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Can Corsair Gaming's Glaive RGB dominate on any battlefield, all day long? It is ambitious to want to be a winner in both first person shooter and multiplayer online battle arena games, and for the Glaive RGB, while being a really good mouse, is probably better off at choosing one or the other. In terms of pure hardware, Corsair Gaming's latest entry has all the right ingredients: Top notch Omron switches rated for fifty million clicks, a unique scroll wheel that feels good in practice, and PixArt's PMW3367 -- basically a modified version of the renowned PMW3360 -- optical sensor that can span from 100 DPI to 16,000 DPI at 1 DPI increments. Throw in a trio interchangeable thumb grips, there is a lot to like about the Corsair Gaming Glaive RGB. But to be the weapon of choice for both first person shooter and multiplayer online battle arena games is a whole different issue. Since this mouse is quite large and the front tilt angle is conservative, it feels more like a MOBA than FPS mouse to me, especially for those who do not have large hands. On the other hand, it only has six buttons, making it not exactly MOBA grade either. That aside, for an MSRP of $70 at press time, the Corsair Gaming Glaive RGB is still a really great product, even if it is not your weapon of choice for both types of games. It comes with a lower price tag than SteelSeries' Rival 500 and Rival 700 in the same performance category. On the software side, Corsair's Utility Engine is very powerful, feature-filled, and reasonably easy to use other than a few minor quirks. Some firmware enhancements could fix what could be some very minor lag and jitter issues at the highest resolution, but other than that, if you feel comfortable with the shape of the Corsair Gaming Glaive RGB, it is a mouse with the right hardware to impress for a surprisingly reasonable price.

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Featuring some top notch hardware under the hood for an MSRP of $70, if the Corsair Gaming Glaive RGB fits your hand, then it will be a mouse that fits the bill, too.

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