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Fast forward a few years and after many more memory kits with RGB LEDs, how did the Super Luce RGB SYNC GLS416GB3200C14DC 2x8GB stack up? Pretty well, I must say. With the resurgence of overclockable DDR4 RAM for the PC enthusiast in the last little while, I was excited to see how far the GeIL Super Luce RGB SYNC GLS416GB3200C14DC 2x8GB could go beyond its rated specifications. I loosened the timings a bit, and away I went -- all the way to DDR4-3733, Prime95 stable, stock voltage, as shown in our screenshot above. This translates to a rather impressive 16.7% overclock. Considering we started from DDR4-3200, I consider this to be quite an achievement and it makes the enthusiast inside of be a bit giddy. GeIL does not aim to deliver only in performance with the Super Luce RGB SYNC, however. As its name suggests, they aim to deliver in lighting effects as well, which are compatible with ASUS AURA Sync, Gigabyte Fusion, MSI Mystic Light, and ASRock Polychrome. Whether you are an RGB LED fan or not, this dual channel kit's features and performance credentials cannot be doubted. For about $190 at press time, there is a price to pay for these features and performance credentials. Lifetime warranty is standard, and if you like the way they look, the GeIL Super Luce RGB SYNC GLS416GB3200C14DC 2x8GB is a respectable selection for your next build.

GeIL provided this product to APH Networks for the purpose of evaluation.

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The GeIL Super Luce RGB SYNC GLS416GB3200C14DC 2x8GB is a set of high performance DDR4 RAM that overclocks as well as it has dramatic RGB LED effects.

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