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To go back to my original theme of my Chevrolet Cruze, I can say I have enjoyed it the most because it offered quite a bit more than the Cobalt I used to drive, and it still has the new car feel, despite being a year old already. It is not the best car I have driven, especially when compared to a Ferrari, nor is it the most fun car to drive. Even still, I think the Cruze was a satisfactory buy, because it checks off all the right marks at the right price. This is a mostly similar story to the Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite L Combo RGB set. For one, this set follows in the simple but complete design of Cooler Master's recent products. Features on the keyboard are complete, including RGB lighting with multiple lighting modes, media keys, and even some gaming specific features like Windows lock keys and anti-ghosting measures. Typing on the MasterKeys Lite L is also a good experience, especially for a membrane keyboard. While it tries to offer a mechanical-like experience, it is still a membrane keyboard. As for the mouse, it too checks off as being a usable mouse. The RGB lighting on this input device is shown off nicely and makes for a really good appearance when plugged in. Its glide performance is also a plus. However, if there are any complaints with this combination set, it would be with the mouse, as it feels just a bit too small in size and weight, and it lacks in accuracy. It also has very little to grip to, making for hand fatigue when using it. I feel like the mouse is the weaker link in this duo, which is disappointing. As for pricing, the Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite L Combo RGB is available for $60 USD, and is still a good value. However, if Cooler Master could make the mouse just a bit more refined, I think the MasterKeys Lite L Combo RGB would be a more convincing winner in the budget race.

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Cooler Master takes what they have done well with their original combination sets, and adds rainbow lighting to add some flair with the MasterKeys Lite L Combo RGB.

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