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With ASUSTOR Data Manager 3.0.0 installed on our AS6404T network attached storage device, it is virtually impossible to say who has an upper hand: Both ASUSTOR and QNAP remains to be the top players in the industry in features, performance, and user friendliness. The ASUSTOR system we are reviewing today is a breeze to setup, can do almost anything you can think of, and a pleasure to use. These are one of those cases where QNAP implements a new feature and ASUSTOR quickly does something similar, and vice versa. As far as the AS6404T in concerned, the system certainly has many merits of its own. Based on the same chassis as the venerable AS7004T I wrote about a few years ago, the AS6404T comes with the same hot swap bays, user upgradeable memory, and excellent front panel controls plus LCD display. It is also equipped with Intel's latest Celeron J3455 "Apollo Lake" quad core system-on-a-chip for great performance and excellent power efficiency. In turn, the ASUSTOR AS6404T is one of the most power efficient NAS we have ever tested here at APH Networks. If you want, the company's new Wake on WAN feature lets you turn the system on or off on-demand. With an HDMI 2.0 port and optical audio out on board, ASUSTOR proves once again they can put out a great product that can serve as your central hub for entertainment and storage alike. I wish it had real lockable HDD/SSD trays and 10GbE expandability, but other than that, it is hard to find faults with the company's latest power user to business class device. For about $700 USD (or about $900 CAD in Canada) at press time, the AS6404T offers great value for your money; delivering in features, performance, and power efficiency.

ASUSTOR provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The ASUSTOR AS6404T is a network attached storage system loaded with features and delivers in performance while keeping your power bill low.

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