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After getting a Muppets song stuck in everyone's head, I went back home and plopped the Cooler Master MH670 on my head to clear my own mind. For the most part, this headset is a very good option for gaming and casual music listening, especially as it cuts out the cables in the process. Starting from the top, the Cooler Master MH670 features a solid build with good materials used. It may not feel as solidly built as some previous Cooler Master headsets, but it is well-constructed. The thick and soft foam ear cups and headband are great at providing a comfortable fit, though the headset is a bit heavy. Cooler Master has also kept their software experience simple and easy to configure, while also providing features like equalizer profiles and virtual surround sound. In practice, the headset also is a capable headset when used for gaming situations with a V-shaped signature and a relatively good soundstage. The included microphone is good for casual game chat or calling. The MH670 also provides excellent wireless capabilities in both its longevity and its range, keeping the headset running for more than twenty hours per charge. If there is a place to refine this headset, it would be in the audio quality, as we noticed the Cooler Master MH670 could improve on its smooth transitions between frequencies as well as keeping its definition in heavier pieces of music. I also might have liked to see a slightly lighter headset, though I would not want to see it compromise on battery life, so this tradeoff is understandable. Otherwise, I want to see Cooler Master use USB Type-C instead of the older micro USB port for charging. At press time, the Cooler Master MH670 is available for around $107 USD. Considering its price and performance, this headset is a great option for a gaming headset with wireless capabilities nailed down.

Cooler Master provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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Cooler Master provides a great wireless gaming experience with a solidly built MH670 headset.

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