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The Cooler Master MM712 is a step up from the MM711, especially considering everything that has been improved. The primary change is the introduction of a solid body without increasing the weight. This is impressive considering this is a wireless mouse, which includes a 500mAh battery inside to keep the MM712 operational. The battery life is great as I never had to worry about charging the mouse for several weeks of use. There have been other changes under the hood, including longer endurance optical switches and a more power-efficient sensor. I also appreciate the excellent included accessories like the Ultraweave cable, wireless extender, and grip tape. On the other hand, there are two things they have kept the same. The first is the familiar shape, size, and weight of the mouse. The second is the performance, as the MM712 is on par with other excellent wireless mice with tactility in the primary button feedback and solid tracking capabilities. With the latest firmware installed, there is practically no noticeable difference between wireless and wired performance. The MasterPlus+ utility works well enough, even with a few hiccups like poor interface scaling. In reality, the one thing that could still be improved is the firmware update process. The slam clicking flaw we noticed is also something that you should be aware of, but it can be bypassed. Finally, the higher sensor position may require some adjustment, depending on your use case. These small items do not take away from what is an excellent ultralight wireless mouse. At the time of the review, the MM712 is available for approximately $60, which is a pretty good price. As such, if you are looking for a wireless mouse in a familiar shape, then the Cooler Master MM712 is an excellent choice.

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The Cooler Master MM712 gaming mouse is an upgraded experience, adding wireless and a hole-free body to everything else we liked from its predecessor.

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