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Given the Edifier S2000 Pro looks almost identical to the S1000DB, are they actually the same, or are they really different? In the same way I am not the same age as an eighteen year old guy, although they may look almost the same, these products are really different on the inside. Do not get me wrong though -- the S1000DB has an excellent enclosure, and the S2000 Pro still screams quality to me from every corner. Its construction quality is top notch, featuring genuine birch sideboards, and they even refined small parts like the input LED to improve user-friendliness. Under the hood, Edifier really beefed up its internal electronics and upgraded the tweeter in designing the S2000 Pro. The result is considerably improved sonic performance compared to the S1000DB. The S2000 Pro fixes parts where the S1000DB fell short, such as its lower midrange, and improved in areas where you would not expect for speakers of this price like its soundstage. Feature-wise, I am a fan of the new remote control, Bluetooth interface that supports all codecs, and even an XLR balanced input for those who want it. I am still a little bummed out the Edifier S2000 Pro lacks a line-level output to connect to a subwoofer for people who want to fill in the bottom end, but this is a relatively small complaint in the grand scheme of things. For about $400 at press time, the Edifier S2000 Pro is only an extra $50 compared to the S1000DB. You can be assured your money was spent on components to make the speakers sound better, and better speakers you will get.

Edifier provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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Edifier took the excellent S1000DB and made it better in almost every way with the S2000 Pro.

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