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Now featuring hot swappable drive bays behind a slick looking magnetically attached front door and a built-in 10Gbps port along with two gigabit Ethernet ports to push the limits of network throughput, is the ASUSTOR AS4002T dual bay NAS to buy in 2018? For the price you pay, the reality is you gain some and you lose some. Let us start off with what you gain. The highlight of this NAS is obviously its 10GbE network adapter, which will remove the bottleneck of standard Gigabit LAN if your network is so equipped. The tested performance is also great over Gigabit LAN, and the updated chassis with hot swappable drive bays is certainly a considerable upgrade from its predecessors. As always, ADM is incredible and remains to be one of the best network attached storage operating systems in the market today. However, the gains are met with some sacrifices along the way. The ASUSTOR AS4002T has no HDMI ports or any hardware multimedia capabilities; this is a classic NAS you can connect directly to your network only. The hardware also is not very powerful. The Marvell ARMADA-7020 dual core CPU and non-expandable 2GB of RAM is sufficient for most home applications, but this NAS is not designed to haul, and unfortunately it is not as power efficient as faster Intel models either. Lastly, the slick looking front panel is also a fingerprint magnet; I would have much preferred ASUSTOR to stick with the previous diamond plate finished plastic cover design and just make it removable. All in all, you will be hard pressed to find a decent NAS that comes with a 10Gbps network adapter for about $260 at press time from another manufacturer. If you are looking for a plain no-frills system that can deliver maximum network throughput on light workloads in a small network, the AS4002T delivers for the money.

ASUSTOR provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The ASUSTOR AS4002T is a very reasonably priced NAS that comes with a speedy 10GbE network adapter.

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