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The PX1000G 1000W is one of the more recent DeepCool power supplies to hit the market, and its updated design language can be seen on this power supply unit. For one, we have a mostly all-black finish on the SECC steel enclosure, but we do see some teal elements which point to their logo colors. As well, you can see the sides have a DeepCool logo cutout with a teal backing for a subtle but clean look. Of course, this logo is upside-down in the photo above and will be correctly oriented when the fan is facing downward. For its physical size, the DeepCool PX1000G 1000W is quite reasonably sized for this wattage, with a standard ATX form factor and 16.0cm length. Most modular power supplies are longer than non-modular units by a centimeter or two, as the extra length is needed to accommodate its connector board at the back. In standard ATX or eATX chassis, this length should not be much of a problem. In smaller cases that still can hold standard power supplies, a shorter length will be advantageous, especially when you consider this is fully modular.

At the top, you can see the square grid pattern on the punchout of the steel enclosure. This grid should prevent cables and fingers from entering this area while still allowing air to flow through here. The 120mm fan underneath generates airflow by drawing air from the bottom of the power supply over the internal components to keep them cool. Exhaust heat is then able to leave out the back of the power supply through the other opening on this power supply. Four screws around the power supply keep the whole unit enclosed, with one screw having a warranty seal. This means you cannot open the DeepCool PX1000G 1000W without voiding its 10-year warranty.

On the back of the power supply, we have a similar square grid grille, albeit with much smaller openings this time around. We also have a horizontally aligned male connector for power input on one side of the unit with an on/off switch beside it. I do like that this power switch is colored in teal for a unique look. Finally, we have a push-button switch marked "Hybrid Mode", which turns on the zero RPM fan mode. This turns off the fan when the power supply is below a certain temperature and wattage. Otherwise, this ventilation area is important to allow heat to flow out of the back. Most modern power supplies have an automatic full range 110V to 240V AC line voltage selection, so there is no need for a manual switch, as seen on older power supply units without active PFC.

Like many power supplies we cover here at APH Networks, the DeepCool PX1000G 1000W is a fully modular power supply. This means all cables are completely detachable from the main unit. While it is somewhat questionable with regards to why this is necessary, since cables such as the ATX 24-pin and ATX 4-pin/EPS 8-pin have practically an 100% chance of being connected at all times, it may be beneficial to an extent when building your computer initially.

As for the rear cable connection panel, everything is clearly labeled and in the correct orientation. Similar connectors are grouped together and laid out in a logical manner. Starting from the top row on the left, we have a motherboard 24-pin split into two plugs. Immediately to the right of that are two 8-pin plugs for either the CPU or PCIe cables. On to the second row, we have three 6-pin plugs for peripheral connections like SATA or Molex. Next, we have three more 8-pin plugs for more CPU or PCIe connectors. Finally, we have a 16-pin 600W 12VHPWR PCIe 5.0 plug. One thing I do like is the fact it is quite tricky to accidentally plug the wrong cable into the wrong port, as none of them share the same physical plug as each other. This is a generally reasonable array of outputs in correspondence to the number of connectors on each modular cable, which should be sufficient for most users. Compared to the Thermaltake Toughpower GF3 1000W, this DeepCool power supply swaps out a peripheral connector for an extra CPU/PCIe connection.

Overall, the build quality of the DeepCool PX1000G 1000W is quite good. The panels fit well together with minimal gaps while the edges are nicely finished off. Plugs fully plug in and stay in place. The surface is also quite scratch resistant, which is great to see. We will see what it looks like on the inside to really comment on the build quality.

The voltage specification label is located on the outer panel of the DeepCool PX1000G 1000W. There are two main virtual rails. Up to 22A can be delivered via the +3.3V rail for a total of 72.6W, while the 22A on the +5V rail brings the output to 110W in this area. The total combined output for the +3.3V and +5V rail is 120W. In other words, your power allocation combination must fall within the limits of the listed specifications. Meanwhile, a single +12V rail delivers up to 83.3A for a maximum 999.6W. Overall, the combined power output for the whole DeepCool PX1000G 1000W is an unsurprising 1000W. It does sound a bit confusing to understand how this works at first, but generally speaking, this configuration allows fairly flexible power demands and should be sufficient to accommodate most users. I have seen higher power outputs in the +3.3V and 5V rails for similar rated units like the Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 1000W and Antec Signature Platinum 1000W, but the overall distribution is still reasonable for a 1000W power supply. Unsurprisingly, this is also the same power distribution as the aforementioned Toughpower GF3 1000W.

The DeepCool PX1000G 1000W is 80 Plus Gold certified, which means that it is certified to be at least 87%, 90%, 87% efficient at 20%, 50%, and 100% load, respectively. In addition, it is also Cybenetics ETA Platinum certified. Cybenetics ETA Platinum means at 115V input, it is certified to be between 89% and 91% overall efficiency, power factor above 0.975, greater than 76% 5VSB efficiency, and less than 0.16W vampire power. It is a bit surprising to see the mismatch of certification between 80 Plus and Cybenetics ETA, but it also reveals the different ways the two organizations test for efficiency. Higher certifications available for power supplies of this type include 80 Plus Platinum, 80 Plus/Cybenetics ETA Titanium, and Cybenetics ETA Diamond at press time.

A total of ten modular power cables are included out of the box. All modular cables are flat and easy to bend, making them extremely easy to work with. 16 AWG wires are found on the ATX 24-pin and PCIe 6+2 pin bundles. The sense pins on the 12VHPWR PCIe are connected with 24AWG wires and everything else is 18 AWG.

The following modular cables are included out of the box:

- 1x ATX 20+4 pin, 60.0cm
- 2x ATX 4+4 pin, 70.0cm
- 1x 12VHPWR PCIe 12+4 pin, 65.0cm
- 3x PCIe 6+2 pin, 65.0cm
- 2x SATA, 4 connectors, 50.0cm to first connector, 15.0cm spacing thereafter
- 1x Molex, 4 connectors, 50.0cm to first connector, 15.0cm spacing thereafter

These are specified measurements from the manufacturer. Most users should have no problems with the DeepCool PX1000G 1000W in modern cases. The minimum standard is around 50cm to the first connector, which is met or exceeded by all of the modular cables provided with this power supply.

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