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Page 3 - A Closer Look - Inside, Installation

After you unscrew the four attachment screws at the back, you can take the back unit out. You'll end up with the hollow aluminum casing and the back unit; which is attached to a small metal rack for accommodating hard drives. It slides out easily with only one cable attached. This cable is designed to supply power to the front LED and can be easily removed.

An important feature of the Eagle Consus I-Series ET-CSIU2J-BK is the ability to accommodate two hard drives. It only supports JBOD, which essentially combines two hard drives into one storage volume as detected by your computer. RAID is not supported; but we don't expect that feature at this price range anyways. From the photo above, you can also see that installation is relatively easy. You only need to plug in your SATA hard drive and then screw in the four standard screws on the side (These screws are included). Detailed instructions are provided just in case you are confused.

The chip used to power the device is an PM39LV512-70JCE IC manufactured by PMC-Sierra. Specifications and technical information are available from the manufacturer as follows:

• Single Power Supply Operation
- Low voltage range: 2.7 V - 3.6 V
• Memory Organization
- Pm39LV512: 64K x 8 (512 Kbit)
- Pm39LV010: 128K x 8 (1 Mbit)
- Pm39LV020: 256K x 8 (2 Mbit)
- Pm39LV040: 512K x 8 (4 Mbit)
• High Performance Read
- 55/70 ns access time
• Cost Effective Sector/Block Archit
- Uniform 4 Kbyte sectors
- Uniform 64 Kbyte blocks (sector gro
• Data# Polling and Toggle Bit Fea
• Hardware Data Protection
• Automatic Erase and Byte Program
- Build-in automatic program verification
- Typical 16 µs/byte programming time
- Typical 55 ms sector/block/chip erase t
• Low Power Consumption
- Typical 4 mA active read current
- Typical 8 mA program/erase current
- Typical 0.1 µA CMOS standby current
• High Product Endurance
- Guarantee 100,000 program/erase cy
single sector (preliminary)
- Minimum 20 years data retention
• Industrial Standard Pin-out and Pack
- 32-pin (8 mm x 14 mm) VSOP
- 32-pin PLCC
- Optional lead-free (Pb-free) package

After the hard drive is plugged in to the controller board on the back unit, and front LED is reconnected, the enclosure is ready to be physically reassembled. Just screw in the final four screws and voilà, let's move on to start our tests.

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