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Following in the latest of adding custom lights to everything, the Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris is everything you would expect if you were to combine the a mousing surface with this trend. Starting at build quality and design, Corsair has done the MM800 RGB Polaris mostly right. Its build is excellent, and the mousepad feels solid. The usable space of the MM800 is also quite sufficient for most gamers. The consistent surface on the top and the Lego-like bottom also means everything works as expected. In addition, I really like the way Corsair added the lighting effects. While they may not provide any useful information, such as game engine integration, it is definitely an eye-catcher. When it comes to performance, however, there is a bit of a mixed message. In our tests, the Corsair MM800 RGB proved to be very usable, with good glide and grip characteristics. The noise could have been reduced, but this is a problem with all hard surface pads. However, a few issues also popped up in our tests. The biggest fault I have with the Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris is the slightly abrasive top surface, which left scratch marks on my mouse. While it did not negatively affect the glide performance, I think it is more than possible to have a smoother surface without sacrificing control. The other problem I have with the MM800 RGB Polaris is the location of the plastic USB hub. If it were located on one of the sides of the MM800 rather than the middle, it would not interfere with the cable of wired mice. At a retail price of around $60 USD, the RGB price premium is in full effect. On the other hand, you can find this on sale for $40 USD, which is easier to swallow. Thus to conclude, I think Corsair has the right mindset in terms of combining lights with a normally quiet peripheral. However, while they may have nailed the RGB portion, I think some improvements can be made to perfect the Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris as a mousing surface, too.

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The Corsair MM800 RGB Polaris is an eye-catching mousing surface, and with some adjustments, it will be a mainstay to light up your desk.

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