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From: Developer's Page

In Futuremark's PCMark05 application, the P5E3-Deluxe again kept a very close run behind the X48T-DQ6 -- where the Gigabyte board had very minor point differences and can be generally counted as statistically tied. That aside, the X38 and X48 again outperformed the P35 boards by a margin; it's quite distinguishable that the P35 boards, whether DDR2 or DDR3, was really close to each other; just like how the X38 and X48 DDR3 boards are both at the tails of each other.

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1. Introduction, Features, and Specifications
2. Bundle, Chipset, BIOS
3. A Closer Look, Board Layout
4. Test System; Benchmark: 3DMark06
5. Benchmark: PCMark05
6. Benchmark: Cinebench R10, SuperPI 1M
7. Benchmark: EVEREST CPU
8. Benchmark: EVEREST FPU
9. Benchmark: EVEREST Memory
10. Benchmark: EVEREST Memory Latency, HDTach
11. Onboard Sound (RMAA 6.06) Analyzation
12. Overclocking and Conclusion