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With comfort being the name of the game for the MH752, Cooler Master has put together a very compelling headset. Starting at the top, the MH752 is one of the classiest looking gaming headphones we have had in our hands for a long time. Its clean looks are also backed up with a solid structure and build. The steel band keeps the headset together while the plastic does not creak in any unexpected way. Between the plush earcups, the padded headband, and the lower weight, the Cooler Master MH752 is a great headset to wear. I personally found it to get warm after long use, but the clamping force is just adequate enough to stick on your head without causing discomfort. When we get to audio performance, the Cooler Master MH752 is pretty good in its own regard. With good amount of detail, a fun V-shaped sound, and good performance in all three frequency ranges, the MH752 was more than adequate for daily gaming use. For use outside of gaming, I found the soundstaging to be a bit narrower than I would have liked and I personally think the midrange could be made richer in detail. Microphone performance is also quite good overall for game chat while sounding pretty natural. At a retail MSRP of $99 USD, the Cooler Master MH752 competes primarily with the HyperX Cloud lineup and it does so well. There are still areas for improvement overall, but I think the MH752 is definitely worth taking a look at for a comfortable and capable pair of headphones.

Cooler Master provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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Geared towards comfort, the Cooler Master MH752 delivers a pleasant feel and an adequate audio experience.

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