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At the end of the day, I can cheerfully report the cheero Ingress Power Cube is very aesthetically pleasing. Starting at opening the product, the unboxing makes the Ingress Power Cube feel premium. Its mesh carrying case is good to see here, as most power banks do not even include this. The design implemented by cheero makes for a solidly built power bank. It may be a tad big, but this is to accommodate for the gigantic battery. The manufacturer's material choices are also good. Despite the Ingress Power Cube's plastic construction, its glossy finish conceals oily marks quite well, and the product does not feel cheap. In addition, the LED lighting puts the Ingress Power Cube in a league of its own. It may not add much functionally to the portable charger, but it stands out from the rest. When it comes to performance, the cheero Ingress Power Cube charges devices with speed. With support for both 1A and 2.1A charging and two USB ports, the Ingress Power Cube can charge a phone and a tablet at the same time. Its internal battery is rated at 500 cycles, which is expected for most power banks in general. On the other hand, there also seems to be a problem with the cheero Ingress Power Cube, and it lies with the battery. Despite being listed at such a large capacity, it does not seem to line up with the way it indicates how much power is remaining. Whether this is a flaw with the LED notification lights, or an actual issue with the internal battery, the math does not add up. In addition, the large battery means long charging times, as it takes a while to fully charge the cheero Ingress Power Cube. It would probably just be a slap on the wrist if the Ingress Power Cube misreported the size of the internal battery, but considering how long it takes to charge up the battery, there seems to be a bigger problem under the surface. If on the other hand the battery is misreported, I would then question why the Ingress is so large and heavy. At the quoted battery capacity, the sizing is reasonable, but otherwise, this is quite the power pack to carry. At press time, the cheero Ingress Power Cube is priced at $43 USD. Comparable portable power banks can be found for half the price with other features like support for Qualcomm's QuickCharge. Compound this with the fact our review unit of the cheero Ingress Power Cube is inconsistent in terms of its battery performance, and it is hard for me to recommend this power bank. Despite it being relatively good on paper, the Achilles' heel of the cheero Ingress is the battery itself, which is inexcusable for an external battery pack.

cheero provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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3/10 means Disadvantages are pretty significant, and seriously considered before purchase. Disadvantages interfere with the product purpose, and if better alternatives are available, get the better alternative.
-- Final APH Numeric Rating is 3.8/10
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The cheero Ingress might help you light up your way, but an inconsistent battery makes the Ingress Power Cube a questionable purchase all in all.

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