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About 3DMark

3DMark includes everything you need to benchmark your PC and mobile devices in one app. Whether you're gaming on a PC, a tablet or a smartphone, 3DMark includes benchmarks designed specifically for your hardware.

We update 3DMark regularly so that you can benchmark the latest hardware and graphics APIs. Since 2013, we've added over a dozen new benchmarks, stress tests and feature tests. When you buy 3DMark today, you benefit from more than seven years of development, updates, and enhancements. And we're just getting started.

From: Developer's Page

Similar to UL's PCMark 10, 3DMark is another favorite among enthusiasts and reviewers alike. In fact, it has been part of the APH Networks' battery of standard benchmarks since the very beginning. The latest iteration of 3DMark is available in a series of presets. We included Port Royal, Time Spy Extreme, Fire Strike Ultra, and Night Raid. Port Royal is for real-time ray tracing, Time Spy Extreme tests 4K gaming with DirectX 12, Fire Strike Ultra tests 4K gaming with DirectX 11, and Night Raid is a DirectX 12 test for PCs with integrated graphics. From the graphs above, you can see all of our kits were relatively close regardless of the memory bandwidth. The largest margin was found in the Night Raid test with a notable 4% difference from the highest to lowest. Even so, this is not too surprising, as these tests are more dependent on the GPU used in testing and this is reflected by the smaller variations in the results.

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