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As we come to the conclusion of the Adesso Xtream S2 Bluetooth wireless speaker, let me give you a quick analogy in correspondence to the introduction of this review. Is the Honda Civic a good car? If you are trying to evaluate it from its ability to move 4x8 plywood from Home Depot to your backyard, and how well it tows a trailer up a mountain at 20% grade, then let me tell you, you are looking at the wrong car. In the same way, if you are looking for a set of high performance desktop speakers that will blow you away in music and movies, slide open your wallet and pull out $250 worth of greenbacks for the Audioengine A2+ instead -- that is really what you are after. But if you are looking for a compact, battery powered Bluetooth wireless speaker that you can easily travel with, the Adesso Xtream S2 is what you are looking for. For about $40 at press time, it sounds way better than any phone or tablet can ever hope to achieve, and you can even make hands free calls on it! This Bluetooth speaker can easily fill a small to medium sized room with sound quality most people can live with, or even sit nicely on your kitchen counter as you chat with your friends and family across the world while doing the dishes. Of course, there are certain areas of improvement that I would like to present. The treble tuning can be better, and the pause-and-beep warning when the volume is maxed out is quite annoying. Furthermore, for some reason, despite being advertised as having an iOS compatible battery indicator, my Xtream S2 did not work with both iPhones I tried. Lastly, Adesso seems to be quite confused with their product specifications. This seemed to have been an issue with the Xtream H2 as well, maybe it is time for some fact checking?

Adesso provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Adesso Xtream S2 is a nice little battery powered Bluetooth wireless speaker that will allow you to conveniently make hands free phone calls, as well as filling a small to medium sized room with some tunes with reasonable sound quality for its size.

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