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Unfortunately, I did not have the privilege of reviewing the older Sentinel models, but I have to say I am quite pleased with the Cooler Master Storm Sentinel III. Build quality wise, the mouse is pretty solid, even if it is made primarily out of plastic. Aesthetically speaking, the product also looks plain with a few flashy lights. The original Sentinels all looked the same, and Cooler Master has kept its winning formula with the third iteration with an easy to hold feel. The LED lights are also a nice touch, but they are subtly hidden under a hexagonal grill for some style. The OLED screen and the on the fly adjustments are also much appreciated, as they were useful for some quick tweaks when I wanted. It also meant I did not have to open the software while I was in game. Speaking of which, the software was good to work with. The user interface may seem a bit dated, but generally feels polished, and the best part is the fact it works without any hiccups. As for performance, I really enjoyed using the Sentinel III in all situations. Its shape and size is perfect for a good palm-grip fit, and I was quite happy with the way it felt in my hand. Tracking and gaming performance was accurate and smooth, and movement felt very natural. With all these pros in mind, I should say there still are things Cooler Master could work on. For one, making an easier to grip shell would be much appreciated, even if it is a soft-touch coating. Finally, if they could make the additional mass moved to the center of the mouse, this would balance the Sentinel III better. Looking at some online retailers, the Cooler Master Storm Sentinel III can be found for a pretty good price of $60 USD at press time. With all the features packed into this mouse, I am pretty happy with what I am seeing. If you are looking for a solid right-handed, palm-grip mouse, then you should not miss out on Cooler Master's latest Sentinel.

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A sentinel may be someone who just keeps watch, but the Cooler Master Storm Sentinel III is definitely a mouse deserving of some action on your desk.

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