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As I listen to the rendering of every drum kick, every high hat hit, and every moment of Chester Bennington's voice in "Shadow of the Day" through the drivers of the Focal Spark Wireless, it is sad to be reminded of the fact the man whose art made up so many of my memories in high school is no longer with us today. But we should also be reminded that his legacy lives on through his music he created. Focal's Spark Wireless, like the wired Spark, are well-built earphones that reproduce the original recordings smoothly and well across the range. Unfortunately, its narrow soundstage leaves a lot to be desired in this aspect. The eight-hour tested battery life is also within expectations, although the battery status programming was not accurate. Due to the placement of the remote, it was also a bit uneven in weight, causing it to swing around unevenly when it is unclipped and you are moving around. I also noticed some inconsistencies in its Bluetooth connection. While the raw range was excellent, some interference was experienced in busy areas. As I continue run though my collection of Linkin Park songs on my Focal Spark Wireless connected to my phone, it is still sad and shocking to hear the passing of Chester for many of us who grew up with his music. We all try so hard and get so far. But in the end, we all matter -- because even though we have to fall to lose it all, the fact we are here and we can make a difference means we were never meant to be an accident composed of carbon atoms with no purpose and no direction. For the Focal Spark Wireless, its purpose is to offer great performance at a great price of $100 without wires. This is a goal, albeit achieved with some flaws in the process, has been achieved otherwise.

Focal provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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No headphone jack? No problem: The Focal Spark Wireless delivers great performance at a great price, without wires.

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