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I really cannot complain too much over the whole installation process. The manual had slightly more information than usual, which I appreciate. It had pictures of the screws and for what they should be used for. This streamlined the entire process. However, instructions concerning how the RGB works is lacking. There is nothing to inform you to install the reset connector to the fan hub instead of to the motherboard. Another weakness of the FSP CMT510 is the hard drive mounts, which is actually a common weakness for these type of mounts. It makes it extremely difficult to connect the SATA power cord. I had to bend the cables quite a bit to fit it, and just a nudge disconnects them. Otherwise, the mounts are very easy to use.

I did not do the best as I could have done with cable management, but the FSP CMT510 definitely has the tools necessary to ensure a clean final look. There are plenty of loops to tie cables down, and the power supply chamber has plenty of room for cables. FSP also includes a couple of zip ties to help in the process. The large break in the case between the hard drive mounts and the motherboard tray also makes it easy to pass cables through and organize them neatly. There is about 25 mm of space for cables on the back. The only improvement I could think of is to include Velcro straps to make it easier to tie cables down.

The FSP CMT510 looks great. The tempered glass definitely exudes quality, and the RGB LED fans ensure the glass looks as best as it can. A minor gripe with this, however, is the dust filter obstructing a very clean final look. I cannot think of a better way to implement the filter, but to be fair it does not completely detract from the final look. Unfortunately, the RGB controls are not well implemented and the colors are limited. You can rotate through three different static colors: Red, green, and yellow. Funny enough, there is no blue. The retail box advertises the CMT510 with blue LEDs on. This might be a defect with my fans, since I have a yellow option instead of blue when yellow is not even on the retail box. I think this the CMT510 trying to display white, but the blue channel was not working. The other lighting modes are off, flash white (Which did not work on mine), RGB circle, RGB smooth cycle, and flash three colors. That aside, it would be amazing if they could add some sort of software to control the RGB LED fans so the user could actually take advantage of full RGB lighting in my opinion.


Honestly, every single time I see the FSP CMT510 completed with all my components inside, it feels awesome. The fans add that extra punch to complete the excellent tempered glass look, and it is easy enough to add a couple of LED strips inside to really improve the final look of the chassis. I still think the tempered glass on the right side might be a bit much, but it does complete the overall feel of the FSP CMT510. I do not think the CMT510 is a kid in a candy store that is going to overdo it on a sugar rush. The RGB LEDs and the tempered glass play off one another to create a pleasing final look. Otherwise, the FSP CMT510 is made out of quality components, ensuring excellent build quality. The tempered glass is 4 mm thick, and is quite heavy to pick up. The four included fans are quiet and seem to work well, while the way the RGB LEDs are implemented around the ring of the fan instead of the fan blades is excellent. The buttons on the I/O have pleasant feedback, and are not squishy at all. Moving on to the interior, everything is well implemented. The fan hub sits at a comfortable spot, and there is plenty of room to route and store cables. The only improvement would be for some Velcro straps to tie cables down, especially because you can easily see them through the glass panel. With the hard drive mounts, they are easy to use, but plugging cables in is difficult and could use some work. The biggest issue with the case is the RGB LED controls. There are only three colors, and the blue channel did not work in our sample. Rotating through the colors and modes is clunky, and could be much better with some sort of software. However, considering the $105 USD price tag, the clunky controller is understandable. Overall, the FSP CMT510 will definitely improve the aesthetic of any computer with its quality components and tempered glass panels, but small refinements can take it up to a different level.

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FSP provides excellent aesthetics and build quality for the enthusiast market with the CMT510.

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