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Page 4 - Test System; Benchmark: 3DMark06

Our Gigabyte X48T-DQ6 loaded for benchmarking in our test platform.

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 @ 2.80GHz (400MHz*7 - 1600MHz FSB QDR)
CPU Cooling: Asus Arctic Square
Chassis: Danger Den Torture Rack (1x Thermaltake 120mm LED Fan)
Power: Tagan TurboJet 1100W
Video: Gigabyte GeForce 8800GT TurboForce 512MB
Optical Drive: Liteon 16X DVD-ROM
Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar 7200RPM 80GB 8MB Cache
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2

Compared hardware
- Asus P5K-Deluxe, using OCZ Reaper HPC PC2-8500 2x1GB DDR2 RAM @ PC2-6400 4-4-4-10
- Asus P5K3-Deluxe, using OCZ ReaperX PC3-10666 2x1GB @ PC3-9600 6-5-5-18
- Asus P5E3-Deluxe, using OCZ ReaperX PC3-10666 2x1GB @ PC3-9600 6-5-5-18
- Gigabyte X48T-DQ6, using OCZ ReaperX PC3-10666 2x1GB @ PC3-9600 6-5-5-18

About 3DMark06

3DMark®06 is the worldwide standard in advanced 3D game performance benchmarking. A fundamental tool for every company in the PC industry as well as PC users and gamers, 3DMark06 uses advanced real-time 3D game workloads to measure PC performance using a suite of DirectX 9 3D graphics tests, CPU tests, and 3D feature tests. 3DMark06 tests include all new HDR/SM3.0 graphics tests, SM2.0 graphics tests, AI and physics driven single and multiple cores or processor CPU tests and a collection of comprehensive feature tests to reliably measure next generation gaming performance today. Futuremark's exclusive Online ResultBrowser web service tracks and compares 3DMark06 scores.

Key 3DMark06 Advanced and Professional Features
* DirectX® 9 3D game performance benchmark
* Includes separate graphics card and CPU tests
* Produces workloads that simulate next generation 3D gaming requirements
* Advanced 3D game engine supports HDR Rendering with SM3.0 Shaders, in addition to SM2.0 Shaders
* Includes two HDR/SM3.0 game tests and two SM2.0 game tests
* CPU performance testing via AI and physics workloads for both single core systems and multi-threaded, multi-core and multiple processor environments
* 3D graphics feature tests include Fill Rate, Pixel Shader, Vertex Shader, SM3.0 tests, and Batch Size tests

From: Developer's Page

In the four areas of analyzation in 3DMark06 Professional, the X38 and X48 boards both consistently outperformed the Intel P35 based boards -- which, in turn, the DDR3 based P5K3-Deluxe posted slight consistent leadership over its DDR2 counterpart. Up to approximately 100 point differences can be seen with the X38 and X48 boards over the P35 based boards, and the Gigabyte X48T-DQ6 was slightly ahead of the Asus P5E3-Deluxe in all four areas.

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4. Test System; Benchmark: 3DMark06
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7. Benchmark: EVEREST CPU
8. Benchmark: EVEREST FPU
9. Benchmark: EVEREST Memory
10. Benchmark: EVEREST Memory Latency, HDTach
11. Onboard Sound (RMAA 6.06) Analyzation
12. Overclocking and Conclusion