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While the teacher did not call me a special case, the Cooler Master MM711 Blue Steel is a special mouse to cross our review table in a few ways. For one, it starts with the platform of the excellent Cooler Master MM711. This means we have all the things I enjoyed in the original mouse, including its lightweight construction, RGB implementation, excellent performing sensor, and solid Omron switches underneath. The construction is one that will hold up, as I have been using my original one for almost a year now and I have had no complaints personally. Button clicks feel nice and the whole mouse is easy to grip on to. The MM711 is also supported by the newly updated MasterPlus software, which now provides some system information and diagnostic information. While it is a bit sparse on the reporting, I do commend the fact Cooler Master is continually improving their utility. It still provides a great amount of configuration to your MM711, while being easy to use. Secondly, this is special because it introduces the limited-edition colorways for the MM711. Other colors like Wilderness Green should also be available from other retailers. Thirdly, these are limited edition colors, so if you really like this new color, then do so while it is still available. As of right now, the Blue Steel edition is available from select retailers for around $60 USD, which is the same price at launch of the original MM711. This mouse may not necessarily bring anything new to your table other than its color, but is that such a bad thing? If you already have this mouse, you probably will not pick up this just for the fresh color. However, if you have yet to jump on the MM711 train, I think these new colors in combination with the excellent performance should only further entice you.

Cooler Master provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The Cooler Master MM711 Blue Steel finishes the already excellent MM711 with a new coat of paint so you can "Make it Yours".

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