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If you skipped most of the review and came straight to this page to find out what has changed since last year's Cooler Master SK621, I do not blame you. Fundamentally, there are three major changes. The first is the change from Cherry MX Low Profile switches to TTC KS32, and the second is standard low profile keycaps rather than flat keycaps. The third is remapped secondary key assignments for improved Mac OS functionality in addition to its Windows hotkeys. At the end of the day, the Cooler Master SK622 is still a 60% Bluetooth mechanical wireless keyboard for those who want minimal size with maximum features. The SK622's full RGB LED backlighting with advanced lighting effects like a built-in snake game has not changed. It still features extremely minimalist, sleek, and clean looks. The keyboard's wired functionality over a USB Type-C port remains, and its Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity allows you to use it with pretty much anything that has Bluetooth. It works with or without software, thanks to its self-programming capabilities and internal profile storage. Add all these with its light weight and very reasonable battery life, is the SK622 still a winner in our books? Well, I think PBT keycaps are important, which the SK622 does not have, and the strange lack of explicit Windows Lock indication should still be fixed. Strengthening the backplate of this keyboard will be the icing on the cake. For about $120 at press time, the Cooler Master SK622 is priced exactly the same as the SK621. I am not sure why the change from real Cherry MX to TTC switches did not lower the price; the only advantage I see is Cherry MX Low Profile is only available in Red and Speed but not Blue. Unless you are dead set on standard low profile keycaps and getting a blue or brown-type switch, stick with the SK621, as it is basically the same keyboard with higher end switches for the same price.

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The Cooler Master SK622 is an ultra-sleek 60% RGB-backlit Bluetooth mechanical wireless keyboard with standard low profile keycaps and TTC KS32 low profile switches.

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