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Since the chia seed incident, my girlfriend has made me a chia seed pudding, and I can clearly say no cooking was involved to prepare it. In a similar vein, after our extended testing, I can happily report the DeepCool MG510 is a capable wireless gaming mouse. Starting at the top, the build quality and design is pretty standard with a nice side texture to make the mouse easy to hold. Some DeepCool visual elements are present, including its bright teal base and back logo. Everything in its implementation is good and functional. This includes its RGB LED lighting, glide performance, button fit and finish, battery life, and included accessories like cables or wireless extender. The same could be said for its software, which is rather plain, but provides enough customization options. As for the performance, the MG510 tracked well in our testing, with the PAW3370 sensor holding up. Both wired and wireless performance were consistent and button presses were crisp and tactile. There are still some things I would change with the DeepCool MG510. For one, I think DeepCool could strengthen the body, so that there is less flexing in the body. I also wish they chose a better finish to prevent handling marks from being as apparent. Furthermore, I wish they had integrated the battery indicator into one of their lighting zones or hidden it under the mouse. Speaking of such, the Report button underneath the mouse should be fixed to actually make it function, whether to cycle the polling rate or something else. Finally, I would have liked to see DeepCool provide some software enhancements and refinement, including the ability to change when the mouse goes to sleep as well as the lift off distance. Overall, the DeepCool MG510 is a decent mouse. At a retail price of $80 USD, the MG510 does undercut some of its recent competition slightly, making it a decent option for wireless gaming.

DeepCool provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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7/10 means Great product with many advantages and certain insignificant drawbacks, but should be considered before purchasing.
-- Final APH Networks Numeric Rating is 7.3/10
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The DeepCool MG510 it is a reasonably priced wireless gaming mouse that enables users to perform their duties with satisfaction.

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