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Although I am thoroughly convinced you do need air conditioning in Calgary as discussed in the introduction of this review, I am not entirely convinced you need active noise canceling with in-ear monitors; at least not with the 1MORE True Wireless ANC. The reason is because the ANC feature on these earphones, regardless of the setting, does not do much other than shift lower frequencies slightly. I have certainly experienced higher performing active noise canceling. That said, let us go over the positive parts of these earphones first. The earphones are quick to pair and have incredible wireless range and consistency. 1MORE includes loads of ear sleeves for a great fit. My favorite part about the True Wireless ANC is the metal charging case. It feels solid and cool to touch, not to mention it supports both wireless charging and USB Type-C. Unfortunately, this is about where the positives end and my criticisms start. My biggest issue with the True Wireless ANC is the sound quality leaves a lot to be desired. I am especially bothered by how sibilant they are. The battery life is also poor; at 3 hours 18 minutes with ANC off and exactly 3 hours with ANC on is nowhere near the posted numbers. Form factor-wise, the True Wireless ANC is big and heavy. Combine all these with one of the worst microphones I have used in a very long time, I simply do not see the appeal of this product. Do you really want something that does not sound great, is massive, has poor battery life, and a microphone that does not even work outside for $180 at press time? All these are tradeoffs for an active noise canceling feature that does not really do much. My advice is save your money and buy the ColorBuds True Wireless for almost half the price instead. This is not to mention the ColorBuds True Wireless sounds way better, has an awesome microphone for calls, more than double the tested battery life, is water and sweat resistant, all in an unbelievably compact form factor.

1MORE provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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-- Final APH Networks Numeric Rating is 5.0/10
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You simply cannot win with the 1MORE True Wireless ANC no matter how you look at it -- audio performance, microphone quality, form factor, battery life, or price.

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