8.94.

Workers Begin Repairs on Undersea Cable

From DailyTech: Days after two undersea cables in the Mediterranean Sea were severed; a French ship is now on scene to help begin repairs on two of three damaged cables. Engineers believe the cables were mistakenly cut by a ship's anchor.

Telecommunications companies ranging from Cairo to Dubai were forced to reroute service through other Asian and North American hosts.

Microsoft warns of critical bug in SQL Server

From InfoWorld: Microsoft Monday warned customers that attack code has been released targeting a critical vulnerability in older versions of its widely-used SQL Server database software, and urged users to apply a temporary workaround.

AMD 40nm RV740 with GDDR5 Coming

From Tom's Hardware: Sources received information claiming that RV740 will have 640 stream processors, 32 texture units and 16 render back-ends, just like the HD4830.

On the memory side, things have changed. The memory is expected to be 900MHz GDDR5 (3600MHz effective) for the highest-end card using the RV740 GPU, utilizing a 128-bit memory interface instead of a 256-bit interface running at 900MHz GDDR3 (1800Mhz effective).

Intel May Want to Acquire Imagination Technologies

From X-bit Labs: Intel said that through its wholly owned subsidiary Intel Capital Corporation, has acquired a further 934,422 shares in Imagination Technologies Group through its adviser UBS resulting in an aggregate holding of 6,934,422 shares in Imagination Technologies Group (including its existing holding of 6 million shares held by its wholly owned subsidiary Intel Capital (Cayman) Corp.) representing 3.04% of Imagination Technologies Group total issued voting rights.

AMD Preps New Life for AMD Athlon Brand with Triple and Quad-Core Chips

From X-bit Labs: The brand that has been known for a little less than ten years – AMD Athlon – is expected to get yet another life with the revamped K10 micro-architecture by Advanced Micro Devices, once the new chips get launched in April 2009.


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