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The FSP CMT510 has a great open interior. Matching the outside, the black color is continued inside, which is crucial because of the tempered glass panels allowing one to see into the case. Everything is painted black; there are no contrasts within the case at all. Otherwise, the power supply chamber is almost entirely covered by a shroud. To the far right of the above picture, there is an open space, quite large, to allow for greater cooling capabilities. This is the only break in the shroud, otherwise there are no ventilation holes in an attempt to keep the temperature zones separate. However, the large gap might make that feat a little more difficult. Sitting comfortably on top of the shroud are two 2.5'' SSD mounts, each of which have their own cutouts for cables. A large vertical break in the case between the motherboard tray and the right side of the case allow for cables to be easily passed through to the front. The motherboard tray is also recessed a bit compared to the front, making it even easier for cables to be routed to the front. Having such a recession does mean there is also more room for cables on one side of the case.

Along the top, we find a couple more cable management cutouts, mostly just for the rear mounted RGB 120 mm fan and the CPU power cable. This hole is a little small, which made it difficult to fit the CPU power cable through. Otherwise, there is also a 120 mm or 140 mm single fan mount right on top of the case. There is enough room to fit a normal fan in the top, but it will be tight. You might also be able to notice on the corners of the fan are anti-vibration pads, meaning the fans should run quite silently, preventing any reverberations around the mostly steel constructed case. Each of the fans within the FSP CMT510 are equipped with anti-vibration pads. Furthermore, the cutout for the motherboard tray is nice and large, allowing for any coolers to be easily installed. As you can see in the picture, the standoffs for an ATX sized motherboard are pre-installed. The CMT510 can fit mini-ITX or micro-ATX sized motherboards. Lastly, the maximum height of an air cooler that can be installed in this case is 165 mm.

Here is a much better view of the power supply shroud and the cutouts in it. Behind the two 2.5'' SSD mounts are two cutouts to easily route cables to them. As well, there is another hole in front of the left mount, which is for the graphics card power cable, ensuring a much cleaner look. When it comes to graphics card clearance, because of the open interior, the FSP CMT510 can allow for up to 400 mm cards. At the far left of the picture, you can also see where the shroud ends. This allows for much larger radiators to be installed, as well as the three fans in the front of the CMT510. Many case manufacturers would opt for a plate that can be either slid out of the way or removed entirely, but FSP just kept the entire spot open. Moving toward the other side, there are seven expansion slots, all of which can be removed and installed again. There is also a lock on the expansion slots, which needs to be unscrewed first, then the slots can be removed individually. The expansion slots also have a nice hexagonal pattern on them instead of the usual prison bar lines on them.

The cooling capabilities of the FSP CMT510 are quite good. There is enough room for three 120 mm fans in the front. This also allows for up to a 360 mm radiator to be installed. This will provide more than enough cooling for enthusiasts. There are three pre-installed fans that are also RGB, which is controlled through the button on the front I/O. The colors work in conjunction with the rear mounted fan. At the front bottom of the case, you can also install another fan that would most probably blow air upward, however, if a 360 mm radiator is installed then a fan cannot be installed along the bottom. There is also a magnetic dust filter in the front of the fans that is made of quality materials, but is not as fine as the dust filters along the bottom of the CMT510. This means more dust can enter the case, requiring more frequent cleaning. Otherwise, there is not that much room for air to be pulled in at the front because of the tempered glass panel. There is less than 10 mm of room to pull air into the case. For the most part, there should not be massive changes in temperatures inside the case; I have not tested how much the airflow is actually obstructed by the glass though.

The back of the FSP CMT510 looks about the same as all the others on the market. However, the implementation of 3.5'' hard drive mounts is wildly different than any other case I have looked at. Usually, only the 2.5'' drives will be installed vertically, but FSP decided to also make it possible to install the 3.5'' drives vertically. The mounts are located on the far left of the case, which can also house 2.5'' drives. In total, one can have four drives installed in the case, which should be enough for most users. Otherwise, the FSP CMT510 has plenty of cable tie loops to tie down the many different cables, this is especially important because of the tempered glass panel on the back. In the top middle, we find the fan hub, which you also install the reset switch connector into so that you can toggle the RGB fans. The only fault I could find in the interior, minor as it is, is that FSP should have included Velcro straps for cable management for a much cleaner final look.

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